INSPIRED by Norman Borlaug

Wordle: Norman Borlaug

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Compliments to 5B....AGAIN!!!

You'd think I'd get tired of bragging about everyone and complimenting 5B's behaviors...but... Nope, not so much!  I get a kick out of it!   It seems our only major times we struggle are planner times and recently... (as of today) lunch???

I am a bit worried about comments I heard Becky and the other lunch duty aides talking about that were happening today at lunch. It sounds like there were students getting up and moving to several different tables, hands all over each other, volume of talking was way above necessary and, in general, extremely unnecessary behaviors.  I'm thinking that if any 5B students are guilty (or the culprits...word of the day meaning accused of a crime), you should be feeling like this puppy.  I know how truly respectful, caring and helpful 5B can be.  This shows that some of us were not too well, huh?  Let's make a change, ok?  It sounds like you'll be moving to an assigned seating chart with boy/girl/boy/girl arrangements if it doesn't get solved.  At least that's what a few of you mentioned today at planner time.  So... be role models for the other 5th grade classmates, ok?

You know you are favorited by many teachers and adults, so let's just be the best we can be:)

I'll keep it short tonight.  Remember to think about appropriate, layered clothes and old shoes for tomorrow.  Water bottles with names labeled are important, also.  School is providing EVERYONE's lunch!  I'm SOOOO excited to share this experience with you guys.  It such a special and sacred place in our community!  Oh, play some Free Rice tonight to get yourself pumped up!

Other Reminders:
Book Orders - Due Tuesday of Next Week (Sept. 23) or online by then
CHANGE:  You can STILL bring in Homecoming T-shirt Orders!!  Even until Monday...but Friday is PREFERRED.  
Next Week:  Wednesday is a 3-hour early out

I'll know you checked the blog IF...  you listen to that Norman Borlaug Rap again...over and over until you REALLY know the main chorus verse.  I'll be asking you to do some singing for me!

Here are the lyrics:
Norman Borlaug, you may be
the greatest man in history.
Using science and your brain
to stamp out hunger, woe and pain.

Creating new varieties
of plants with new technologies.
You're the man we look up to.
That is why we're thanking you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday = No WiFi :(

Good evening, 5B!
I'm sorry it's so late tonight.  I understand if some of you don't get a chance to check it.  The WiFi went down at school after you guys left, and I'm just getting a minute to post now.

I was going to keep it short anyway, but I NEEDED to let you know that you ALL should receive the

With today's new test, you guys had MUCH more maturity and focus than just about any other class I've known!  WOW!!  I bragged like crazy to you to Mrs. Grimm, and she agreed you were so amazing!  Also, I was chatting with Mrs. Vandervort later in the day, and she says that 5B is her FAVORITE class to work with!!  AHHHHHHH!  Doesn't that make you feel proud?  I believe we've heard that from Mrs. Branum AND Mrs. Skekleton, haven't we?! 

That is QUITE the reputation!  Now, we need to keep it up!  Tomorrow, just a few of you will need to take that test, and we'll all be through it.  Thanks for being such ready learners!  

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and give me a proud, confident look with your chest out, your arms at your hips and a smile on your face!  Stand there until I say, "You da' bomb!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tired Tuesday??

It was another good day in the world of 5B...but I think people were a bit sleepy at times...So, I LOVED having a little time for the Evolution of Dance!  Here's 5B rockin' out to a 90's song, "All Night Long..."

You know you LOVE it, 5B!  Some of you act like you don't, but I see the energy level BOOST when I get this out!

Great job today with launching our 3 different choice rounds in literacy today!  Loved seeing 5B so independent and able to choose their own way to show learning!

I got an email from Matt today after school (the teacher from 5B in NYC).  He asked for our school address, so I'm thinking we'll have something fun coming in the mail soon!  How sweet is that?  Yeah!!  Let's keep thinking of ideas that we could do for them!  That will be your blog proof.  I'd like a list of ideas (at least 3) that we could do that is not TOO time-consuming or expensive that we could send them as a thank you or hello from Iowa!  Bring in the list and be ready to share it with the class after the Pledge, ok?!

Here is something else to be looking forward to...  I had a few helpers after school today help me get our FIRST BOOK ORDERS of the school year ready!  Thanks so much to Kyleigh and Emily for taking an hour of your own free time to separate, organize and staple these for the whole class! You are dolls!
Thanks, Girls!
Lastly... I have a surprise for you for tomorrow!  No, it's not food, money, new apps, toys, hunting equipment, paintball equipment, drawing tools, TMNT items, hair accessories, new Perplexes, etc.... Hmmm...So what could it be??  All I can tell you is you'll get MORE time on your iPad tomorrow in order to do it!  I LOVE giving you hints but NOT telling you the whole topic!  Heeehehehe... That's the evil Mrs. Sorenson coming out...HA! Sorry...she's just that way!  

Have a great night!  Remind your families about the field trip on Friday - needing labeled bottle of water if choosing to, layered clothing, old shoes and of course the BEST CLASS EVER!  Yeah, that's you, 5B!!  Bring it on:)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day Makes a DIFFERENCE...

Today was such a great day to think GLOBALLY! I believe we are creating quite a....

It's so wonderful to be connected (fist bump x2) to other kids around the globe! Today was just a start for us!  Here's Matt, a teacher who Skyped with us today, in New York City!  His class was also called 5B!!  How awesome is that!?

5D got to Skype with a 5th grade class in Texas today as well!  Mrs. Reynold's is their teacher, and we'll plan to do a mystery Skype activity to find out WHERE in TX they are located! We know Texas is a LARGE state to be searching through.

So many wonderful sides of learning were seen today as students explored with iPad apps, gears, styrofoam cups, Floam, dots/puff balls/pipe cleaners/googly eyes, magna-tiles, etc.  Your comments about WHY Dot Day is important were helpful.  I know some of you aren't done blogging about it yet, but I have the link to our KidBlogs below for you to share with your families!  We can add our pics tomorrow!  I also loved how 5B brought in their own examples from home!  I can see why Minecraft is DEFINITELY an app that can show creativity, problem-solving and deep thinking skills!  Thanks to Jacy, Cam and Noah for modeling that for me!

Visit our KidBlogs to see how important Dot Day and expressing creativity is to 5th grade!
Click Here - Look for yours, others and share with your families!

Here are some pictures of what happened today!  I wish I could post them all...but sometimes our minds and memories are best for that!

What an awesome day!  I loved seeing what 5B (and 5D) is inspired from!  Here's a quick song I'd love to share with you to extend Dot Day just a bit more....  Click Here for a short video:)

I'll know you checked the blog if.... when you come in the room, you whisper to me what this drawing could be... and remember.... Be CREATIVE.....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Chance to Be GLOBAL...

Greetings, my darling 5B!

I hope everyone's weekends have been fun, relaxing, productive, and enjoyable in some way!  I visited my parents, did a movie and popcorn night and hope to get a family bike ride in today at some point! We will see though!  I hope you get a chance to spend time with family!

Last Week...
There were a lot of opportunities for our class to think "globally" and connect (fist bump x2 - gotcha!) with each other and others around the world.  Especially on Friday, we really got to feel a sense of coming together while playing and helping people around the world.  What a fantastic way to become a "global citizen"! Over 16,000 grains of rice were earned by 5B and 5D students in literacy class just by learning and gaining more knowledge!  That's truly an amazing feeling!  So proud of you all!

So This Week...
We want to continue this connection with others outside of our own class, school and town to enjoy the diversity that makes our world so fabulous!  We will be celebrating International Dot Day on Monday!  We talked a bit about it on Friday, but if you forgot, it's all about......

Remember that we'll be celebrating this on MONDAY.  Bring any materials that you would like to show how YOU can be creative.  Ideas thrown out by some of you on Friday were these, but don't feel like you need to stick to the list.  Be CREATIVE...bring what you want!

Materials for inventing/creating objects
Craft supplies
Special paper
Wearing dots on you
Popsicle sticks
Cotton balls

We also have a special event on Monday.  Since we are trying to connect (fist bump, fist bump - gotcha again!) with people GLOBALLY... we'll be using Skype to meet with another class to see how they explore their CREATIVITY!  The world seems much smaller when we learn more about those we didn't know before!

Last but not least... I wanted to ask you to think about last week's "Chatty Bug" that was quite contagious throughout the room.  This "Chatty Bug" seems to fly around and sit on a few of our 5B family members during the day, but then it spreads like a contagious disease during our Planner time at the end of the day.  It's time we wipe out this contagious disease!  Let's use our Cadet Pride and T.H.I.N.K. about how we are affecting our 5B family.  It's time to SWAT that CHATTY Bug and take control of our learning, right!?  So, help each other out.  Quietly remind each other.  Maybe start being a bit more direct to those who are NOT trying very hard.  We'll get it figured out....together!! :)

Finally, I'll know you checked the blog if you ask me...
"Where's my new home, Mrs. Sorenson?"  And I'll tell you where you should be moving to:)  Yeh, it's moving day!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Words Have Power....

5B, you did an excellent job sharing seriously about your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the events that happened 13 years ago on this day.  Your maturity and sophisticated (huh-rub rub) comments about moving forward, the power of how words can build you up or tear you down show how amazing you are!  Share with your families the videos and links and the pictures of activities we did today in literacy class.  They are from both 5B and 5D's classes.

Guidance - Teamwork Activity from Wednesday

I know it's a BUMMER about your field trip tomorrow... :(  As you guys saw today through the terrible events of September 11, life could be a LOT worse than a cancelled field trip, right?  So, I'll know you checked the blog if you can up with a positive outlook about being in school on Friday!  This may be tough since field trips certainly are exciting and a different way to learn!  But do your best to have a true, thoughtful positive side to being in school instead of in Nashua!  

It still is FRIDAY tomorrow!  That's mine!  You can't steal that one:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Barely Saw You???

Hey, 5B,
I really actually

today!!  With such a goofy, crazy extra special schedule, it was weird not really getting to be "with you" today:(  So, tomorrow, we'll be back to normal.  I'm guessing some of you missed going to Mrs. Suckow's room, too, for math and science.  No worries... we'll get you back on track:)

I'll keep it short tonight.  Although you all had a free afternoon, we (the teachers) were working away learning some new information to use with all you of sweet little cherubs!  Hey, cherub could be our Word of the Day if you aren't sure what it means!

I'll know you checked the blog if you come right in, mark yourself on the Attendance board, and find a spot on the FLOOR to meditate.  Don't say anything to anyone else, close your eyes, find the "Inner You"and wait for me to ask you for the secret word....

The secret word is...... pickle face!

Don't tell anyone else though!  This is a blog-checking test for responsible, effort-filled students!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Great Day!

Ugh, 5B, this is getting kind of boring... You are just too wonderful of a class!

In all seriousness, you have been just showing me the most amazing Cadet Pride, fantastic transitions and respect!  So impressed and proud to be CONNECTED (ah, I think I beat you at this strategy!!!) to such a fabulous group of students and learners!

Tomorrow will be another test of your Cadet Pride.  We have 3, yep 3, no really, 3  exploratory classes tomorrow:
Our FIRST Guidance Class with Mrs. McCabe
Make-up Music Class with Mr. Bieber (since we'll miss it on Friday due to our field trip)
Tech Class with Mrs. Vandervort (our regular Wed. class)

On top of this, we eat earlier (at 11:40) since it's a 3-hour early out!  Whoa, baby!  We will also try to read from Swear to Howdy (our class book for those who can't seem to remember the name of it) and a bit more Cadet Time with our passions and wonders!  Of course, we'll have to take on the 60 for 60 Challenge from our astronaut friend, too!

This will definitely keep us on our toes and be out of our normal routine, so I'm curious to see if you can handle this type of WILD and WACKY WEDNESDAY schedule!

I'll know you checked the blog if you tell me WHICH part of our WILD and WACKY WEDNESDAY you are most excited about.  Go on your email RIGHT when you come in and send me an email of your answer!  I'll have my email address on the white board.  Our mail is NOT set up on our iPads, so you'll need to go to the Howard-Winn School Web Page.  It's on the 5B Blog if you can't find it:)

And this picture is just to celebrate a little exercise we had in class today!  Congrats to our winners of Freeze Dance:  Ethan and Cam!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Magnificent Monday!

5B continues to rock the world of Crestwood Elementary!  You go, 5B!  With today's amazing day of listening, super Cadet Pride with our iPads for the first time this year and the fabulous Read to Self time, I will give you a VERY short post tonight!

Get it?!  A short post!?!!  Yep...It's a Monday!

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and tell me WHO chose what you were wearing for the school picture today? (Did you get to choose, your mom, dad, grandma, older sister or brother?)  It's always fun to see what picture day brings out in our families:)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gorgeous Weekend!!!

Wowser!  I sure hope everyone got a chance to get outside and enjoy this weekend weather!  OMG!  I hope the weather continues for us this week! Loving it!

I'm guessing some of 5B was a wee bit tired by Friday night!  With all of the excitement on Friday with the bouncy houses, dancing, extra fitness activities and some attending the first home football game, I bet you were whooped!  I know I was!

Here are some pics JUST from Friday!  As you can see, we keep it hoppin' in 5B!

Cadet Time - Finding Your Passions...
Literacy - Using Strategies to Read Unfamiliar Text (and Images)...

Practicing Reading with Someone = ENJOYMENT!
See?  Look at those smiles!!

Fueling Up for Fitness Assembly - Learning School Dance to "Timber"!

Working Out AND Having Fun!  Whose 5B tush could this be?
(The one in the blue is a 5B family member).

Our first 5B Family Picture!  Yes, the students Mrs. Sorenson
is laying on were willing to let me squish them!  I did ask first:)
 So, as you can see, we had quite the eventful day on Friday!  Great memories!

This coming week is even BUSIER!  Look at the list to remind you of all of the extra events:
Monday:  Library Class - Remember books!  National Literacy Day! More Band Try-outs!

Tuesday:  Art Class - 5 Blind Contour Drawings due!  School Pictures - smile:)

Wednesday:  Tech Class - Hey, we have iPads!  Also, 3 Hour Early Out

Thursday:  Special Activities in Literacy Class - Hmmn...not telling yet...

Friday:  Field trip to Nashua, IA for Borlaug Learning Center - BRING OWN LUNCHES from HOME.  Review the note sent home last week about water bottles, clothing, etc.

Other News...
Also, I heard some great news for Cresco!  This FRIDAY NIGHT, the Cresco Theater Re-OPENS:)  I know a lot of kids have missed the theater while it was closed.  The NEW showtime is going to be at 7:00 p.m. (instead of 7:30).  Also, I think one of our 5B students will go BONKERS when she sees this...   The movie that will be shown this Friday, Sept. 12 @ 7 p.m. is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

I'll know you checked the blog if you WRITE DOWN the name of which 5B student will be QUITE excited to know that TMNT is showing this Friday.  If you don't know, just take a wild guess. She talks about them ALL of the time, has shirts, necklaces and everything else with it on them!  Let's see how well we know our classmates!