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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

AMAZING DAY! (with an oops in the hallway!)

Thanks for a GREAT day today, 5B!  I think having a full day of school is what we ALL NEEDED (maybe not wanted) to get into a routine and show our Cadet Pride back in motion!

Only blog proof tonight is getting your work or papers returned tomorrow....
1)  D.A.R.E. note
2) Conference note
3) Sledding note

Come on in and get your iPad out ready for Math MAPs test tomorrow.  I saw SUPER, DUPER Growth on your tests today!  No switching but we'll have more work to do!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Wowza!  That is AMAZING!  I'd have to say that EVERY group (WW, DT, F5) had super classes for writing, at least!  I'm putting in a Fun Pass for that!  With making our goal of 125, our next goal will probably feel pretty EASY!  Let's chat after our MAPs testing about a new goal and celebration!  Do we want gum-chewing to be our next goal?  Many of you seem to have it in most days anyway!  If we have a gum-chewing goal, then you won't have to keep spitting it out!  Up to you guys, though!

For reading class this afternoon, I saw some groups getting frustrated or overwhelmed with planning out their Novel Engineering ideas.  When you're stuck on something, "look for a new angle to think your way out of the problem".  Watch this video clip (Click Here) from Big Hero 6 to understand what I mean!

Here's another one from later on in the movie!  Click Here!

I always look to a good movie or book to help inspire my thinking!  I know your big brains can be creative and resourceful!

**MAP's testing will be RIGHT AWAY.  So you can bring in your snacks.  We'll do attendance and lunch and get going!

**Conference Slips
**D.A.R.E Slips

Blog Proof....  Right when you come in, erase some space on the WHITE or GREEN walls, and WRITE a positive message for good luck or advice for the MAPs test!  We all need a little pep talk once and awhile!  Let's give it to each other!  Here's mine:

Monday, February 8, 2016

We DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Woo - Hoo, 5B!  It was a LOT of work, effort and Cadet Pride shown, but 
I think our snow day activities helped quite a bit, but HEY, 
you worked for the good of 
the TEAM!  


Now, let's hope the weather and our excitement for this celebration is under control, so we can go on with the plan for Friday, February 12th!  That's also our day to exchange Valentines if you are choosing to do so.  We also have a SUPER opportunity to connect with Country Winds Manor again that day for a "caring project!"  So, so much fun!!

As we have seen EVERY WEEK since Christmas break, we've had a messed up schedule.  I'm not even going to talk about what may happen the rest of week! 

Be sure families this this reminder, too, please:)
Thanks to families who have already signed up for conferences!  Remember that these are STUDENT-LED conferences where you MUST be present!  Also, when parents are signing up online, you can come a bit before or after the time slot you have signed up for.  

be sure you share this part again with your families....
You should be aware of the HOUR you are signing up within.  We want to keep it flexible, but it is important that our classroom does not get too filled up.  Privacy and level of comfort is important.  

Conference:  Monday at 6:10.  
You can come anywhere between 6:00 - 7:00 that night.  Too much earlier or later will crowd the room.  We are only hoping that up to 3-4 conferences are going on at one time.  I want to be able to visit with your family as well.  


Book Club Materials!  If your group is depending on you to bring some items for your Novel Engineer design plan, don't let them down.  Tomorrow is a WORK, BUILD, and first DRAFT day for your project!

Blog Proof!  Check out this link!  When you come in on Tuesday, tell me WHICH TEAM was winning at the END of the video clip you saw!  What was the WINNING TEAM's SCORE at that time?

See you tomorrow??  

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Let's Go, Broncos!

This video may not load for some of you.  No biggie!  It's just
Isaiah saying, "Go Broncos" as that little football dude is dancing
and singing!
Well, IF we can get past the blizzard warning that is in effect for Sunday night through Monday morning, we MIGHT have a normal week of weather :~\  Check out the message from the National Weather Service below!  

So, we'll have to just wait and see if that comes our way! 
UGH!!!  Why can't things just be normal?

I stopped in at school today (Sunday), and apparently Darren the D.A.R.E. Lion had been putting on a fashion show while we were away this weekend.  I think that's his way of saying, "I like dressing up!  Bring in clothes and items for me!"  Well, you heard it from the Lion!  Remember to bring in something for him to wear!  We'll let him change a few times a day if you wish!

Let's start off the week with some great Cadet Pride with these reminders...
1)  Dream Team and Wonderful Wackos has MATH HOMEWORK!  Git 'er Done!
2)  Book Club reading (for some kids)
3)  Be ready for MAPs testing both Wednesday and Thursday!

Here's the EXCITING news!  We have 2 extra activities to PLAN for this week!  
1)  Kindergarten buddies want to meet this week again!  Hooray for little buddies!
2)  We need to round up some SLEDS and volunteers for THIS FRIDAY afternoon, February 12th!  We are at 121 Fun Passes as of last Friday's lock in!  You think we'll make it by Friday?  Do we have 2-3 parents that are free and willing to hang out with us for an hour or so of sledding?  PLEASE have your parent CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me to arrange this.  Also... who would be able to have sleds dropped off and brought to East Park? 
Day:  Friday, Feb. 12
Time - 12:50 - 2:05
Blog Proof! Go to the TodaysMeet Link (click here) and share your reaction to BOTH special events we will attempt this week!  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Day Back... Not Too Shabby!

Wowsa!  You REALLY need to thank your 5B classmates that put in the EXTRA EFFORT of all those blog activities!  They deserve a super, duper Hoot -n-Holler!
There were 70 Fun Passes in the container today after school! THAT's CRAZY!!!!!  So, you have 35 that got "locked in" the golden bucket today after school!  Ashton will have to be sure to count the the Fun Passes on Friday!

I'm thinking we'll be on that hill at East Park before we even realize it!

Today's chat with Luther definitely was a learning experience for us using  We NOW know that it's better to use different email addresses, right?!  The rest of the people made some good progress with ideas for stories! Check out the last photo of ideas!  Funny!
Britain, Brian and Erika from Luther

Camden, Kalob and Clara from Luther

Joey and Olivia from Luther 

Sawyer, Daniel and Andrea from Luther


2)  D.A.R.E.  - 1st class tomorrow!  Let's make a good first impression

3)  Boxtops, Milk Moola and other coupons for CONTEST!  Last DAY!!

4)  Last 2 Coffee Talks Friday- Moose Tracks and Everest!  Woo-hoo!

5)  NEXT WEEK - MAP's test and Valentine's Day Activities

Blog Checkers!  
Come in Friday morning.  Get out ALL of your materials for switching out right away.  Then come tell me that you are ready for switching at 8:30!  This is 10 minutes earlier than a regular day!  We'll have to get going right away!  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2 Days in a Row of Snow Days!

Wowza!  I kinda thought this would happen, but you just never know!  Yesterday's "connections" with the class totaled up to this:

15 people on TodaysMeet
12 people voted/got on Dotstorming
6 people read a Choose Your Own Adventure with TodaysMeet
7 people added to Padlet
4 people tried or got on the video link-didn't work very well :(

You can count that up and see how many FUN PASSES were earned on Tuesday's Snow Day!

Now... Can we get MORE today?  I'd love EVEN MORE of our 5B classmates to participate!  If there is anyway to get ahold of your friends/classmates to jump on any of the online connections, PLEASE TRY!

Here are Wednesday's Options!

Option #1:
Need to get on TodaysMeet at 2 Different Times during the day!  Each time it needs to be about SOMETHING you READ!  So, it could be an ad in the Cresco Shopper, read to self book, a recipe, that Choose Your Own Adventure link from yesterday's post, etc. ANYTHING you read!  Then chat about it briefly!

Option #2:
Another Dotstorming Vote Page.  This time YOU need to offer a suggestion on your FAVORITE BOOK of ALL TIME.  It CAN NOT be the same as somebody else's!  (even if you love that book)
(Not seem to be working as I set it up, but you can check back throughout the day to see if I've gotten it fixed)

Option #3:
Padlet for pictures!  Don't forget your NAME!  Somebody wrote about forgetting eggs, but I don't know WHO you were!

Option #4:
Padlet for short stories!  On THIS Padlet, I'd love to see a short story using THESE story elements:

Protagonist (boy or girl)
Antagonist (weather or person)
Setting - Snow Day, Blizzard, near Cresco, Iowa

Write it in a Padlet!  I can't wait to see how creative you get!

REALLY hope to see you THURSDAY!!!!  Miss you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Tuesday Snow Day!

Hey, 5B!

Well, here's our way to connect and show we are learning EVEN when we are NOT in school!

As many of the options you do, you can earn 1 Fun Pass for the class! (My favorite is #5!)

Connected Learning #1
Join this TodaysMeet.  Keep checking it throughout the day and see if people keep chatting!  Just share what you're up to!

Connected Learning #2
Go to this DotStorming Link to VOTE on the best ways to spend a snow day!  You can add your own ideas or "like" one that is already there!  Be sure to "Join" so I can give you credit for your Fun Pass!

Connected Learning #3
Check out these cool online "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories!  Choose 1 or more and then respond on the TodaysMeet link DOWN BELOW THIS...

Click Here for "Embarrassing Monday"
Click Here for Many Different Options

There's a special TodaysMeet link (JUST FOR THIS activity) to share what you thought of the adventure or if it ended in a way that you liked.  Explain why!

Connected Learning #4
Picture or Video of how you are spending your day!  You can either email me with a photo or video.  If you're not sure how to get your email going with this, then try posting a picture to THIS PADLET - Click Here!

FINALLY... Connected Learning #5  - Most excited about this one!
Try out this link to connect Face to Face like Skype with anyone else who is free to get on!  The link will open you up to a video chat with anyone who is on!  I'd LOVE to see how many of us could get on a video chat together!  Maybe even text your buds to get them to check the blog and go to this link!

I'll keep it on to see who all will join in.  Click HERE for the link!  (I hope it works!)

I hope to hear/see from any/all of you!  LOTS of FUN PASSES could be EARNED!

I'm thinking that WEDNESDAY will also be a snow day!  If so, I'll post another blog like this one!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Are You Ready for THIS WEEK??????

YIKES!!  Do you know all of what we have PLANNED for this week????  Check out this CRAZY schedule!

Monday:  Global School Play Day -
 Bring all sorts of games and activities that do NOT require batteries!  Board games, building materials, fort-making supplies, cars, crafts, etc. This should be SUCH a great day of social interaction!

Tuesday:  MAPs Testing (Reading part)
Wednesday:  MAPs Testing (Math part) 
These pictures were from the Fall's MAPs testing!  
You can bring a dry snack to have before or during testing to keep yourself awake and working 100% through it!  Your FAST testing was EXCELLENT!  Let's see the same amount of effort and progress! 

Um... Normal??  Um???  What is THAT?!

Friday:  First D.A.R.E. class
You'll be in writing class this week when Deputy Hollenbeck leads the class.  This is a class you're in for about 10 weeks, and when you pass, there is a graduation ceremony!

Oh, and don't forget about THIS...

Click HERE to learn about WINTER STORM KAYLA's plans! HOLY GUACAMOLE!  

So.. as you can SEE, everything is UP IN the AIR as far as what may ACTUALLY happen this week!  Be ready for ANYTHING!

I'll know you checked the blog and are ready for the WACKY schedule, if you check out the picture below.  Which one of our 5B classmates did Isaiah hang out with on Sunday sledding, snowboarding and getting drenched in the snow?  Show me you know that answer by giving that student a gentle pat on the back on Monday morning!  I'll be watching to see who gives this 5B family member the greeting:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Full Day... It showed! Tired in the afternoon!

We ACTUALLY had a normal day today of switching, specials classes, band, and reading!  Whoa!  So WEIRD!

Fantastic 5 got the special opportunity of meeting their digital pen pals!  Their buddies are from ALL the way ACROSS TOWN!  Yep!  Mrs. Rogne and the 5th graders at Notre Dame met with us using (like Skype) today!  Everyone seemed a little shy on the first meet and greet!

But by the end, Fantastic 5 was a bit more comfortable!

In reading class, some 5B darlings seemed to struggle with attention, focus and energy!  Please get some sleep tonight, everyone.  Today was our FIRST full day of school, and you could tell it was like a Monday for us!  
Hostage!  We are SOOOOOOO CLOSE!!  I think we have 3-4 pages left!  Could there be ANY possible way that something scary/nasty happens?  Or are we in the clear from Cal, Buddy and Bo?  Let's find out tomorrow morning!  
Book Club Groups - Remember your assigned pages and think page!  Avalanche finished today!  It was a great discussion about how the book could have/should have ended and how the protagonist overcame the antagonist!

Hmm.. Blog proof... We haven't had a weird one in a while!  So, as you come in Thursday morning, act like you are having a very serious conversation with your hand.  Your hand can move it's "mouth" to act like it's talking and you can be having a SILENT conversation.  Keep the conversation going until I tell you and your hand to "break it up!"   

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Short but Productive Day!

I am SOOOOO PROUD of all of the 5B kiddos dealing with all of the testing, goofy schedules and change in routines since we've been back from Christmas break.  Your test scores are showing how much you've GROWN and learned!  So happy and proud of each and everyone of you!

We have more goofy schedules for next week.  MAPs testing will be next week!  Keep up the amazing effort and focus!

Then on Friday of NEXT week (not in 3 days), 5th graders are lucky to be participating in the D.A.R.E. program again.  This has not been offered in our district for many, many years!  Deputy Hollenbeck will be coming to 5th grade every Friday for about 10 weeks to discuss the importance of smart choices when offered something not healthy or inappropriate for you.

Today was Twitter Tuesday in the district, so of the many suggestions that 5B gave on the TodaysMeet list, Kalob and Kaydence chose to share about Tech Class and the Tagxedo Word Cloud you made.  See the Tweet I shared below.
Thanks for all of your suggestions, 5B!  I love that you are the ones
determining WHAT we should share about our days!

Don't forget BOOK CLUB READING!  Some of you looked a little bit nervous when I reminded you about the pages agreed to read for this week.  We give each other a full week to do our reading!  Don't let us down!  

Today's lesson on protagonist vs antagonist went super based on what you handed in from the video.  Let's try out the new Dotstorming Site we tried out today with voting.  To prove you checked the blog, visit this Dotstorming Voting Link to place a vote on the topic I have included.  All you should do is LIKE one of the options I give.  Don't ADD an IDEA this time.  

Have great nights!  We JUST might have a NORMAL day tomorrow!  Um??