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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last Blog... for the 2013-2014 School Year...

Here we are... the last one...

I know we had a busy, crazy day together with the park and room clean up/tear down.  I appreciate all of the help you gave me with packing up items, cleaning, organizing, throwing, etc.  It is a lot of work, so I (as always) want to say thanks for being so amazing!

We almost didn't get a chance to be really "together."  The Video was nice though and having Shane (former 5B student) compare his notes of being a 5B family member to yours was great.  As you can tell, I don't just "teach" a bunch of kids for a year.  We really do become a family, spending the majority of our days together, making memories, getting on each other's nerves at times, supporting each other when things don't feel right, etc.  This is a real thing.  We are a family.

I'll keep it short tonight because I'm sure I'll blabber on tomorrow to let you know how much you mean to me.  But here  is a picture to let you know where I'm coming from....

If you haven't made the inference yet from the picture,
that missing puzzle piece was given to you.  I'll always have
a piece of my heart shared with my 5B Babies...
Sniffling now... with tears brimming in my eyes as I write this:(

Tomorrow, we'll share our Flip Flop Farewells with each other, get your final Report Cards (checking to see if I'm keeping you in 5th grade!), a bit more clean up, some last "MAP's recess minutes" you earned, reading from The Day My Butt Went Psycho, and a few odds and ends. 
My last blog proof will be that you engage in a little contest!  I'll have a paper in my hand as you come
This isn't the new 5B room.  It's just an idea for what
you will need to do!
in tomorrow.  I won't say what it's for.  This way, those who DON'T check the blog won't be able to participate in this contest.  I'm SOOO impressed with the constant responsibility I've seen out of SO MANY of you all year long.  So, here's what you do with the paper.  It will be the layout of next year's classroom.  I've never asked a class for help in doing this.  Design what YOU THINK would be a great way to plan the NEW 5B CLASSROOM!  Of course, I'll want you to stop by on "Back to School Night" to see if any of your ideas were used!  Be sure to color code (like the couch should be green so I can tell what it is, and be sure it is the right size compared to the other furniture).
Look around the room to include as many items as possible! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Weekend 5B Blog....

Well, we are getting closer and closer, 5B.  I know everyone is getting excited for summer vacation!  I am, too.  Isaiah is counting down the days he has left of daycare when "mom and dad are FINALLY done" with school.  (Those were Isaiah's words!)

I hope the dance was fun for those who went.  I ended up not being able to going to it...lucky for you guys!

I had a rough weekend though, starting to pack up our room.  As most of you know, the grades are switching classrooms for next year.  5B's room will now be in Mrs. Tuchek's classroom.  The teachers have to have EVERYTHING moved out and over before they leave on Wednesday.  So, that means I REALLY had to get things started this weekend.  You guys will be SHOCKED at how much of a mess the room will be when you come in!  It really makes me sad to pack up all of our memories, fun, activities, etc.  So, hopefully, we can make the last 2 days full of more memories!

Tomorrow will be cleaning up/out your cubbies and lockers and helping take apart the classroom for moving.  We still plan to go to East Park in the morning, but the weather REALLY does not look good for outside time!  Do some crazy non-rain dances tonight to keep the rain away, ok!?

Remember you can bring a single snack and drink for the park trip.  You can also bring equipment like whiffle balls, frisbee discs, bats, etc.  If for some reason is raining, we'll try to do something in the afternoon, but East Park will be too crowded with 3rd graders, so we won't be heading there.

If we get stuck indoors all day, I'm fine if anyone wants to bring games from home like Bubble Talk, Apples to Apples or any other fun ones your family enjoys!

I'll know you checked the blog for the last Sunday night/Monday morning if...  you ask me, "So, what am I hearing Locker Wars?"  I'll tell you about it after we do attendance, ok?

Here's a fantastic quote I found that helps me think about our goodbyes..and what a terrible time I'm having with it....  It must have been a BRILLIANT, DEEP THINKER....

Ok, and for an extra BONUS block checking proof, I need your help making a decision.  There is NO way that we can finish our book, The Day My Butt Went Psycho.  So, I thought we could act like it's a movie/DVD and "fast-forward" to different sections, not-knowing what's going to happen. Go to this TodaysMeet Link (Click Here) and suggest 3 different sets of pages to read from.  There are 240 pages total in the book, and we are ONLY at around page 20!  So, where should we jump to next?  Like pages 82 - 86? Then 125 - 135?  And end with 235 - 240?  You suggest it and we'll do a fast-forward version of the book!  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Think I'm in Denial...

These days are just flying by.  All day long, in the hallways, classroom, outside, etc., you just continue to prove how "AMAZING", yes Hunter, I said "AMAZING" you were all year and are at this moment.

I need to start looking at your report cards and putting in the "Grade Next Year" box.  Maybe have that conversation with your families about trying another year in 5th grade.  Tell them that Isaiah is going to preschool for another year?  So, what's the big deal in 5th grade, right?

No, I know that all good things are supposed to come to an end.  However....  I'm not ready for our end.  Ahhhh...  I know you all joke about me crying, but you have to realize that the tears and emotions are very true and genuine about caring about you all.

The only major things to remember for tomorrow are...
1) Human Body Project - if it's not done - Most left them here! Good!
2) Small snack and drink for Monday at East Park - can bring sports equipment for games
3) Tuesday is a 3-hour early out!

I'll know you checked the blog for the last time on a Thursday night (at least officially during the school year) if you....come in the room, put your name on your "bird" on the attendance board and head right back outside for some MAP's recess minutes we still need to use!  Let's play a group game or something!  We could do kickball or tag or whatever!  Mrs. Bodermann will be gone, so please tell Barb Gosch (Mrs. B's sub) that you are supposed to be out there even though other kids/classes are lining up.    Oh, and here's the REAL way I'll know you checked it and are not just going outside because you saw other people - Comment on this TodaysMeet how AWESOME it is to START the day with RECESS!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot! And no Air Conditioning this Week!

Well, maybe this is just a good balance for missing so many days in the winter with our FREEZING cold weather!  

I have to give 5B a HUGE compliment - AGAIN - dealing with the power outage!  No complaints, worries, crazy behavior, etc. at all from 5B!  You guys just go with the flow, keep focused and show Cadet Pride at all times!  So, so, so proud of you!  So, so, so going to miss you...  

Your writing pieces are so great.  You really have captured what it means to be a part of 5B in your songs, your ABC books, your creativity and hard work put into your summer vacation plans or displays!  

I've got to keep it shorter tonight, but I wanted to share some news about one of our 5B Family Members.  Kassie didn't share this news in the morning on TodaysMeet because it wasn't the "BEST" part of her weekend, like I was asking you all to share.  Her dad was in a 4-wheeler accident this weekend and is injured badly enough to be staying in Rochester at the hospital for the week.  When Kassie opened up about it, she realized that it really was affecting her day.  Since we are truly the most caring, thoughtful, kind group of students out there in this world, I want tonight's blog proof to be for Kassie.  She went the whole day without anyone knowing how worried, scared and sad she has been about her dad.  She'll be with her grandma all week, not seeing her parents.  Think about how tough that would be for each of you.  

I'll know you checked the blog, if you share a comment to Kassie to see how she is doing, give her a caring comment, see if she needs anything, compliment her courage to get through the day, etc.  As a 5B Family, we have to look out for each other, and let each other know we are here for you, whenever you need us!  Click Here for the TodaysMeet!

Monday, May 26, 2014


OMG, 5B!
This weekend's weather gave me TOO much of a taste for summer weather!  It's probably a good thing we only have 5 1/2 days left before summer break.  It would be pretty tough to stay too focused!  But you all have really been amazingly on-task and working your tails off!  So, I'm sure you'd be able to handle it!

Wasn't last Friday's Camp Read S'more perfect for being outside and relaxing, reading and chillin' with families and friends?!  Wow, we couldn't have asked for a better day or nicer weather!  Here are OODLES of pictures from then.  The pics will go down quite a ways, so be sure to finish reading the rest of the blog!  OH, and I'm sorry for those of you I missed! I tried tracking down everyone, but I couldn't find everyone by the end of it!  Sorry:(  So happy you made it though and were able to read together!

I just wanted to remind you of some "biggies" that we need to be working on this week still! 
#1  Human Body End Project:
  You ALL should have your direction pages at home, searching for items that can be used for each of 5 different body systems.  There are UNLIMITED ideas, so be creative!  If you are NOT in band, you can begin sorting through your materials and working on your project in class on Tuesday. The band people, will start on Wednesday!

Hey, did anyone search that "testosterone" fact about the fingers?
If you find it out, PLEASE share it with us.  
The next "biggie" is for WRITING!
#2 Think Tac Toe Writing Projects:  We are sharing these Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be set aside for any "paper" projects since our technology devices will be limited as the week goes on.  Be sure you are ready and completing each and all of your Think Tac Toe pieces.  If they are on Google Docs, be sure to Share them to me!

Let's see here! That's all I have for now!  We are definitely getting closer to "the end".  I've been reading your writing pieces and songs, and I started tearing up after seeing the sweet reflections from this year...  Ahh... you better bring extra Kleenexes.  I'm going to be a blubbering mess!!!!  Ahh.. 

I'll know you checked the blog tonight if... hmm....if you look at the picture below of Isaiah.  He had $5 from his birthday a few weeks ago and just HAD to buy this new item.  If you can identify WHAT kind of farm machinery is in his hands, I'll know you checked the blog!  Whisper to me in the morning:)  Remember... tomorrow is TUESDAY, so we have P.E.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Too Nice to Be Inside!

It's going to be short tonight!  It's gorgeous out, there's a baseball game I've been invited to see, and Isaiah said, "No more blogging, Mama.  It's time to play in the dirt with me."

So.. I guess that means you should be outside, enjoying a spring day/evening!

I'll know you checked the blog if you tell me what you did OUTSIDE tonight (Thursday night).  I'll check with you in the morning.

Thanks for a TRULY FANTASTIC working day today!  Soooooooooo impressed.  I know Mrs. Gosch was impressed with what she saw from 5th grade.  Mrs. Bodermann would have been so happy, too!

Have super nights!

Sorenson - out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots of Fun Today!

Fun way to start our day.... Mrs. Branum shared the "5B Dream" shoes that were earned, designed piece by piece by our very own 5B Babies! 

Then more fun to show how competitive our classmates can be with koosh balls, a Smartboard and POPCORN!  And oh, wait, LEARNING was involved, too!  I can't believe I didn't take pictures during this!  Wait, maybe that's because I was ducking for my life!  Hailey and Anthony made need some lessons in aiming:)

Then in science we were very interested in Morgan's mom's story of skin graphing when she was younger.  The kids had lots of questions, and 5B got to meet Fiona, my special friend!  Thanks to Brenda for sharing her story!

It was great to enjoy the sunny weather to use up more of our recess MAP's minutes.  I think 5B is down to 1 hour and 15 minutes left!  Wow, time flies when you're having recess, huh?!

I'll know you checked the blog tonight if you check out the new addition to "5B Talents" on the right-hand side of the blog.  It is Ashton and Sawyer's farewell song to 5B.  Your proof will be to go up to Ashton AND Sawyer and tell them a compliment about their song.  They'll report to ME who checked the blog!  Oh, be kind of quiet about your compliment.  Don't just blurt it out.  Go up to them quietly and share it with them just between you and them:) 

Ashton and Sawyer, it would be great if you guys came in right away and stood together so the blog checkers can share it with you both at the same time:)

I am truly feeling like our good times are disappearing before our eyes... Sniffling now...

Lung Model
Lung Worksheet
Think Tac Toe #1 to Share!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Fly By!

Whoa, 5B,
I thought today just was gone in a blink!  Ahh...that's how the rest of our year will continue to sneak away from us!  It was a great day with hard working, deep focus and CADET PRIDE!  So impressed! Remind me that I would like to do a little "Mama Money" for ya'll since Monday was so magnificent!

Let's just make Tuesday just as totally tubular!

I checked the Keystone website to see if 5B's video had won anything and..........
Would you like to know?

Are you sure?

Should I keep asking you?

Is it a good idea for me to share the results?

Could I string this along any further to hold the suspense?

Are you beginning to get annoyed?

How should I share it?

Should I just say yes or no?

Would you rather wait until tomorrow in class?


Well, I guess I'll....

Send you to the Keystone website to find out for yourself:)  Heeheheeee...
I'll know you checked the blog if you share your reaction on this TodaysMeet Link! (Click Here)

Ok, I'm done begin nasty:)

Remember, there is band tomorrow.
If you have your lung model done already, bring it it to show us!
Camp Read S'more note for Friday!

Here's BONUS Blog Checking Proof.... We'll be doing a little viewing of some Civil War reenactments tomorrow in literacy, so if you'd like to bring a single serving snack for yourself to munch on while watching these, feel free:)  Also, pass it along to others if you know they can't check the blog from home tonight.  If they check in the morning, it won't do them any good.

See you in the morning for another day of amazing 5B students and learning!  (Sniff, sniff...only 9 1/2 days before our family goes its separate ways....)

I'll be one sad puppy...that's for sure....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun-Filled FRIDAY!

What an awesome day Friday was!  My only disappointment was that I didn't get to see everyone much during the day.  I seemed to keep running into Lawson's group, Carter's group, Anthony's group and Ashton's group  but not the other's much at all.  I hope everyone had a blast exploring, learning, laughing, watching, reading, eating, and just having a great day!  I'll share pics on Monday with everyone, ok?!

This week should be pretty mellow... except for a few "extras", but before I go ANY further, I need you to VOTE for our eBook Video on this link.  I think you can vote as many times as possible.  I voted from all of my devices, and have voted a few different times.  We are against 3 other schools.  I'm a bit biased, of course, but I think ours is the most filled with effort and planning!

Click Here and VOTE as many time as you can.  Voting closes tonight at midnight and they announce the WINNER tomorrow, Monday, May 19!  Let's see if 5B really has a chance!  Help us!! Ask your families, friends, etc.!  But soon, soon, soon.  Tomorrow will be TOO LATE!

Ok, a few of our "extras"or reminders this week include:
Make up - Barcode Tattoo, City of Ember and Mississippi Coffee Talks - 8:30
Civil War Bingo - Maps and Packet Pages (North and South Venn Diagram) and Mr. Nussbaum's Battle website and worksheet

Last Biggest Klutz Coffee Talk

Last Ook and Gluk Coffee Talk

Last Found Coffee Talk
Last Guidance Class

Last Barcode Tattoo, City of Ember, and Mississippi Bridge Coffee Talks
Last Puberty Class! (TEST!)
Cadet STORE!  Might be last time for this year - but can hold money for NEXT FALL!!
Camp Read S'more with parents! 2:30 - 3:00
**DANCE** 5th graders are invited to 6 - 8 dance!  See the email I sent you from Mr. Wiley!  You can buy a $3 ticket with some Cadet Dollars on Friday (I think they cost more though with Cadet Dollars).

See!  Just a FEW extras!  Oh, and we are pretty low on juice for our last week of Coffee Talks.  If we could get 1 - 2 more bottles, that would be great.  However, if your family has already donated, just THANK THEM AGAIN for their generous help!

Ok, I'll know you checked the blog if you go to this TodaysMeet  (Click Here) and share your FAVORITE part of Friday's field trip to St. Paul's Science Museum!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Time Tomorrow Morning?

If you haven't notice, it's important to be at the school parking lot at the time mentioned above:)

I'm SOOOOO looking forward to an awesome day with everyone.  The only thing I forgot to mention is it would be AWESOME if we were wearing our CadetNation shirts!  Ahh!  I meant to bring it up all week long and kept forgetting! So, if you can get ahold of people who you KNOW aren't able to check the blog or don't usually check it, I would LOVE it if you could try to get this message to as many people as we can:)

It's going to be a great day.  The only downfall I have, is that I don't get to be with all of 5B... :(  Our time is dwindling so I'm feeling like I'm trying to soak up every minute with you guys!  

Remember for tomorrow:
LUNCH in a cooler
Extra Drink
Any medications if you get sick or need something for headaches - in a baggie, labeled with your name

$, DVD for bus ride, travel games, etc. in a bag  

See you at.... Well, you know what time:)