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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Polar Plunge Madness in 5th Grade!

Well, it seems there's a lot more going on in 5th grade than what happens in the classroom:)  I'm so proud of so many students that have had the courage and spontaneous attitude to help out for a cause that is important to them - "Taking a Plunge" in honor of those who are battling cancer of some sort.  Thanks to Trystin's mom (Rhonda), click on this link to see some brave 5th graders (and 1 6th grader) who recently took the "plunge!"

(Ah, man... I tried and tried to attach it, but because it was a shared to me on Google Drive, I can't share it out to others: since I'm not the "owner".(  Rhonda, if you can send it by email, I'll share it with our 5B Blog followers and audience:)

Wait...well, I tried something, but I'm not sure that it will work.  If so, super!  If not...sorry...  I can show it in class on Thursday morning as well!

Here's the "Something Special" place to click.  I won't say anything about it.  Just click on the link to see what I was talking about at the end of the day today!
The way I'll REALLY know you checked the blog is down below in a difficult-to-read-color.  Highlight over it to see what you're supposed to do for PROOF!  Yep, making you work hard at this, aren't I?  Heheheheee!
I'll know you checked the blog if you let me know how many Cadet Pride Bucks you have at this point.  Go to the TodaysMeet Link (WAY DOWN BELOW......KEEEPING GOING ALL of the WAY DOWN.....) to let me know.  Don't get fooled... It will look like the blog is done...but just keep going down:)  Sneaky...sneaky....Sorenson:)  

Have a great night!  Don't forget these items for Thursday:
1)  The note about whether you are bring your OWN lunch for our St. Paul field trip or you would rather have the SCHOOL sack lunch?  I'm missing 3 students!  Maybe a fine can be paid for those who haven't returned it yet....

2)  If you/your family is fine with you having a single serving, healthy snack for our whole 5th grade activity for Thursday to wrap up the immigration unit, that would be great.  It is COMPLETELY optional.

See you in the morning!  

TodaysMeet Link Here....

Monday, April 14, 2014

Germ Bug Hit Isaiah:(

Hey, 5B,
Here I thought I was the one getting sick.  Well, Isaiah is miserable and has a fever.  The poor little guy just moans and cries saying his head hurts, throat hurts and can barely stand up:(

So... with THAT knowledge.... you should probably make the prediction that I will NOT be in school tomorrow with you guys...sniff, sniff, tear... Sorry...

BUT we have a REALLY goofy schedule with music program practice in the afternoon.  Anyone who mentors at the 12:45 - 1:10 can still go, but you can't any longer than that.

AND I'll be Skyping in around 10:00 a.m. to explain the last set of book clubs for the year!  See, even when I'm supposed to be home with my own sick baby, I can't stay away from you guys!

I don't know who is subbing for me, but I do know how amazed every sub we've had has said that you are.  So, please continue to show 5B's superb reputation.  And keep in mind the conversations we've had about both "thinking" before acting and trustworthiness and iPads, ok?

I'll know you checked the blog tonight if you simply send me a message on this TodaysMeet Link.  I most likely won't be at the program tomorrow night either:(  SO SAD.....  I'll see you all tomorrow around 10:00 a.m., ok?  Ms. Klenke will come in to set up her Skype so I can call in.  Show all of the adults how well Skyping works for our class!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dreary Sunday... Anybody Agree?

Happy Sunday, 5B...
This gray sky and rainy weather has made me feel sooo tired that I even took a nap!  I never do that!  I think I need to get to the fitness center and wake up.  

This picture below is what I want the weather to look like now and for the rest of the year!!!  (Especially because you are ALL in it:)
You guys are the coolest!  It's going to be an emotional end of the
year for me!  It's going to fly by sooooooo quickly!  You make everything
This week will be a short BUT VERY BUSY week.  Think about everything going on this week!
Finish up all Immigration projects! 
Bone Quiz (retakes if want)
Goofy Schedule - Book Club Choices Announced for Last Book Club Groups of Year
NO GROUP BAND!!  (Still lessons if you have them that MORNING, NOT afternoon)
Music Program Practice in afternoon and Program at 7:00 at HS, be there at 6:40 dressed to impress:)
Goofy Schedule -  GROUP BAND TODAY  
Start Unit Assessment for Literacy
Muscle Quiz!
Thursday:  Goofy Schedule - Finish Unit Assessment for Literacy
Share Thinglinks
Guidance Class
Special Group Activity in afternoon with all 5th grade to celebrate immigration unit
Friday:  NO SCHOOL!  Happy Spring Break... but YES, there IS school on Monday, April 21

I'll know you checked the blog if....  You watch this short clip of Isaiah re-enacting a part from a movie. He did this all on his own, so when I realized what he was doing, I HAD to share it with you guys!  Kids are so stinking cute!!!  Prove you checked the blog and watched this by taking a guess what movie this scene is from.  Whisper it to me when you come in on Monday morning:)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

A LOT of Poetry Today...

We went CRAZY with poetry today!  With our main focus being the song/poem "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears," I thought you'd like to see a photo of what the poem was representing....Then notice the questions I ask to help me understand even more.

Look below and continue to make MORE meaning from the poem today!
Also here's the link to the song for those of you who really liked it:  Click Here

Annie Moore 1892
When someone passes through Ellis Island and everything that goes with it, do they ever think of going back?

If they go back, do they remember everything they went through when they were younger, perhaps when they were 15 years?

Would it be sad or difficult to think of the place (Ellis Island) that gave you freedom, life and a future has shut down forever?  Would it be like your past is disappearing?

Hmmm... Does this help you even more??  We'll chat about this in the morning.  I'll know you checked the blog if you share your NEW thinking after seeing my questions above.  Add it to this TodaysMeet Link.

That's it!  See you for TGIF!!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crazy Day, Today, Huh??!

The day started off strange for me, not being with you guys, but it seemed you were ALL being amazing staying focused on your jobs for literacy.  I continue to be impressed...and get a little sadder each day thinking that our time will be coming to an end before too long.  I am so happy with how well everyone respects each others' learning.

HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Bodermann who makes it so easy on all of us whenEVER we need her!  What an amazing role model we have in our room, everyday:)!!

The meeting I was at in the morning and the one I was at all afternoon was FANTASTIC!   It was about using technology, apps and more resources for us to use!  I have so many ideas running through my head, that I had write them down or I'd forget them!  I'll share more about these cool findings as the year goes on.

Career Day also seemed to go over quite smoothly.  I have some pictures from it as well.  I'll share a few of them tomorrow, put them on the blog later or tweet them out, ok?  You'll need to put a note on your Twitter # on the board, though....You know how easily I'll forget:)

Ok.. so now for blog  proof...
I'll your blog checking responsibility....IF you write a short 4 lined poem (of ANY style) about this topic:

When I Grow Up....

(Here's my example)

I think I want to be
something that makes me happy and challenges my brain.
It could be just about anything
as long as I do what I'm passionate about.

(see... I just went with any form/style I wanted as long as it was 4 lines long:)

I can't wait to see/hear them in the morning:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great Day in 5B!

Another super usual for 5B!  I'm always so impressed how well 5B can pull it together....

I'll keep it short tonight... Here's a quick poem for you.

No need to scratch your noggin'...
'Cuz I'm almost done bloggin'...  

I'm expecting 100% amazing 5B behaviors with the sub tomorrow morning.  Mrs. Bodermann knows how fantastic you can be everyday as well, so she'll be able to let me know what you showed your best.

I'll know you have checked the blog by doing 2 things....
1)  Check out the new section on the right top of the blog that is called "5B Talents" or something. Then give Jasmine's link a-listen:)
2)  Write down one compliment about her song, poem, style, courage, etc. that let's her know that it's ok to try something new, be yourself and always have confidence in yourself!  (Like we all need to remember:)

Have a great start to your day tomorrow morning.... Mama Sorenson/Officer Sorenson will be anxious to see how fabulous things went:)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Almost 4 Weeks with No Weather Interruptions! Yippee!

Happy Sunday, 5B,
I hope you enjoyed this weekend's weather again like last weekend.  Apparently, the weather during the week likes to stay nasty so that you don't get distracted and want to be outside:)  How nice of Mother Nature, huh?!

This week should be pretty busy and filled with activity!

Monday:  Those who earned Book-It for March get a special gym-time award:)  Lucky for you guys!
Some of Mrs. Sorenson's math students have a game board due to be used with Mrs. Halverson on Monday. Be sure it is done with the expected requirements.  Mrs. Halverson is counting on YOUR work to lead HER lesson.

Tuesday:  Don't forget band:)  There will also be a short Skype activity with a different Connecticut class during band time.  Mrs. Petroski is leading this lesson, so we'll see what she has planned for us!

Wednesday:  3-hour early out and CARERR DAY!  Be sure that you have filled out your brochures so you know what types of jobs you are interested in.

Thursday/Friday:  Finishing up our Immigration Journals, Thinglink websites, Video Reflections, etc.  All should be worked on like crazy during the week.

Go enjoy the outdoors.  I'm headed to do something outside and maybe a quick stop by the fitness center for some swimming:)  Enjoy your Sunday!

I'll know you checked the blog if watch this short video.  Click Here.  Then, do your best to draw a picture of that main character in the video that got quite a surprise!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moving onto Muscles! (If Mrs. Sorenson can actually say it correctly!)

It's kinda late, so I'll keep it pretty short.

1)   Independent Book Club - Sharing your ENTERTAINING talks on Friday!!  Be ready.  Fines may be enforced if work is not done.  You've had a week to prepare and read:)

2)  CADET-NATION shirts on Friday!  Remember, I'll be happy to reward 5B as a class for EVERYONE wearing their shirts! Mine need washing tonight, so I'll have to be responsible to git'er done!

I'll know you checked the blog if you listen to the tune of this song for science class tomorrow.  Don't worry about the words AT ALL... we are NOT using the words on the screen, so don't even look at them.  Listen over and over so you know the tune well.  The better you know the tune, the easier it will be for learning the new song about muscles on Friday!  I LOVE this song!  (You probably have heard the song/tune before).

Here's the link to the song:  Click Here!

I'll have Isaiah share ONE muscle name with you tonight.  The rest we'll go through tomorrow.  Watch the short video of Isaiah to learn the scientific name for a common muscle you use ALL of the time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Name Those Bones...

5B did fantastic on their bone quiz today!  I am quite impressed.  I'll share with you tomorrow how you did!

Today was another busy, busy day of working and focus.  Some of us are really starting to struggle with the independent work time.  I know 5B is completely capable of working alone, giving 100% effort and being trustworthy...  Yet... we are starting to get a little "off" lately.

Example "off" behaviors:
Using the "chat" box for email when supposed to be working on Immigration Journals
Chatting during work time
Emailing during class about nothing related to the topic
Talking a bit bossy to our classmates
Lining up seems to take a bit longer than necessary

See what I mean?  They are just little events, but when we start to put them together, they seem a lot more of a problem.  So... let's be sure to end 4th quarter and 5th grade with a BANG! Ok?  You're the most AMAZING class!  Be sure to show your strengths!

I'll know you checked the blog if you visit this link (Click Here) to help us celebrate April as Poetry Month!  Read, listen to and even watch a video of the poem.  Share one of the lines from the poem including the animal and what it did!

Oh, and BE SURE to remind me to tell you about the March Reward for Book-It.  Today was the last day to get in the sheets.  Anyone bringing them in after this point can still get a free coupon for pizza, but they will not participate in the extra reward:(  Sorry....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fool's Day to ALL of My 5B Babies! (mama, mama)

I definitely enjoyed celebrating this day of "foolishness" with 5B because of all of the funny phrases they shared!  It was quite a blast!  Be sure to share your phrase about armpits, smelling, Barney songs, girls drooling, pink tutus, etc. with your families!  I'm sure they'll enjoy watching/hearing/seeing you perform!

A BIG reminder about a BONE quiz this week...

Also, great job Skyping and leading our session with Connecticut in Room 11 today.  You guys are naturals and seem so comfortable having conversations through video.  That's very mature!

Don't Forget MARCH

Finally.... the last news that I'll share isn't even my news... It's news about one of our 5B family members... It seems this is the year that our classmates and families are finding reasons they need to move away from our district:(  One of your classmates had some sad news to share after you all left today.  He gave me a note from his parents about their plans.  Read the note below, and sadly (sniff, sniff) I'll know you checked the blog, if you go up to that student in the morning, and give him a friendly, caring pat on the back to help him deal with this big change:(  I'm tearing up as I write this...

Why do our 5B Babies leave???  Sorry they are sideways... I couldn't get them to rotate for some reason...