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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wacky but Wonderfully Filled Day of Learning!

5B really did

I can't believe how much I learned and how interesting YOUR passions were to me as I listen to you present!  Obviously, your classmates were equally interested based on all of their comments, super discussions, questions and compliments!
They aren't all posted, but here are a few from today!

Emily - Why am I (or people) so short?

Jason- What's the longest flight for a paper air plane?

Landen - How did wrestling begin (and was there one person who invented it)?

Brady, Carter and Tyler all did a super job today as well.  Tomorrow we'll hear/see from Noah and Cameron.  Keep those passions coming!  What else doing you wonder about?  

5B's question on the webinar with Steven Johnson (author and creator of PBS TV show "Where Are We Now?") DID GET ANSWERED!!!!!  Yeehaw!!  I was taking a bite of a sandwich and the host said, "And here's a question from a class in Iowa..."  I dropped my sandwich, ran to get my phone and started recording.  I didn't get to record the part where we repeated our question because my phone was across the the room, but I managed to get the majority of his answer!  

I'll know you checked the blog if you watch the video clip below and answer this question:
What did author Steven Johnson compare coding to in his answer?  

Reminders for Thursday....
Group Band
Dress Up Day - Job Day! 
 Doctor?  Inventor?  Hair stylist?  Biologist?  Coder? Teacher? Mom? Big Bird? 
(The sky is the limit!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Short But Sweet, Can't Be Beat!

Meetings after school = VERY SHORT BLOG!

Tomorrow will be WAY busy...another day of barely seeing you.  We start the day with a Bus Evacuation Drill.  This is a TRUE test of serious, responsible students who are being challenged with a real scenario of danger.  I'd love to brag about how quickly, quietly and respectfully you listened to the bus driver who is giving instructions.

Let's make the best day EVER with Cadet Pride from your "walk in the door" to your "walk out at dismissal" time! 

Okey, dokey, artichokeys?

Oh, here's what you do to prove you checked the blog.
Visit this link and tell me what the picture is.  Click Here

If for some reason you don't recognize it, look in the address bar for a word that should spark your memory.  You could also ask someone near you (an adult or if at school, Mrs. Vandervort).

Remember to tell your families about the Book-It Kick Off on Halloween from 2:40 - 3:10!  The more the merrier!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sorry it's late...

This is what the Sorensons have been up to...
Isaiah wanted a "spooky skeleton"!

Mom wanted something more simple!
Dad's will get done tomorrow.  I'm thinking it will be a Hawkeye one.

So, I had very little time for ANYTHING else tonight, but I knew I'd a have a bunch of you asking me, "Why wasn't there a blog?" or "You forgot the blog, Mrs. Sorenson!"  You guys are so good at it! I think we had all 20 kiddos have it checked today! I think that's a record actually.  We should celebrate that responsible behavior.  

Today was an amazing day!  And we came up with a new phrase for our 5B Family (We-Are-Family)!   Let's keep it going for the rest of the week, alrighty?!

I'll know you checked the blog if you ask me, "So, what's the special event we have planned for Halloween, Mrs. Sorenson?"  I will give you a little something (but I won't tell you the answer until we start literacy class!)

Brag to your family about what a great day of listening and Cadet Pride!  Loved all of the TEAM gear today!  I'd say Cameron went all out with his football jersey AND PADS!  Funny!  We won't make this a competition this time.  We'll just celebrate our Cadet Pride with a "Congrats, Cameron!"

Tomorrow's Character Counts dress up is to "Give a Hoot and Holler for FAIRNESS".  Lyli said she had LOTS of stuff for this.  She may bring in some extras for us if she can.  I'll have to see what I have??

Also reminder... Science test coming up.  You should be using your study guide and asking your family to quiz you.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last Week Had UPs and DOWNs...

Happy Sunday, 5B!

I think we'd all agree that last week had some super, amazing moments and events (like Socratic Seminars, Skype activities, rounds in literacy, working with Luther experts, catching each other do and giving compliments secretly, sharing what's "Nutty" about us, etc.).  These were definitely our UPs!  So many wonderful things to be proud of.....

However, there were definitely some "not-so-proud" moments during last week that kind of remind us that we can't forget to T.H.I.N.K. before we act, say and do.  For example, the side comments and running around in Library, unnecessary chatting in line and other transitions, problem solving and immature actions in music class, and finally the blurting at the end of our day on Friday that resulted in no one able to see what was in the brown box for our class.  

You see how easily excitement and enthusiasm can turn into disrespect and uncaring behaviors?  I know, it has happened to me before as well, but I know I improve each time, so I don't keep making those mistakes.  

So, Goal #1:  Library
ALL 5B students prove to Mrs. Shekleton that you are trustworthy when she is not watching your every move (on iPads, while working with a partner, while looking for books in the book area, while waiting your turn, etc.).  OK?  

This week is Character Counts Week!  
Monday's Trait is RESPECT!  This is a perfect way to show yourself, Mrs. Shekleton, your parents, and me that you can make mistakes but FIX them by showing RESPECT!  Remember we are a 5B Family (a Team!) so be sure to wear clothes that show you understand RESPECT is needed when working with a TEAM towards a common goal!  (Favorite team or cheer gear)

Also, remember, these will be hanging on our door as another way to secretly catch classmates showing Cadet Pride.  You did a super job with the first set.  Keep your eyes peeled!

OK, quick reminders...
Monday:  Group Band 8:20
Wednesday:  3-hour Early Out
Thursday:  Group Band 8:20

AND... I'll know you checked the blog if you check out the Perplexus games below.  This was what was in the box on Friday.  My mom (what a sweetie) bought them for our classroom!  We have the Original and Epic.  Now we'll have 2 Epic.  But  the other 3 are new. 


Epic (we have 2 now)

Original (as you can see above:)

When you come in Monday morning, tell me which one YOU think is the coolest!  Name it for me so I know you really checked the blog!  Then go give Ethan a "high 5" because he knew what was in the box ALL day and didn't say anything to anyone!  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Short Post.... But Long Proof that You Checked the Blog...

Great but WAY busy day today with Socratic Seminars, brainstorming ideas for our Halloween story with NYC, Skyping our Luther experts, etc.  Wow, I'm exhausted!  How about you?

Tomorrow we will Skype with 5B in NYC to share our TOP 2 ideas/titles from their brainstorms on the same Padlet we used today in class. Since we have so many things happening tomorrow:  Cadet Store shopping, Cadet Time, Skype with Pre-K Buddies at the Kessel building and Skype with NYC, we don't have much time to discuss.  So, here's your PRIVILEGE for checking the blog.  YOU get to help vote on the best ideas from the NYC's list.  Read through ONLY the NYC ideas (they'll be doing the same for us), and then choose 2 of your favorites. Know which ones you want.  When you come in, say, "Mrs. Sorenson, I'd like to make my 2 votes."  I'll hand you a copy of the Padlet to circle your 2 favorite ideas/titles.  Then hand it back to me when you're done.   I'll look through them and see if there are any in common, and we'll go with those as our choices when we Skype with NYC at 9:45.  

 Click on THIS LINK to go to the Padlet.

Have a great night....tomorrow is ALREADY FRIDAY!  Woo-hoo!  The end of our 1st quarter of school together?  Is that possible? Wow, time does fly (or seem to run away from us) when you're having fun! (oops...I said the "f" word!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5B Has Got it Goin' On!

The struggles we were having last week with the "right" choices and before we act/say/do are definitely going away.  Our angels sides are surely winning this tug-o-war game!  Go Team 5B Angels (Ding...Ahhhh).  Keep it up.  What a great day for everyone.  Also, thanks to Tyler for a yummy birthday snack to end our day.  We'll do that birthday dance tomorrow, ok?

Here are some reminders and heads ups for tomorrow!

#1 Fundraiser Due Thursday
Bring in all of your fundraising forms (filled out with your name and WITH prize choices, too).  This is our #1 way to go on field trips, bring in guest speakers, have special events, etc.  If we all do a little part, we can make it a successful fundraiser!

Isaiah did some selling as well as a preschooler.  I told him he didn't need to enjoy the Big Blast with all of the inflatables and bouncy houses in December if he didn't try to sell a few items.  (Yes, I know, mean mom!)

#2 Socratic Seminars - Coding in Elementary? No way!
If you are a "discusser" for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar, be ready!  We've seen one session go smoothly.  Let's see what our next deep thinking will bring us.  Elementary kids having coding classes?  That's not right....or is it?

Collaborate with NYC 5B for Activity
 Hopefully tomorrow we will get to meet up (online - not Skype) with NYC 5B students to start up a new activity involving Halloween... So get your brains started for some fun ideas to use in Halloween stories!

#4  Meet/Skype with our Luther Experts

 We also will connect (fist bump x2) with our Luther Experts to just say hi and get an idea of who you will be communicating with for your writing pieces!  Remember....



Lastly, I'll know you checked the blog if you view this video to find out what special the name of our project and challenge will be for Character Counts week next week.  Be sure to show your families the note and keep it in a safe spot!  Click Here for the Video.  Tell me WHO you want it to be... You'll know what I'm talking about after watching the video!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Short One Tonight...

It's been rough with no fresh air....  Don't let the dominoes turn into a mess, ok?  Help each other make better choices and stand up politely to classmates by reminding them of their off task behaviors.  
Here's your blog checking proof.  Go over the words to the song "Rain, Rain Go Away" below. Practice the hand motions and movements that are explained with each line.  Practice until you know it by heart.  I'll be asking ALL blog checkers to sing it together with actions (no, don't worry, you won't have to sing it alone).  

Rain, rain, [Move your fingers down like falling rain.]
go away. [Push your hands out, as if you were pushing the rain away.]
Come again another day. [Make a "come here" motion with your hands.]
Little Johnny wants to play. [Pretend to put on a baseball cap like a boy would wear, then move your arms like you are running.]
Rain, rain, go away. [Move your fingers down and then push away the rain.]

Have a good night.  I'll do a little rain dance to help change this weather for us!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rainy Day... Inside All Day...

For a Monday, 5B, you guys ROCKED!  You were on task, worked your tails off in literacy, and even had a pretty amazing planner time that allowed us extra time to read from One for the Murphys, the Global Read Aloud.  Oh, and we had a class from Council Bluffs, IA (way, way WESTERN side of Iowa share thoughts about the book.  We'll have to read over them tomorrow as a class!

Our only OOPS today was library class.  A few iPad situations, running around in the library and chatting seemed to get 5B a bit "off".  Now, this is just a reminder....  Last week, 5B was very close to losing the "choose your own spot" privilege" in art.  Now, this week, library seemed to be displaying some behaviors that don't show Cadet Pride.  I appreciated all of the reports from students about what they felt was wrong in library class today.  Thanks for being such great leaders with high expectations.

Here's my worry.... (even though you guys truly know what it means to show Cadet Pride)....

If we get into a habit of letting a bunch of little behaviors that are NOT acceptable, we end of having a HUGE mess to have to deal with.  I know we are better than that.  So each of you has a part in this 5B Family.  Don't let your decisions impact others negatively.  T.H.I.N.K. before acting, speaking and doing, right?

Here's what we HOPE comes from a lot of dominoes!  Watch the almost 4 minute video of a domino trick below.  Be sure to watch it carefully so you can do the blog proof.  I'll know you checked the blog if you can tell me what your FAVORITE part of the video was.  There are SO MANY, so be ready to tell me which ONE.

Click Here to see an INSANE trick used by dominoes, a creative mind and a LOT of patience and effort!  It is SOOOO crazy amazing!

Let's make our dominoes (behaviors) create something AMAZING and want us to CELEBRATE 5B! (Celebrate good times, come on!)

Dan Wardell - IPTV visits tomorrow
Band Lessons - some of you
Art Homework - Zentangles (if you don't remember these, check out this link to help) Click Here

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fantastic Fall Weekend...

As much as I struggle with saying goodbye to summer or warm weather, I have to say the colors of fall really do excite me and just give me a such a relaxing feeling.  As I go around town, I see all of the fall decorations of gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks, etc.  It's really cool to see how things can change so drastically and still be fabulous.  That's a great way to look at life, don't you think?  Sometimes changes can be difficult, but if we give them a chance, we may see what "awesomeness" they can bring!  Wow, that's pretty deep for the start of the week, huh?!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your weekends.  It sounded like many of you had fun things planned.  Hopefully, you got to do them:)

This week should be pretty "normal"...whatever that means, right?!  Our only schedule change will be on Tuesday, and that's our special assembly hosted by Dan Wardell from IPTV.  If you haven't seen him or have never watched IPTV (where is on, then you'll be a first timer:)

I'll know you checked the blog this weekend (or at least before Monday morning) if you visit the Iowa Public Television website (CLICK HERE) and play ONE of the games from the huge list!  They are mostly for younger kids, but that's ok!  So, the proof will be to PLAY that ONE game, but give it a rating for how helpful it would be for younger kids!  Go to this TodaysMeet link (click back on those words) to write down the NAME of the game you played and 2 things about it:  1) What made it fun?  2) What were kids learning to do in the game?

Here's my example!
I played Martha Speaks - Catch.  1)  It was fun because it was about dogs.  Most kids like animals!  2) It help kids learn about new words (vocabulary).

Don't forget GROUP BAND at 8:20 MONDAY MORNING!  Also, a few of you have lessons.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Crazy, Out of Routine Week... Means We Need More...

More meditating to start off our Friday!  That's how I'll know you checked the blog this time.  I'm taking part of the idea from Cam who said on the TodaysMeet from yesterday that you should "come in and be quiet!"  Well, I'm not going to be so bossy:)  However, let's start out our day with some calm, focused, routine thinking about how our regular (thank goodness) Friday is going to be!

Reminders for band lessons tomorrow - bring your instruments and lesson books.

Also, it's crazy that tomorrow is already....FRIDAY!

I know when our weeks fly by as quickly as they do, it's because we are so focused, having a great time that we don't realize how we pass the hours and days!  Yeh us!

Oh, and here's the EXTRA proof for checking the blog!  When I come to you while you're meditating.  I'm going to whisper the name of Ethan's new kitten in your ear!  He and his mom stopped by after school with the cutest little black kitty (with a round white spot on her belly).  Her name is...  Pinky.  You'll have to highlight over it to be able to read it well.  DON'T tell anyone.  If you are doing your job of checking the blog, great!  Don't do someone's job for them! OK?

Peace out all!