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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Look at your extra activities for the day...

I know most everyone has a LOT of money to spend at the store tomorrow, so as soon as you come in, get out your money and count it up again.

I signed our class up for right as the school day begins.  We have from 8:15 - 8:30.  We will just come in, get money, line up and head to the art room.  You may want to remind any friends you come to school LATE, that they miss the store visit if they are NOT here on time.

We'll do attendance and pledge after we come back!

Yep, our Transition Kindergarten buddies will be making the trip over tomorrow from the Kessel building
.  They will be looking to us for some expertise in the weather topics assigned.  Be sure your photos, facts and videos are all appropriate and easy to understand for our 5 year old friends!

They will be so excited to visit our room.  The style of our classroom will be pretty overwhelming.  Be ready and brush up on your "little peeps" language to help them make good choices and listen.

I know many of you REALLY enjoy the STEM projects you have most Fridays!  Be sure that your daily homework (Writing Journal, Biography and notes, and Social Studies readings and notes) is all done and ready to show after the pledge tomorrow.  We need everyone to show their responsibility in order to keep bringing home iPads!  STEM is an extra special part of the afternoon.  If work is not done, maybe it needs to be completed during the STEM activity instead???  Hope not!

Ok, sooooo, I'll know you checked the blog IF you come in the classroom WITHOUT TALKING (ONLY those who can control themselves to NOT TALKING will receive the reward) and count up your tickets.  Come WHISPER in MY EAR how many.  As soon as you're done, line up WITHOUT TALKING TO ANYONE.  This will be REALLY tough for some of our recent chatter bugs who are lacking self control.  I'm excited to award those who can take on this challenge!  (And that means EVEN TALKING TO ME....)  No attendance or pledge... no explaining to anyone else what to do... no whispers... no quick comments....  nuttin' honey!

Another FUN-tastic Friday ahead of us!  Let's make it a day FULL of CADET PRIDE!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Early Out and Free Afternoon...

I hope you guys had a fun and relaxing afternoon... I worked my tail off all afternoon making some plans for a super way to end our year in literacy!  Woo-hoo!  But, nope... can't tell you yet!

I'll keep it really short tonight since I have to get going quickly.

Blog Proof... I'm putting it into the middle of the post to see if people read the entire post or just jump to the end:)  Heeheeeheee!  Check out the drawing below.  Which do you see?  Connect (fist bump x2) this to your guidance lesson today!  Tell me WHICH one you see more clearly.

Biography Reading and Inspiration Notes
Writing Journal Prompt!
Return "Be Your Own Boss" Application (yellow sheet from Tuesday)
Return "Science Museum Volunteer" Note (yellow sheet from Wednesday)

*Math Showbie Assignment - if you have WiFi at home... (Remember, for anyone who puts forth the effort to do this BEFORE we start coming in the morning, I'll have a little extra reward for you!  If you don't have WiFi, come in quickly to the Discovery Center or classroom to complete it BEFORE 8:10 a.m. to do it please - no help from families though, ok?)

Tomorrow is...

Whoa??  We'll see if 5B knows how to function under such strange circumstances?! :)  I'll be excited to see if we can get back on track with our outstanding Cadet Pride... We kind of dipped down a bit with chatting and self-control for a time.  Let's "bring it on back" along with some spring weather, right?!

2 more days until our little peeps come!  So excited!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twisted Tuesday...but Totally Under Control! Keep it up!

Well, the homework is piling up!

Literacy has a bunch of work - DUE WEDNESDAY!
1) Read your biography, taking notes on the Inspiration App
2) Writing Journal Prompt - Monday OR Tuesday's topic

Math - some of you
Groups A and B have pages due soon

Social Studies - most of you
Book Creator Notes on Cotton
Cause and Effect Sheet

Remember that being responsible with your iPad and getting work done is the way you CONTINUE having the privilege of taking it home.  Forgetting to do homework or having a "dead" battery when you come back to school is not a way of showing your teachers that you are responsible or trustworthy.  A few people have already have some issues with this.  T.H.I.N.K. :)

Remind your families that tomorrow is WEDNESDAY (not Tuesday) and it's a 3-hour early out!  I keep thinking it's Monday today! Crazy week, huh?

I have 2 blog proofs for tonight...
The first one is to go to this TodaysMeet Link and share ONE interesting fact about the person you are reading about for your biography. First share the person's name and the interesting fact.
The second blog proof is to look at the photos below...

Whose mouth is enjoying MY CACTUS BREAD??

Scroll down for the next pictures....

Oh, side note... we are supposed to get even MORE SNOW tonight.  Most likely, if we have a LATE START in the morning, the 3 hour early out would be cancelled, and we'd have a regular rest of our day.  Just a heads up... but of course listen/watch for news updates to be sure!  HOPE I see you on time...

Ok... keep scrolling down...

If you weren't sure whose mouth, you'll find out below...
Tyler, his sister and dad went for an outing this weekend.  Here's the score board for his dad on the game they played.  Which score do you think was Tyler's and which one was his sister's?

Did Tyler lose big time to his sister?
Did Tyler dominate the whole game?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Well, well, well...

This is a very fitting comic...

So???  What an interesting way to bring in spring, huh?  I know I did a post on Sunday night with blog proof, but don't worry about that one unless you want to prove it.  

The proof for TUESDAY morning will be in connection (fist bump x2) to this CRAZY WEATHER!  I brought back the indoor snowballs and put them in the locker out with the kleenexes.  After coming in and putting your "gold coin" on the Smartboard, VERY SECRETLY (no talking about it or showing anyone it), go get  snowball.  No making it a big deal with ANYONE.  Keep it hidden until AFTER the pledge.  Those who didn't check the blog will never know what "hit them.  HA!!  When the pledge is done, I'll blurt out, "SPRING SNOWBALL FIGHT!"  You can then, let loose and pelt your dear 5B Family (We are fam-il-y) for probably (hopefully) the last time this year!  

If you have access to Docs, it would be great to do Monday's Writing Journal prompt.  Otherwise, you'll have to do 2 on Tuesday night!  Yep, there's that mean Mrs. Sorenson again!  Oh, well.. you'll live:)  

Since we missed today, we will do our best to get caught up and do as much as we can this week. Remember, Wednesday is an early out again there may be some MAJOR homework this week!  Be prepared!!  

Enjoy your snow day/evening!  Think about clothing for tomorrow... Boots would be smart!!!  I don't know how much snow will be still around, but it surely will be messy and muddy!  Hopefully, this weather won't change our plans with our PreK buddies coming to visit on Friday!  I'll check with Mrs. Marr to find out what she thinks.  

Have a great night! (or morning if you are checking this on Monday before coming in the room!)  Don't forget the blog proof!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Frazzled but FUN-TASTIC FRIDAY!!

So much happened on Friday!  From the very start of our day, it seemed to be a crazy whirlwind of excitement and opportunities!  I took so many pictures that the blog would go on forever if I posted them al, so I put them into Pic Collages!  Check them out and enjoy the memories of Friday's fun!
Listening to KA students read their own books to us!
Fun to read with your siblings for Landen, Emily and Dylan!

What a treat!  Great messages about life, fun stories
and personal time spent with NFL San Diego Chargers
player, Ricardo Mathews!

All I can say is... It was a

A few lucky (hard-working ones) got their well-deserved
limo rides and Subway snack packs!
Mrs. Sorenson was a wee bit tired by this time in the day!

Wow!  It's tiring just thinking back to that madness on Friday!  But I have to admit, 5B had a fabulous afternoon of focus and working!  Maybe we should get you tuckered out more often in the mornings!  

Ok.. this week... yep, it's going to be kind of busy and crazy, too...starting with Monday already!! We'll go over the schedule right away before band people go, but a hint is that our morning will be REALLY different than a typical morning!  That's all you get for now:)

With the UNPLEASANT visit from wind/snow/sleet/rain coming today/tonight/Monday morning, PLEASE remember to dress yourselves in weather-temperature appropriate clothing!  You WILL have recess to endure on Monday, so think about hats, mittens, WARM coats, NO SHORTS or CAPRIS...please!  It's just Mama Sorenson worrying about you, ok?!

Band People - You need your iPads Monday!  I'll tell you now in case I forget in the morning!  I also sent you an email as a reminder!

Blog Proof... Hmm...Check out the picture below.  After the 5K Run/Walk this weekend, there was a fun Photo Booth set up with all sorts of St. Patrick's Day costumes and props.  There three people in the photo.  Which one do you think I AM?  By the way, I SOOO want to keep those props!  They were a blast!!  And yes, I made it through the 5K without STOPPING!  I was happy with that!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Good luck to ALL BAND Peeps!!!

Ok, 5B.. I know we talked about it being an exciting day, but it JUST got EVEN MORE AMAZING!

So, first we have Mrs. Galvin's kindergarten class coming to visit us to share books that they made.  They read Cookies Week as a class and made their own stories that stemmed from it.  We'll read it quickly in the morning before our little people come:)

We want to be sure to make our kindergarten friends feel special and proud of their writing!  We know how important it us to write, so find your 5B "inner child"... ehehehehee!  (I don't know how to spell that??)

Then we'll have a mixed up schedule by heading to Mrs. O for math and maybe some social studies. But the BIG CHANGE is that something MAJOR just came up and we'll be having a guest in our school that is QUITE famous and is actually related to some students in our district.  This guest is related to 2 of your PreK buddies from Mrs. Marr's class - Ava and Joey! To find out WHO it is, click on the link! Click Here!  This day is just getting more and more filled with excitement!

Then you'll head back to a bit more math/social studies (trying to focus and show that stellar Cadet Pride).

Of course, we all know about...

Be sure to wear your Cadet colors and have comfy clothes to run and enjoy!  (Maybe even bring some extra deodorant in case the "smell of fun" gets too strong:)

Then some lucky ducks get to experience this...  For their extra effort in selling items earlier in the year!

After recess, we'll continue with some LEARNING!!!  We'll focus quite a bit on our
 books and interviews!

And while we do some work, we'll enjoy a drink and some popcorn!  Now, THAT's WHAT I CALL

I'll know you checked the blog if you show me your writing homework FIRST thing AS you COME in.  We have so many activities, that we'll need to get started immediately!  I'll also want to hear about the band students and their concert after we do the pledge and attendance!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Better Day with Some Super Advice from 5B!

Thanks for the positive suggestions, inspirations and ideas this morning, 5B.  This is what it's all about!  I was thinking about our celebration goal for our Cadet Pride tickets.  Do you think it might work to combine the 2 highest vote ideas?  Could we have the "Chillax Time" that includes some lip syncing and karaoke singing? Let's chat in the morning right before band people go and see what everyone thinks.  The vote was split pretty closely, and I want to be sure everyone feels excited about our class is, clearly stated a CLASS GOAL and should be a CLASS REWARD, right?
Be ready to share you thoughts on that one, ok?

Don't forget iPad/Writing Journal homework again.  You've had a perfect 2 days of homework completion.  I didn't get to have anyone share today because of our goofy schedule, so we'll be sure to share some tomorrow from both Tuesday and Wednesday!  Tonight's topic:  What would you change about your school?  I'm sure you all have really creative and fun ideas to spice up how things look or run!  Who knows, maybe your ideas (if they are realistic and help education) could truly be used.  Mr. Carver is always ask our community and staff to "think differently" and "try something that hasn't be done before," so.... YOU could be the one that actually gets something changing at Howard-Winn!

Be sure to share with your families about the Opera of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  I thought it was so cool to have them come all of the way here!

I'll know you checked the blog today if you come in right away and WHISPER (to my ear so no one else can hear you!!!) something you are either excited about or nervous about when getting your...
We'll go over your report cards as soon as we come back from watching the band students perform for their concert practice. I'm excited to hear our 5th graders play AND to share the good news of report cards! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday??? Umm.. We Need a Take 2...

Yep... A little off today, weren't we, 5B?  Maybe crazy little leprechauns chose to crawl in your brains and MAKE you off task.  However, tomorrow is a new day and Cadet Pride is NEVER random, so I'm hoping to see the amazing 5B (We are a amazing....just the way we are....) back to normal.  Right?

iPad homework was done very well last night!  Don't forget Writing Journal Prompt for Tuesday!  If you could go on a trip, where would you go and why? Would you need to drive there?  Fly?  Walk?  Take a rocket?  Or if that isn't inspiring, then write your own topic!  However, I have all sorts of places I'd LOVE to visit!

We saw a great example of length of writing and creativity today with one of your classmates!  Let's check out another one tomorrow!

Remember, we get the special opportunity tomorrow to watch the opera version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff over at the high school in the auditorium.  It will be kindergarteners through 6th grade there, so it will be crowded and be FILLED with chances to MODEL CADET PRIDE to all ages.  Mr. Bieber made this special occasion possible, so be sure to thank him when you see him the next time.  We will NOT have music Friday due to the Big Blast, so be sure to thank him at some point.

Your blog proof will be coming in like normal, putting your gold coin on the Smartboard and then grab a white piece of paper on the coffee table.  Use markers, colored pencils and/or crayons to make a ONE or TWO WORD poster for positive thinking for Wednesday.  I'm looking for the EFFORT you put into your poster - neat, colorful, designed with extra details, maybe a fun style/font. Keep working on it and making it FAB until I ask Landen to start attendance.  This will be a great, positive way to start off a goofy-scheduled day.

Although today was a rough one, I'm glad we always can find a time in the day to laugh.  Remember, a day without laughter, is a day WASTED!  Enjoy the photos from today of your game of...

Just chillin'...  

It's okay, Tyler, don't be shy!

Jason has calmed himself down from his
MASSIVE laughing attack he had earlier!
Love capturing Annabelle's laugh!

Love the smiles in this one!!!
Oh!!!  And start thinking of songs that would be great ones for our Lip Sync/Karoke Party to celebrate our next goal!  7,500 was attainable last time!  We can do it again!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

iPads Go Home...

I'm not sure who was happier.... YOU or your iPad that it was going home for homework tonight!  I'm really excited for you to prove responsibility!  I'd say if we have 100% of the class bring back the orange homework note, writing journals are done with 1/2 typed AND the iPads come back, we'll have to award some MAJOR Cadet Pride points!  We also need to get our class goal set up again! Hmmmm... how many points should we strive for this time?!

Don't read too fast.  No, Howard-Winn,
is NOT closed.  This was Monday's
writing journal prompt!  
If you didn't bring home an iPad, I'm sure you are JUST as thrilled to do your writing journal
homework!  What an awesome topic!  How would you spend a day if school was closed? I've got A LOT of ideas for that one!  I can't wait to see/read what you planned!  I'll be choosing ONE of yours to read tomorrow in class!  I sure hope it's done!

A major accomplishment I want to celebrate ALSO today is that all 20 students are DONE with Iowa Assessments!  I am so anxious to see how you did on your personal and class goals!  I hope it's not too much more than 3 weeks!

For blog proof, I'd love to see what kind of Irish "jig" you can put together for it being St. Patrick's Day!  Whether you are Irish or not, it's a fun day to celebrate happiness!  So, view this "How To" video on Irish dance moves!  At some point during our morning routine, I'll start playing some Irish dancing music.  Starting dancing the dance move shown on the video! Just really get into it even if you can't do the move!  I know I tried and just about broke a leg!  AH!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kinda Normal Week Coming Up?? Not Really...

Hey, 5B,
I hope you all enjoyed an AMAZINGLY gorgeous weathered weekend!  Yesterday was soooo great! My family got out our bikes, took walks, played basketball, went for a run, and did some yard work! No wonder I was so tired last night!  It's been a long time since I've been outside for so long!  Now, unfortunately I've seen weather forecasts that call for temperatures ONLY in the 40's this week.  That means...

40 degrees is only a bit above FREEZING (32 degrees F), so please use those amazing 5th grade brains and logical thinking.  Remember, you are role models for the rest of the elementary.  Ok?

Our goofiness this week will mostly be on Wednesday and Friday!
Monday:  Any Iowa Assessment Make-Up Tests:)
Tuesday:  St. Patrick's Day:)
Wednesday:  Opera of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
Thursday:  Band Concert Rehearsal, 3rd Qt. Report Cards Go Home, Band Concert at Night
Friday:  Kindergarteners Reading to Us, BIG BLAST & Popcorn (Plus Limo Rides for a few!)

So.. not very normal, as you can see!

I think our Cadet Pride tickets and celebrations have inspired 5D to take on the same challenge!  They'll be starting the same system as us on Monday!  I wonder if we should have a little competition...????  We'll see...

Now that we've met TWO major goals for 5B's Cadet Pride, I'm wondering what we should do NEXT?  Your new ideas for goal totals all made sense last Friday, but I've decided to go with 8,000 this time.  I'll need YOUR help deciding what our next CELEBRATION is!  So.. Let's do another TodaysMeet to share some brainstorms. You all had super ideas!  Let's see if you want the same ones or some new ones come up!!

I'll know you checked the blog if you go to that TodaysMeet to share an idea!  Happy Sunday!  Excited to see you Monday!!

Oh, and just for a little fun (if you have time), I found this FUN and CRAZY optical illusion video to enjoy!  Click Here!