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Monday, September 1, 2014

Awesome Long Weekend! But CRAZY weather, huh?!

Hey, My Darling 5B Angels (ding...ahhhh)!

I hope you all had a super extra day for a vacation!  Mine was good, but boy, oh boy, I was quite busy and am feeling a wee bit tired right now!  I'm going to have to get my family to bed VERY early tonight so I don't come grumpy and tired to school on Tuesday!  No one needs Mr. or Miss Grumpy Pants being all moody tomorrow, do they?!  No fun for 5B:(

So, if you are feeling tired from all of your busy weekend plans, PLEASE do your 5B Family a favor and get some sleep tonight, ok?!  Pretty please, with sugar on top?  Or a candy bar?  Or Cheetos?  Or Steak? Whatever works for you:) Just Please???

This week will be short, but we'll jump right back into all of the fantastic Cadet Pride behaviors you've been working on.  We'll also start Cadet Time in the morning.  This is a special time for you to focus on specific skills just for you that make you a stronger student!  I'm excited to start this tomorrow!

Also, this Friday is the FIRST FRIDAY of the the MONTH, so that means it is CADET NATION T-SHIRT DAY!  If you've been in our district before, you should have one of these.  It was given to EVERY student last fall.  So, I'm giving you a big heads up to start digging for it now if you can't think of where it is! OK?
Now, if you are NEW to our building and do NOT have a Cadet Nation T-shirt, please let me know, and we'll get you your very own that fits you!  We just need to see what size you'll need. 

Also, there's something special planned for Friday.  I'll know you checked the blog over the weekend, if you whisper to me, "So what's the big surprise on Friday?"  I'll be sure to tell the whole class when we finish with the pledge:)
Have a super rest of your Labor Day.  I've switched the class jobs around, so some of you will have a break, while others are helping us out for this week and next.  I'm excited to hear about the camping trips, barbeques, birthday parties, visits with cousins, drawing, moving, gaming and other special activities everyone had planned.

Take care ya'll,
~Mrs. Sorenson

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wonderful but Wild Wednesday:)

Actually, 5B, you had a great day!  It was just our last 10 minutes that seemed to be a bit too wild and wacky! No worries though... I'm so glad you are a part of 5B and are already showing such great improvement and quick to remember the T.H.I.N.K. and how to show respect!

Tonight will be a super short blog post!  I'm really impressed with how many of you have been checking the blog each night/morning!  Way to go!!  Love the effort and responsibility!

Today's proof to show that you checked the blog is this...

Finish this poem for me and share the your part quietly to me in the morning!... (And poems do NOT have to rhyme, but I'm hoping you will make this one but whatever works for you!)

It's so great to have a class that is so sweet!
Mrs. Sorenson's should give them each a yummy ____________.

Fill in that blank and tell me in the morning what word you chose to put in the blank!

Again, great listening and role models for respect today, 5B!

Miss you!
~Mrs. Sorenson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Was a...

Wow!  Not too tired to show AMAZING Respect and the ability to T.H.I.N.K. what you are doing or saying!  Sooooo amazing:)  Loving the energy and personalities from my 5B Angels (ding...ahhh)!

I bet tomorrow will be something super as well!  That will be your proof for checking the blog.  I know you checked the blog if you come up with a phrase for what kind of Wednesday we will have!  Today was a "Totally Tubular Tuesday"!  We had an "On the Move Monday"!  So what will tomorrow bring?!  Just come whisper it in my ear in the morning, ok?

Here are some pictures of the great THINKING and STRATEGIES we worked on in reading today!

Cam tried using a mirror,
but that didn't work. 
Others tried using laptops, inverting
the colors, and taking pictures.
Others worked together to see it
from a different angle or distance!
That seemed to help.
Some from 5D's class even tried
EATING it!  Um... it didn't help:(

In the end... only a few students were able to read the two sentences that were on the page.  I LOVED seeing how students kept trying.  But we're NOT giving up on it. We'll try again.... because..... Reading is THINKING...Grrrr... with STRATEGY!

After amazing work time, patience during the frustration we're having with technology not cooperating with us, and fabulous respect we had all morning, we decided a little bubble blowing and fun was necessary!

I think we MADE these little Kessel Kids babies' day!  Their
smiles and giggles from the bubbles were priceless!

Have a great night!  See you all in the morning!  Don't forget to prove how you checked the blog, ok?!

Monday, August 25, 2014

"On the Move" Monday!

Wow, we sure did get going today, didn't we 5B?!  It was busy, busy, busy!

I loved getting to know more about our 5B Family with our Guess Who Pages!  Snake tamers, wanting to learn about farms, loving chicken and rice, wanting to be teachers and so many more fun details I'm learning!  You guys are so awesome!

Having fun playing "Big Booty"!  Lots of laughs!
More excitement and creative thinking with Draw a Stick Man
from the 5B Blog!

Show Stick Man to your family!  Don't tell them what's going to
happen though...let them experience the same fun as you:)

Finding what inspires us in for our writing notebooks.  If you
want to see that video again of that talented college student, it's on the blog:)

Our day just flew by!  Wow.  The saying is true....Time Does Fly When You're Having FUN!!

Tomorrow will continue to be a test of how tired we are, how we T.H.I.N.K. and show RESPECT with our actions!  Let's see how amazing 5B can be:)

I'll know you checked the blog tonight if you come in Tuesday morning and tell Firefish (our class pet) "Good Morning,". Then come tell me what his response is.  (Obviously, he's a fish, and he can't talk, so you need to make up what he said:)  Have fun with it!

Have a great night, everyone!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are You Ready for a FULL Week of 5th Grade?

Hey, 5B Angels (ding...ahhhh)!

Well, we made it through 2 days of school, then a nice little weekend break.  This week will be the real test!  Can you survive a full week with me?  Muuahahaaaa...We shall see:)

My weekend went by quite quickly!  However, it was still nice to take a teeny break from getting back into the school routines.  I have to compliment my 5B Family for doing such a great job last week getting back into the swing of things!  LOVED your "Butts in the Air" conversations about what that REALLY IMPORTANT WORD.  Look at all these focused students!

Does everyone remember what that word was?  Say it out loud....  Now scroll WAY DOWN to see if you were right and remember it!  We'll keep that word in mind in every single action we do, every day, all year.

Yep, keep scrolling....

Keep going....

Almost there....  I know, it's SO much work....

Ok, I'd better let you enjoy the rest of your afternoon or evening.  I just have a couple reminders for you for this week:
1) Remind your parents about their "Million Words or Less" Homework.  Some of your parents are already done!  I got some emails:)

2)  If you're missing any items from the supply list, bring them as soon as you can.

3)  If your parent(s) have NOT created an Apple ID and Password for you, please have them do so following the note I sent home on Friday.  If they are having trouble, have them call the school at this number:  563.547.2300.  Ask for the Tech Department to help you go through the steps.

4) Get some rest!  It will feel like a long week since we've had such a nice summer break!

**I'll know you checked the blog this weekend whisper in my ear, "So, is there a snack involved in me checking the blog this time?"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fantastic First Day with 5B Angels (ding...ahhhh)

Our first day just FLEW.... truly!  It was weird how quickly it was time to go home!  We had a fabulous first day.  I saw a lot of smiles, laughs, sparks of personalities and wonderful Cadet Pride!  I think our Top Winner for the Cadet Pride Kahoot game was Josh, right?  You'll have another chance tomorrow everyone!  No worries!

Not only was it nice to start to get to know our 5B classmates a bit.  We also mingled with our other 5th grade classmates in a fun little Kootie Catcher Get to Know You game.

I feel bad that I didn't take a class picture!  Our day went so quickly!  Tomorrow is already Friday, and I'm sure it will be over before we know it, and here comes the weekend

Here's a little test for you.  I'll know you checked the 5B Blog if you come up to me in the morning (right as you are coming in) and whisper to me your MIDDLE name!  

Have a great night!  I LOVED our first day!  See you soon!

Peace out,
Mrs. Sorenson

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Post for the 2014 5B Family!

Greetings, new 5B Family!

It's Wednesday afternoon, and I'm getting little butterflies in my stomach about our first day together!  Isn't that funny?  Even I get a little nervous as the TEACHER!  But most of my nerves are EXCITEMENT to see you again, find out more about you and start off a fun new year together!

This is the 5B Blog that you will become VERY familiar with! But I'll get into that later!

Have a fabulous last afternoon and evening of summer!  And if you are feeling depressed about summer ending, just remember that we only have 2 days this week!  That's not so bad, right?

Here's a picture of my son, Isaiah and husband, Jason (Mr. Sorenson who teaches 6th grade!) as we were having a picnic and fishing at Vernon Springs this afternoon!

 Good bye summer... sniff, sniff...

But hello to..

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last Blog... for the 2013-2014 School Year...

Here we are... the last one...

I know we had a busy, crazy day together with the park and room clean up/tear down.  I appreciate all of the help you gave me with packing up items, cleaning, organizing, throwing, etc.  It is a lot of work, so I (as always) want to say thanks for being so amazing!

We almost didn't get a chance to be really "together."  The Video was nice though and having Shane (former 5B student) compare his notes of being a 5B family member to yours was great.  As you can tell, I don't just "teach" a bunch of kids for a year.  We really do become a family, spending the majority of our days together, making memories, getting on each other's nerves at times, supporting each other when things don't feel right, etc.  This is a real thing.  We are a family.

I'll keep it short tonight because I'm sure I'll blabber on tomorrow to let you know how much you mean to me.  But here  is a picture to let you know where I'm coming from....

If you haven't made the inference yet from the picture,
that missing puzzle piece was given to you.  I'll always have
a piece of my heart shared with my 5B Babies...
Sniffling now... with tears brimming in my eyes as I write this:(

Tomorrow, we'll share our Flip Flop Farewells with each other, get your final Report Cards (checking to see if I'm keeping you in 5th grade!), a bit more clean up, some last "MAP's recess minutes" you earned, reading from The Day My Butt Went Psycho, and a few odds and ends. 
My last blog proof will be that you engage in a little contest!  I'll have a paper in my hand as you come
This isn't the new 5B room.  It's just an idea for what
you will need to do!
in tomorrow.  I won't say what it's for.  This way, those who DON'T check the blog won't be able to participate in this contest.  I'm SOOO impressed with the constant responsibility I've seen out of SO MANY of you all year long.  So, here's what you do with the paper.  It will be the layout of next year's classroom.  I've never asked a class for help in doing this.  Design what YOU THINK would be a great way to plan the NEW 5B CLASSROOM!  Of course, I'll want you to stop by on "Back to School Night" to see if any of your ideas were used!  Be sure to color code (like the couch should be green so I can tell what it is, and be sure it is the right size compared to the other furniture).
Look around the room to include as many items as possible! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Weekend 5B Blog....

Well, we are getting closer and closer, 5B.  I know everyone is getting excited for summer vacation!  I am, too.  Isaiah is counting down the days he has left of daycare when "mom and dad are FINALLY done" with school.  (Those were Isaiah's words!)

I hope the dance was fun for those who went.  I ended up not being able to going to it...lucky for you guys!

I had a rough weekend though, starting to pack up our room.  As most of you know, the grades are switching classrooms for next year.  5B's room will now be in Mrs. Tuchek's classroom.  The teachers have to have EVERYTHING moved out and over before they leave on Wednesday.  So, that means I REALLY had to get things started this weekend.  You guys will be SHOCKED at how much of a mess the room will be when you come in!  It really makes me sad to pack up all of our memories, fun, activities, etc.  So, hopefully, we can make the last 2 days full of more memories!

Tomorrow will be cleaning up/out your cubbies and lockers and helping take apart the classroom for moving.  We still plan to go to East Park in the morning, but the weather REALLY does not look good for outside time!  Do some crazy non-rain dances tonight to keep the rain away, ok!?

Remember you can bring a single snack and drink for the park trip.  You can also bring equipment like whiffle balls, frisbee discs, bats, etc.  If for some reason is raining, we'll try to do something in the afternoon, but East Park will be too crowded with 3rd graders, so we won't be heading there.

If we get stuck indoors all day, I'm fine if anyone wants to bring games from home like Bubble Talk, Apples to Apples or any other fun ones your family enjoys!

I'll know you checked the blog for the last Sunday night/Monday morning if...  you ask me, "So, what am I hearing Locker Wars?"  I'll tell you about it after we do attendance, ok?

Here's a fantastic quote I found that helps me think about our goodbyes..and what a terrible time I'm having with it....  It must have been a BRILLIANT, DEEP THINKER....

Ok, and for an extra BONUS block checking proof, I need your help making a decision.  There is NO way that we can finish our book, The Day My Butt Went Psycho.  So, I thought we could act like it's a movie/DVD and "fast-forward" to different sections, not-knowing what's going to happen. Go to this TodaysMeet Link (Click Here) and suggest 3 different sets of pages to read from.  There are 240 pages total in the book, and we are ONLY at around page 20!  So, where should we jump to next?  Like pages 82 - 86? Then 125 - 135?  And end with 235 - 240?  You suggest it and we'll do a fast-forward version of the book!  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Think I'm in Denial...

These days are just flying by.  All day long, in the hallways, classroom, outside, etc., you just continue to prove how "AMAZING", yes Hunter, I said "AMAZING" you were all year and are at this moment.

I need to start looking at your report cards and putting in the "Grade Next Year" box.  Maybe have that conversation with your families about trying another year in 5th grade.  Tell them that Isaiah is going to preschool for another year?  So, what's the big deal in 5th grade, right?

No, I know that all good things are supposed to come to an end.  However....  I'm not ready for our end.  Ahhhh...  I know you all joke about me crying, but you have to realize that the tears and emotions are very true and genuine about caring about you all.

The only major things to remember for tomorrow are...
1) Human Body Project - if it's not done - Most left them here! Good!
2) Small snack and drink for Monday at East Park - can bring sports equipment for games
3) Tuesday is a 3-hour early out!

I'll know you checked the blog for the last time on a Thursday night (at least officially during the school year) if you....come in the room, put your name on your "bird" on the attendance board and head right back outside for some MAP's recess minutes we still need to use!  Let's play a group game or something!  We could do kickball or tag or whatever!  Mrs. Bodermann will be gone, so please tell Barb Gosch (Mrs. B's sub) that you are supposed to be out there even though other kids/classes are lining up.    Oh, and here's the REAL way I'll know you checked it and are not just going outside because you saw other people - Comment on this TodaysMeet how AWESOME it is to START the day with RECESS!