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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finding Our 5B "Inner Child" Again (yeh!!!)

We had quite the morning!  With our band kids busy practicing their instruments, the rest of us were working our tails off in the classroom in an assembly line making snack bags for our trip the the Transition Kindergarten class (our preschool buddies)!  Although the 5th graders put together 40 baggies of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips and fruit roll up slices, they didn't seem to realize what they were making!  Hmmm?? What could those items be similar to?

I think the little buddies figured it out FIRST!  Either way, it was a yummy treat and enjoyed by all!

Tomorrow should be a fun but FAST day!  It will disappear before we realize it!  Then, I'll be sending you off to spend 2 WEEKS with your families!  I'd love to hear from you over break through email, photos, etc!

Big REMINDER!  The Cadet Cart is coming around tomorrow with discounted items for Christmas.  I gave everyone (except Lyli) the reminder to bring back the NEW, UPDATED Big Blast volunteer note to earn some extra Cadet Cash for your possible purchases!  I know some of you wanted to save up money for this time, so here's a chance to add more to your last-minute shopping!

Here are some MAJORS for tomorrow...
Skyping with our New York 5B Class!
Share Passion Projects!
Finish One for the Murphys!
Finish Random Acts of Letters and ADDRESS them to be sent off!
Mrs. Bohach (Luther professor) stopping by with treats!
Cleaning up/cleaning out cubbies and lockers!
Special 5B Christmas activity!

Don't forget to have self-control on a day that is a bit wacky...
Don't forget anything you need for the Talent Show...
Don't forget to have self-control on a day that is a bit wacky...
Don't forget to bring back your note from parents about the Big Blast...
Don't forget to have self-control on a day that is a bit wacky...
Don't forget any work you need to complete for Mrs. Suckow
Don't forget to have self-control on a day that is a bit wacky...
Don't forget how much I'll miss you over break...
Don't forget to have self-control on a day that is a bit wacky...
(Did you kind of catch my HINT about how to act tomorrow????????????????? - Hope so....)

Ok, here's your blog proof!  It's actually quite a bit of an assignment...  When we meet with 5B in New York, they will be sharing a song or two with us.  I thought we could ALSO share a quick Christmas carol with them.  Please read and practice singing the lines from The 12 Days of Christmas from Iowa that we read the past 2 weeks.  I thought we could share that with them so that they could learn a bit about Iowa (just like we did).  What a great gift..... the gift of KNOWLEDGE!

I'll know you checked the blog, if when you come in, I can ask you ANY # from the song, and you'll be able to tell me what part of the song goes with it!  Muuaahaahh!  This will ALSO earn you some extra Cadet Cash!

Here are the lyrics! Practice, practice, practice...

12 mutton busters
11 cows a-milking
10 speedy cyclists
9 kites a-flying
8 tricky nisses
7 saucers sliding
6 covered bridges
5...... butterflies.......
4 big balloons
3 train cars
2 hefty hogs
and a goldfinch in an oak tree.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ready for Christmas Break? Well...

It's CRAZY how quickly a HALF of the YEAR can just disappear!?  I really did mean that hug as you left to be a genuine, heart-felt "thank you."  You are all really showing such an amazing amount of effort and "growing up" before my eyes.... sniff, sniff...tear, tear..  Thanks for being such a great 5B Family (We are family...).

This week has actually been QUITE a super week of working seriously, completing projects and quite mature attitudes!  So proud of all of you!

Don't forget shoes for P.E. tomorrow also!

Tomorrow's FUN is PLANNED...
Our little preschool buddies are looking forward to seeing you again!  Mrs. Marr said they kept asking this week which day they could see their "big friends."  Too cute!  We'll head over to the Preschool Building after band kids come back.  We'll be there for most of the morning.  Tim asked if you could bring your buddy a special snack, but I preferred not.  However, if you had something for him/her as a small "gift," that is fine.  However, do NOT go out tonight or in the morning to buy something.  I was just letting you know you could bring a gift if you had planned on it, ok?  Remember, if you have any Christmas books at home, please bring them for sharing with your "lil buddy."  They really loved the expression you used and the fun ways you read with them last time!  What amazing role models!

We get to sing a Christmas carol (most likely the 12 Days of Christmas from Iowa) to our New York 5B classmates over Skype right away on Friday.  They have a concert that morning later, so they're going to practice their songs for us!  It's awesome to see our New York friends one last time before the holidays!  We'll be planning some projects with them after we come back in 2015!  
Also, of course, we'll be showing off our creativity at the TALENT SHOW!  Many of you are signed up for individual or group acts!  I'm so proud of your courage!  5B will get to show off their unique style with our "20 NEW Dance Moves to Try at Home!"  Be sure to share your move (and any others you really like) with your families!  Be sure to practice saying your dance name loudly and clearly!  I LOVE all of them!  You are all so much fun and so creative!
Lastly, I'll know you checked the blog if you go to this TodaysMeet link and remind YOURSELF and others who your past preschool buddy has been.   If you are partners with someone else, write that, too for me, ok?  Here's the list of names for you to look at.

Hunter B.
Hunter L.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Team Wins for our Cadet Pride Team Competition!

Congrats to the Cadet Wolves!

It was great to see everyone excited for a new team to win.... (even though secretly, deep down, everybody wants their own teams to conquer!)  Obviously, Cameron was quite excited even BEFORE he new his team won by throwing his white board! :)  It's clear to see that EVERY student has shown strong Cadet Pride by each of the teams winning once so far!  So proud of everyone!

Other Announcements?  
Hmm... Here's one!  The BIG BLAST has been rescheduled!  Yippee!
It is NOW set for Thursday, January 8!  When we come back after the nice, long break, we'll have a little something to look forward to that first week back!  If ANY of your families have an interest in helping for this NEW date, that would be great to know.  I'll send another note home with you all tomorrow for Thursday, January 8:)  Let's see if we can ALL get this back quickly???

Cadet Cart for Christmas Items...
I haven't heard back from Mrs. McCabe yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do for the day this week.  Keep track of those Cadet Dollars and green tickets!

Finally...Blog Proof!  Tyler and I chatted as he was walking out today!  For 5B's talent, let's come up with 20 NEW Dances to Do at Home like in the video we've watched!  Think about how simple or silly the 20 examples we've seen in the video we saw.  Since we have 19 kids now (miss you, Casandra) and 1 teacher, we can make an updated "20 New Dance Moves to Do at Home."  Share your ideas on this TodaysMeet link.  You can't have the same idea as somebody else.  Write down your "Move" and then explain what we'll have to do for the dance.  We can share these and practice tomorrow a bit.  Be sure to look at the ones above yours do you don't duplicate one.  Be creative:)  Of course, they need to be appropriate moves/names for school!  I think this will DEFINITELY show 5B's creativity and talents!  Think of how random the ones on the video were!  It doesn't have to take a lot of deep thinking:)  
Here's the link to the one we watched today!  Click Here if you want to watch it again:)

Happy Tuesday evening!  Great effort all week, 5B!  You're holding in your excitement for break VERY WELL!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Such a Mature Group of 5B Students Dealing with No Big Blast!

You really have to know how impressive it is that no one pouted, had grumpy fits or stomped around complaining that our Big Blast was postponed to a different time.  I'm sure the drivers of the trucks that get those huge inflatables from one place to another were relieved NOT to drive in that terrible fog.  Thanks for showing such a mature side of all of you!

Yeh to having Jackie and Kyleigh back....but now, we were without Cameron!  Will our 5B Family (we are family...) be back together again before we part ways for winter break?  I do hope so!!

Remember is TOTAL UP TUESDAY!  Let's see if we have a repeat champion or the Cadet Wolves will take on the WIN!  Good luck to all teams!

Also, don't forget to have your parents sign the note saying whether they can or can't help supervise the Big Blast when we come back from winter break.

Your blog proof tonight will be a definite one of courage and fun!  Visit the link on the ride side of the blog under the "Christmas Activities".  Click on the Christmas Sing Alongs.  See image below of what it will look like.

Look through the songs tonight.  Click on them to practice like karaoke style.  If you don't hear music, click below the lyrics of the song on the triangle "play" button.  It should start playing.  When you come in on Tuesday morning, find a spot in the room to use your iPad to find your FAVORITE from the list and sing along to it.  You can face the wall, sing to a stuffed animal, sing to an imaginary friend, etc.  Just keep singing until I come around to you and get you a standing ovation and "Bravo!"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weird Weather for December, Eh?!

I know it's not Christmas Eve, but I'm thinking we'd all benefit from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer right about now!  Wow, this is crazy, weird weather, isn't it?  You'd think in December we would have SNOW or COLD weather issues...not FOG!

Shield off all of those sick germs,
Jackie and Kyleigh!  We miss you!
I hope everyone was safe this weekend with the fog and got to where they were planning (I know some of you had out of town plans - me too!), our 5B classmates are getting healthy again (specifically Jackie and Kyleigh), and everyone has rested up for a busy, busy last week of school before winter break.

Remember, the BIG BLAST is scheduled for Monday - wear comfy clothes for running, jumping, sliding, dancing and sweating!  Be sure you have socks, too!  5th grade gets to go from 11:00 - 11:45!  Since that is our library time, Mrs. Shekleton is going to meet with you earlier that morning to get some work done on our explorer project for Mrs. Suckow.  The day will go by quickly!  Also, I get to ride and dine with 4 5B Family members (we are family... - I remembered this time!!) and other 5th and 6th graders during the recess time.  Wooo-eeee.  It's gonna be crazy!  Now... I'm just trying to prepare you...  If this fog does NOT let up, and we are delayed for a 2-hour late start, then we most likely will NOT be having the Big Blast as scheduled.  There would not be enough time in a 2-hour late schedule for all grades to get their time in the gym.  As a result, it would probably be rescheduled for a later date.... in January :(  I know... that is a terrible possibility.  I agree with any sadness...but we'll get over it and still enjoy a great last week together!  Just hope for the best, right!?

I wanted to post a few fun photos from last week's Freeze Dance game to get our wiggles out!  It seems that the boys from our class always end up in some pretty goofy freezes!  For your entertainment...
Shake your booties, boys!

Never too old to hold hands - even in 5th grade!

Hmm... Looks like a slow dance to me?  But they
are very happy:)

Next, I wanted to share with you all about my family's trip to the North Pole riding the Polar Express!  It was SUCH as amazing trip.  I would suggest ANY family (kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.) to try it some year!  Here are some photos.  I'll share some videos when I see you in class!

We also had a dancing waiter, ate cookies and the most delicious hot chocolate I have EVER TASTED EVER!!!  I want that recipe!  And it was the PERFECT temperature!  Not too hot that burned my mouth and not too cold that just tasted like chocolate milk!  

I'll know you checked the blog if you can tell me WHICH 2 students photo bombed Josh's and Landen's slow dance picture for Freeze Dance!  Whisper it in my ear as you come in.  Be sure others don't hear you!  Also, don't forget to be checking for the Christmas ornaments around the room!  There will now be 11 as of Monday!  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crazy Day and Night...

Shortest Blog Ever...

Thanks for checking! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Focused Today!

5B had such an amazing work day today!  Passion projects, "miss you" notes for Casandra, social studies work and Random Acts of Kindness cards...  You were busy, busy, busy!  If Santa is making a list and checking it twice, he would have added ALL 5B kids' names on the "Nice List!"

Keep it up!  We only have 7 days left together in the 2014 school year!  I'm both excited, stressed and sad about that!  I'm excited to celebrate the holiday season with my family.  We have A LOT to do in 7 days, so I'm a little stressed that we won't accomplish it all.  Lastly, I'm sad to say goodbye for the winter break!  You are my 5B Family, and I'll definitely miss seeing your faces everyday!

Be sure to get your social studies worksheet done (2 sides - compare/contrast and cause/effect).  Then in literacy tomorrow, we'll start up Step 5 - another report for you BOSS LADY:)

Enjoy the swimming, time at home, sleeping, imaginary dates, Boy Scouts, and all the other fun things you had planned this afternoon of freedom!

I'll know you checked the blog if you write a letter to Santa.  Write it as a way of being greedy for someone OTHER than yourself.  Try to focus on something more than an "item" to ask for.  Here's an example:

Dear Santa,
     I would like to ask you that each of my 5B students has a safe place to be every night.  There's nothing more important than my students feeling like they are in a loving and safe home.  If you could please give me this for Christmas, Santa, I would promise to be EXTRA, EXTRA good for the next year to come.


Bring me your letter in the morning.  If it's something kind of private, that's ok.  I won't share it with ANYONE else.  Just use that caring heart, and think of how your "wishes" to Santa could help someone else:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Germ Bug is On the Loose...

Although 5B is completely amazing in so many ways and stands above the rest so well with Cadet Pride, there's nothing that can prevent us from catching these TERRIBLE GERMS that are beginning to sneak into our room!  We have coughs, sore throats, fevers, sniffles, sneezing and just overall miserable feelings.  So, our smartest and most successful strategy will be to WASH hands, keep our hands on our OWN materials, and of course, keep Tim busy with his cleaning every morning.  Let's make a pack to STAY AS HEALTHY AS WE CAN!


Also, I wanted to congratulate the Mr. Pinky Fluffypants Team on their WIN today!  Sadly, only 2 of the 5 team members were here to celebrate and choose the reward!  Tomorrow, they will have the chance to "dine" with class at their own special table, reserved JUST for them as the reward they chose!  Great way to celebrate!  Hopefully, all 5 will be back together again tomorrow!

(This is the best picture I could find to describe your team....weird, I know!)

3 MAJOR Reminders for Wednesday...

#1:  If you want to donate $1 for a Random Act of Kindness, you'll need to bring it in Wednesday and wear the HAT of your choice!

#2:  BIG BLAST Volunteer Note...  Be sure to have your family respond EITHER WAY and return the note ASAP please!

#3:  3-HOUR EARLY OUT on Wednesday!

Ok.. I'll know you checked the blog if you come in Wednesday morning, do your attendance item and find a comfortable place to Read to Self - all by yourself.  Be sure you PICK a good fit book for you... A huge GIFT of this season and all year round is the ability to read, think and discuss your own thoughts!  Let's take advantage of this opportunity!  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mixed Up Monday...but All Went Well!

Best of Luck to our 5B Band Members!  I hope all goes smoothly!  I'm so glad I was able to see the rehearsal today.  I'm hoping to see it live tonight, but if Isaiah needs to get to bed early (from a long day back after a weekend), that will have to be my priority!  I'm so proud of each of you for all of your hard work, practice and courage it takes to perform in front of others!  That's great practice for our talent show, right!?

I'll keep it WAY short tonight for those who have the concert to be at.

1)  Social Studies Test - tomorrow over First Thanksgiving

2) Wednesday - Early out and can wear a hat if bring $1 for Cadets for a Clause

3) Ask parents if they would want to volunteer to supervise at the Big Blast - they would need to do a background check (easy to do and I can send the forms home with you if your family hasn't had one yet to volunteer)... Would LOVE a few that would be willing - Monday, Dec. 15 from the 11:00 - 12:00 range.  Please have your family email me if this is a possibility!  

4)  Cadet Nation T-shirt forms - due by Thursday!

Ok, here's your quick blog proof!  Visit this link for a fun Christmas activity!  I thought it would be so easy to do, but it took me 3 times to complete level 1!  Now, I have the hang of it.  I'd like to know how many levels you get to when playing it. Tell me as you come in on Tuesday morning!

Click Here for Christmas Game!  (I just checked and if you are NOT on a laptop, it won't work).  So either try to check on a computer or laptop, or come in the morning to the Discovery Center to play the game there.  I'll be super impressed with those who go above and beyond to complete the blog proof...remember it IS Total Up Tuesday tomorrow!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

On the 2nd Week to Christmas Break My Students Gave to Me...

20 Brains a-thinking...
and a whole classroom full of Cadet Pride....

(It made more sense when I sang it in my head)...

Well, I hope 5B students had a great weekend.  I spent all day Saturday at my mom's house and made Christmas cookies! Whoa baby!  Here's just SOME of what we made!  
My belly is aching because I had to try every kind I made!  
BIG mistake!  

The countdown has really started, 5B.. We have SO LITTLE TIME to accomplish so much learning and complete so many projects before we part ways for a long winter break!  Look how busy the next days/weeks are...
Monday, Dec. 8 - Watch 5th Grade Concert Rehearsal, 5th/6th Grade Band Concert 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 9 - Step 4 Due for Literacy Project, Tuesday TOTAL UP for Cadet Teams!! Winner? 
Wednesday, Dec. 10 - Early Out
Friday, Dec. 12 - Step 5 Due for Literacy Project, Virtual Tour Skype from a school in Texas that wants to see how AMAZING How-Winn Schools are!

Monday, Dec. 15 - Big Blast, Limo Rides
Wednesday, Dec. 17 - Step 6 (Final) Due for Literacy Project
Thursday, Dec. 18 - Field Trip to PreSchool Buddies Class in a.m.
Friday, Dec. 19 - Holiday Talent Show, Last Day of 2014 Together!

**Sometime during these days, we will also want to Skype again with our New York 5B Classmates, finish and share our Passion Projects!  Yikes!  See, it's gonna be CRAZY and FAST!  Let's make the VERY best of it!

Be sure to have your family look over the schedule above for the events and assignments due over the next 10 days! Let's end our 2nd quarter with responsibility, trustworthiness, caring and as always, RESPECT!

I'll know you checked the blog this weekend, if you get yourself together with other blog checkers (it could be one other, a few, a small group or a bunch like in the picture below), and when I ask, "What joys of Christmas spirit do you bring?"  The group should start singing one of these songs...
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty, the Snowman
Jingle Bell Rock
Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I'll hand you each a little something for your efforts, and remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loudly so all can hear:)  (So says Buddy the Elf)