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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Last Blog Post..... EVER for 5B's Family..... Sniff, Sniff, Tear Drop...

Ok, here it is...  I can't believe it's the end of our time together, 5B.  When the year started, I thought there was no way we'd be able to turn 29 students into a structured, focused, routine-following, line walking, respectful group of kids that we call our family.... You continue to prove yourselves through and through...

Today was a lot of fun with the morning videos, reading from Mick Harte Was Here and then the time at the park.  The pizza party was a HUGE SUCCESS!  The money that families donated was only $2 off of what the total cost was for all 12 pizzas!  That is PERFECT! Thank THESE families for donating....
Ashton's family!
Elice's family!
Aidan L.'s family!
Landen's family!
Daelyn's family!
Vince's family!
Britain's family!
Spencer's family!
Kelsey's family!
Haley's family!
Bree's family!
Ben's family!
Sawyer's family (we got 3 free PIZZAS thanks to their coupons!)

It just goes to just that we all really do step up and want to do something special for each other!  Be sure you tell your parents that not ONE piece of pizza was left out of 144 slices today!  WOWZA! That's a WHOLE LOT of PIZZA!  Congrats at making your Fun Pass Goal! 

I need 2 sets of blog proof tonight....
2)  Think about some of the items from our classroom that you may be interested in taking home with you...
Video Chair....
If there are things you think you want, talk to your families and see if it's a possibility!  

As my last blog, I want to be sure you know what I'm truly feeling at the end of an amazing year, with truly special, wonderful kids like you....

As I write this, I have tears dripping from my eyes down my cheeks.  It has been such a fun, memorable year.  You all make every day so special.  I don't know how I'll be able to say goodbye.  Maybe bring some extra tissues....  

With all of my love, support and best wishes to every single one of my 5B Babies....
Ayden E.
Aidan L.
and Mrs. K....

Love You and Miss You...
But Never Forget You,

Your 5B Mama

Monday, May 23, 2016

AHHHHH... Last Monday Blog...EVER...

It was AWESOME having your families come today!  The weather was perfect, the snacks were yummy and the activity to read for fun was EXACTLY what we needed for Camp Read S'More!  Also, great job to BEN for getting Mr. Anderlik nice and messy! Be sure to thank your moms and dads and grandparents and brothers and sisters, etc.!

Sorry to you baseball players tonight with the rain! Hopefully you got a game or 2 in before rain started in!  :(

Ok, this is TOO SCARY!!!  I don't think I'm ready for these days and goodbyes to come.  I held myself together VERY well in writing class today.  I purposely kept the class time upbeat and simple so I didn't get too emotional!  Like I said, once the tears start, they really don't stop very easily!
So, I'll keep tomorrow upbeat and busy, but I can't make any promises for Wednesday!  It's gonna be a mess!  Bring extra tissues and be ready for REAL hugs!  None of these wimpy-side hugs that some of you give!  Mama Sorenson will need a proper send off of her LAST 5B CLASS!  

Own Lunch and Drink - (whether it rains or not, we'll still do our own lunches - except Alex - school lunch!)
Equipment - frisbee golf discs, footballs, whiffle balls/bats, kickballs, volleyballs, soccer, etc. - (No baseballs, softballs or real bats)

We will have an indoor movie theater going on if it rains, so if you have some fun movies to share (like I think Elice had one we all wanted to watch last time... can't remember what is was though???) Let's cross our fingers though for good weather from 11:00 - 1:30!

Update on FUN PASSES.....  Well...   scroll down.....

Keep scrolling....

You're getting closer....

Well, ok, NOW you're closer....

Do you want to see our new Fun Pass Number?

Was that a yes???

Here's the number after I put 1/2 of Fun Passes from the container in the Golden Bucket!

Congrats!  You did it, 5B!!!!  Yippee!  So proud of you!  Pizza time, it is!!

So, here's the blog proof!

Your families were OVERLY GENEROUS for donations!  So, please go on the TodaysMeet Link below.  
#1) include your name, 
#2)  how many pieces you think you'd eat (up to 4 is fine) and 
#3)  what kind you'd eat the most of 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last Sunday Night Blog.... EVER....

OK, 5B,
We are now to the point where I absolutely can't believe how quickly our time together has flown by us.  Do you remember this?
This is our first day selfie!  We are minus one student here - Elice didn't join us for another day or so, I think, but I can remember this day so easily.  There are so many memories made in a year together that it is difficult to prepare for the goodbye.  I know summer is VERY exciting to look forward to....
but I don't want to fly by the next 2 1/2 days without letting all of my 5B Family know how special of a year this has been.  I'm feeling pretty weird about not having a "family" of my own next year.  You guys are my FINAL 5B Family.... Sniffle, Sniffle, Tear, Tear, Sniffle, Sniffle... I need a kleenex!

OK, that's enough mushy stuff for this blog.  Don't worry, there'll be more...  :(

As for MONDAY...
Memory Books should come to school
Last day of switching classes
Cleaning out cubbies/lockers (bring plastic bags if needed)
Camp Read S'More 2:30 - 3:00 PARENTS ARE INVITED (bring note on Monday )
READ just a FEW MORE to see if 5th GRADE CAN WIN!
Last P.E.
More reading from Mick Harte Was Here

Last Sunday Night/Monday morning Blog Proof....  Come in and get ALL materials ready for classes.  THEN, come see me and tell me....

"YEP, my Hall of Fame paper is IN"
"NOPE, I'm going to go work on it now!"

Have a great last weekend during the school year!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pizza Party is IN SIGHT....

We are SO CLOSE to our goal of 80 Fun Pass Tickets!  I counted today after school, and we are at 77!!!!!  There are 4 left in the bucket, so we need to keep raising that number in the bucket so AT LEAST 3 of them get moved to the Golden Bucket!

Also, MY GOODNESS, we have generous and thoughtful families who helped out to support this class-chosen goal!  With just today's count of donating, we have plenty to cover ALL of our pizza eating plans!  Please be sure to thank your families and remind them how generous and big-hearted they are.  Cadet Pride = Delicious Results!

Egg Drop Materials for CONTEST Tomorrow!
Memory Book Pages- colored and written out

Blog Proof!  To prepare for tomorrow's contest of dropping eggs, watch the video link below!  Your proof will be write down the 3 things used to "fix" the egg when it dropped!

Click Here!
Nighty Night!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This has been a truly AMAZING week so far!  This is EXACTLY how you want to be remembered! And, I'm thinking we maybe made our GOAL!  So, Chase, be sure to count those Fun Passes in the morning!

I'll keep it short tonight!

Here's a couple pictures of my niece, her boyfriend and me!  Her name is Leah.  His name is Rhett. And... I guess you know me:)  I'll know you checked the blog if you can tell me the names of all 3 of the people in the pictures!

Writing Homework!
Social Studies Homework!
Egg Drop Materials!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Great Day!

Work on Memory Books - Check!
Last Guidance Class - Check!
KBuddies - Check! (and a few more visits with them:)
Focused Reading - Check!
Vault Completion and Ice Cream - Check!

It looks like we are just checking off our To Do List and showing our Cadet Pride all the way until the very end!  Keep that focus, control and 5B reputation!  So impressed with our days back on track! Don't forget homework!  This is a way to show you're ready for 6th grade!

Tomorrow is busy and goofy.... Be sure YOU are not busy and goofy!

Blog Proof!  Please grab a post-it note when you come in and write down 3 things YOU will do Wednesday to PROVE CADET PRIDE and SELF-CONTROL is not a concern for 5B!

Be specific to YOU.  What do YOU need to do to be successful and help the class?!

Happy Tuesday night!  Tomorrow is your LAST FULL WEDNESDAY EVER as a 5B Baby (mama, mama...)

Monday, May 16, 2016

It Was A....

Great work today, 5B!  We are getting SO CLOSE to our Pizza Party Goal!  80 is our GOAL total!  I think we were at 68 from Chase's counting today!  We earned some in the bucket today, too!  So, let's see if we can get there BEFORE summer begins!

Be sure you are staying on top of things with your Memory Book assignments.  There is homework most nights, so be sure you are taking care of what needs to be done for the next day!  Tonight's homework was to complete:
Special Notes #1  (for close friends in your writing section)
Special Notes #2  (for people you don't usually hang with in your writing section)
*If possible, some of you were going to get the pocket done...  Each writing class got to different spots, so we'll check in tomorrow!

Thinking it's your last Guidance Class with Mrs. McCabe EVER!  You'll be having a differet counselor for your 6th - 8th grade classes.

KBuddies!  Mrs. Galvin asked for some help with our little buddies because they TOO are working on a memory book!  How cool is that?  We'll be seeing them after lunch, before recess from 12:40 - 1:00 each day this week!  Yeah!

Vault Celebration!  We're excited to honor all of the hard work and learning that occurred during the Vault Program!  Lots was learned!  Let's show it off to Shannon when she comes to represent Cresco Bank & Trust tomorrow!

Blog Proof!  When you come in Tuesday morning, ask me for the link to visit and complete a quick survey about our pizza party!  I won't give you the link unless you ask me for it:)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Great End to a Busy Week!

I'm so impressed with how helpful, caring and generous all of you were with your time on Friday afternoon while visiting Country Winds Manor... from having conversations and helping residents with BINGO to painting to serving food to potting plants to laying mulch and picking weeds.  Nobody seemed to care that they were getting soaked to the bone as long as they were helping.  This is the group of 5B students I've grown to respect and adore throughout the year!  Thank you for your wonderful service to others.  I was really proud and inspired by your attitude and effort all afternoon!

Let's keep that same amazing approach towards yourself this week to finish off your last FULL week of school as a fifth grader and 5B Family member (we are family).  AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I can't believe I just wrote that... last full week together!?!  The more routine we keep this week, the better we ALL will do!  I'll try to keep the waterworks turned "off" by staying in a regular schedule, and you do the same by ending your work working HARD, staying FOCUSED, and before anything else!

Ok, now for blog proof!  I heard from another student that poor Landen ran into a bit of a problem this weekend.  Whether you've talked to Landen yourself or not, I want you to find out what he did (what happened to him).  If you didn't chat with him, find him on the playground Monday morning and ask!  Then, whisper it to me as you walk in on Monday morning!  We have to look out for our family members!

Don't forget to keep track of those Cadet Dollars!  We'll continue using them (or losing them - oops!) for a special end of year activity!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More Busy Days!!

YIKES!  It has been OUT OF THIS WORLD busy in 5th grade!  However, the past 3 days of class time have been productive and full of hard workers!  A few of us need to get responsibility figured out (coloring of pages for our memory books), but work time was wonderful!  Keep it up!

LOTS of Fun at the Cadet Carnival Today with Kbuddies AND our own time!  It was really cool to hear that about 1/2 of the class's favorite part of their day was being with their Kbuddies!  That just warms my heart!

Remember that all 5 pages are to be done, colored and complete for tomorrow!  We'll be checking them in the morning! 

Also remember to bring ANY materials needed for your Egg Drop Experiment for building in the morning.  This will be fun to see what each group comes up with!  

Nature Center Field Trip Tomorrow! Look at the list of topics you'll get to learn about!
Woodland Plants and Flowers - Nature Walk with a FABULOUS Guide
Bees - REALLY COOL to learn about!
Bird Identification - Binoculars to see up close!
Watersheds (we've heard about this at the Norman Borlaug Farm last fall) - Digging in soil!
Entomology - Studying BUGS!

As blog proof, which one do you know the MOST about already and which one do you know the LEAST about?  Write it down on paper please and show it to me in the morning!

D.A.R.E. Graduation Tomorrow NIGHT!
Wear your red D.A.R.E. shirt.
Wear pants, no shorts, leggings, capris.
Be there at 6:30.  

We are all excited to hear our 5th grade classmates share the D.A.R.E. essays aloud!  Way to go, Kelly and Daniel!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Super day again for fun experiences!

Awesome focus during Switch #1 today!  Wonderful Wackos have homework for Day 2 (schedule, classmates, and classroom)

Band students did a great job at practice!  There's no doubt how hard you work at your songs and learning!

Luther Trip!  So so so wonderful to meet up in PERSON with our friends that have been helping us for 1/2 of the school year!  We were so fortunate to have had this opportunity!  The books turned out truly, truly amazing!  So proud of all of that hard work, editing, teamwork!  I have some great pictures and 2 Pic Collages that Kelsey and Britain made, but they won't send through email for some reason!  Sorry!  I'll share them tomorrow:(

Good luck to the band students tonight for the concert!  If it wasn't Isaiah's birthday, I'd be stopping by to applaud you!

Blog Proof:  When you come in Wednesday morning, please follow these steps.  If you can't remember them, please write them down so you can do them without asking me for a reminder:)

1)  Write your Kindergarten buddy's name on the green wall (don't worry if you don't know how to spell it).

2)  Count up your Cadet Dollars.  Have them in a baggie.  Be sure your name is written on it.

3)  Check your email for the schedule for today (it won't be sent until you get there:)

4)  Sit like an ANGEL so I know I can trust you for modeling the correct Cadet Pride behavior with Kindergartners...    (sitting, not chatting, smiling, waiting for directions...)