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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cocoa Day on Wednesday!

Yep!  All of that Listen to Reading has come to an end!  Of course, you can still choose that as a Read to Self job, but you no longer need to write reviews!  Hopefully, you've enjoyed some of the books you've listened to.  I know I'll be serving hot cocoa with marshmallows to several of you.  The required amount of books to be read and completed reviews was/is/has always been 7.  So, if you have completed 7 Mini Book Reviews and they are turned in, prepare your mouths and tummies for a little treat tomorrow!  If you did NOT complete your 7 reviews, then you can watch/listen from home and fill out the reviews and bring them in.  Or just plan on enjoying your marshmallows that you earned for each book:)

Now, the ONLY change that I have to make about our yummy activity is that I am not allowed to give out as many "regular sized marshmallows" as I had planned.  So, I'm going to have to do the smaller ones.  :(  Sorry  :(   I didn't realize I couldn't do that... should have checked first, I guess!

Don't forget to bring your "prop" for our Harlem Shake Remake tomorrow!  The first as a blast!  I'll keep Isaiah away from this one!

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in Wednesday morning, and write a poem about the topic that is on the coffee table!  It will be sitting right beside Future Papa!  Don't tell anyone else what you're doing.  Keep writing until I come to you and say "Wow, you're a poet who doesn't know it!"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey, 5B, here's a quick challenge for recognizing theme....  Read this story.... ask your family to help you if you want, and write what you think the theme (THEME) is for this short story....  Go to the todaysmeet link at the bottom of the story.  

A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the energy."
"Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied the bull.
"They're packed with nutrients."
The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.
The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.
Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's Official....We have a new member in 5B....

Ok, just so you know, EVERYONE that I tell about our new class pet thinks we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STRANGE!   Here's one person's response:

If you are looking at this on an iPod, iPad or other tablet, it probably won't show up.  Just ask someone who was in the video.  

And guess what my reaction to all these people is?

"Yep, I know... That's how we roll." 

Ok.. Blog proof for tonight is to show me that you know that Monday mornings are very busy with attendance, pledge and band.... AND we need to assign new jobs this week!  So, I'll know you checked it if you check your home for your name card for jobs and come see me to find out your next job or if you get some time off:)

Thursday, January 22, 2015


You'll have to share the poem by Robert Frost we read in class today with your parents/families.  If you have the paper copy, that will work, but if you don't, you can watch the 2 clips on the blog that I shared today.  I was SO crazy impressed that your 5th grade brains could take on such a deep poem with the hidden meanings!

Tell your parents....
Watch out world, here comes 5B!!!

For homework, a few of you have some math homework, and otherwise it was a pretty free night for you.  Don't forget to bring a coffee cup/mug for our "Coffee Talks"!  I'm excited to see/hear some more deep thinking like I saw with "The Road Not Taken."  Let's get the THINKING STARTED, baby!!

And I can't believe it's....

Our week has flown by AGAIN!  Our 2,795 points for Cadet Pride is showing!  But let's get those white tickets under control!  Right?!

Blog Proof Tonight:  Watch this video of a fun game we will do together in the morning!  It's called Kum-Cha.  Click Here  Watch a few times, but I'll be showing you how to do it more slowly tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Busy Day Today!

It seems our 3 hour early out days seem to be pretty jammed packed with so many things that our day is over with a blink of an eye! The 2 new websites I showed you today seemed to be a hit!  I'm glad you liked them, but that one icky, yucky, squiggly, octopus crazy one still is HAUNTING ME!!!!  Ugh... for some reason it just gives me the "willies."  Blaahahahahaa!  And the Flip Book website seemed to be a great way for some of you to show off your creativity!  Remember, you could use for a poem or writing piece!

I hope your afternoons went well!  Mine was VERY LONG!  It was a lot of work, required deep thinking and was frustrating at times.  My brain is exhausted!

I'm throwing in the middle of the blog the "proof".  I'm checking to see if some people just jump to the bottom of the blog and not read it all!  So, if you are a regular blog reader, keep it up!  I'll see if I trick anyone out there who is trying fly through the blog!!  Heheeh!  Here's your blog proof.  Go to the this link:  Build Your Own Plantation in Maryland.  Play for a good 5 - 10 minutes.  Let me know what your score was for your proof.  I played for like 4 minutes and had some definite problems like my cattle getting a strange disease, forgetting to put a fence around my crops, and other issues.  I got like 350 for my score/money.  Let's see how well you'd likely survive during the Colonial Times!

Other heads-up...
Band on Thursday
Coffee Talks on Friday

Let's have Josh and Landen do a check of our Cadet Pride tickets on Thursday.  I'm thinking our white tickets may have a strong effect on us this week.  There were several added for some silly behaviors and report card envelopes not being returned!  If you haven't returned it yet, let's make a plan to get it back here for the class!

Also...remind me to have our "class pet" discussion.  We need to get a name and a FISH!  I hope to get him this weekend!

Nighty night!  Don't let the siblings bite!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little chattier today than the past week and a half...

Anyone feel like they may be a little guilty of the chatty bug inside you today????

Ok, so, we know MISTAKES are PROOF they we are TRYING.  SO....there were some mistakes today.  Tomorrow I'd love to see those of you who were struggling with the chatty bug syndrome to show improvement.

The majority of our class noticed it and is politely saying...

Remember, Wednesday is an early out.  Mrs. Vandervort will be gone tomorrow, so there will NOT be Tech Class as normal.  I've actually got another "tech project" planned for you though to replace it!  I found a website that I was having a GREAT time much that is the reason why the blog is so late tonight!  Sorry... get sucked into it and didn't realize the time! Sorry!!!

Tomorrow will also be a make-up day for MAPs testing.  There are 3 of our 5B classmates that will need to do this.  I'll have you start pretty quickly in the morning, so you won't miss literacy or math work.  We also have guidance on Wednesday day.  

I noticed the blog checkers were a bigger group today!  Again, I'm truly impressed with those of you who take your OWN time to check the blog.  The reward tomorrow will be a sweet one!  It won't be something you get BEFORE will be an AFTER lunch reward:)  Great job!  Help encourage some of your buddies!  I know SEVERAL of you have Internet or devices at home to check the blog... just maybe not being as responsible or filled with effort as you could be!  

Ok.. Blog Proof...Hmmm...  I'll know you checked the blog if you grab your iPad right away.  Find a spot either in the classroom or somewhere in the hallway to record yourself doing "Double, Double, This, This, Double, Double, That, That, Double, This, Double, That, Double, Double, This, That." Be sure the camera is faced AT you so it looks like you are practicing it with YOURSELF!  See my example:  (if you are on an iPad or iPod, the video may not load - laptops should load fine).


Monday, January 19, 2015


If I were Taylor Swift, and I heard about your amazing week last week AND today, I'd be like...

"O.M.G.!  You guys are so amazing!  I, like, wanna write a song about you!  I think I'll call it.... Shake It Up! Oh, wait, that's already one of my songs.  I'll get back to you soon!  But keep up the fantastic work!"

See, even Taylor Swift is amazed by YOU!

Mr. Carver stopped by after school to thank our class for allowing him to Skype with TX schools, and I was playing the 2 JibJab videos. He thought your faces were HILARIOUS!  I hope you did, too!

Simple as a pimple for blog proof tonight!  Go to this TodaysMeet Link (Click Here) and use 1 adjective to DESCRIBE the object I mention.  You CAN NOT repeat someone else's adjective though.  This will prove if you know what an adjective can really do for a sentence!

Oh, and be sure to brag to your families if your MAPs score showed growth from the fall!  If not, it's ok...we'll keep at it!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Do a REPEAT of LAST WEEK... Perfection!!!

I sure hope you bragged to everyone you know about the amazing week you had!  I know I did.  I'm predicting this week will be the same or even BETTER, knowing you guys!  

I wanted to upload our Harlem Shake video from our celebration activity on Friday, but somehow our video was lost!  I think Isaiah used my iPad this weekend to play a Lego app, and accidentally closed out of the app that we used for our video!!! AHHHHH!!!!!  I told him he would need to do a Harlem Shake video to replace the one he deleted!  So.... here's our family doing the Harlem Shake video...

If we have everyone there on Monday, let's do our video AGAIN, and I'll keep it away from Isaiah this time!  Also, we'll be sure we can see Emily, Andrew and more of Tim this time:)  We can do it after Library or before we head outside for recess or at the end of planners!  I hope to post it to the blog for you to share with your families!  

Here are some events for our week ahead!
Group Band
New Cadet Time Topic:  Adjectives in Mrs. Wilson's room
MAPs Reading Test - remember, you can bring a single snack or gum to chew during

Early Out

Group Band

Ok, I've been extremely impressed with those 5B students who have been making an extra effort to check the blog BEFORE walking into the classroom in the morning.  Remember, the Discovery Center is open to you when you get to school.  So, for those of you who check the blog on your own time, I have a special reward for you!  Here's your proof today/tonight...   Visit the link below.  
Read at least the first 2 paragraphs to see what the link is about. Read the rest if you choose 2.  It's a pretty STRANGE topic! The proof will be to answer these questions:  Is this a good idea for the world or not?  Why?  WRITE THEM DOWN and give it to me in the room:)  

Thursday, January 15, 2015


5B, you are so impressive (You know it, m-hhhh...)!  It has been probably one of the best week's this whole school year!  I know you've had other great ones, too!  But this has just been too amazing not to brag about to the WORLD!!!

Be sure to brag to your families, your friends, your other teachers, your enemies, your pets, your imaginary friends and of course, yourself!  You've REALLY shown what Cadet Pride looks like day after day after day!  

SO..  in honor and celebration of such a focused, hard-working class, I thought tomorrow, we could do a little extra (and goofy) activity!  If you read this from home, grab something funny, goofy, strange or weird that you can either wear or hold for the activity we'll be doing together!  If you are at school (like in the Discovery Center), ask Mrs. Vandervort if you could borrow something that would be goofy to wear or hold (stuffed animals, hats, hula hoops, anything crazy and strange!).  We'll do it right after Cadet Time, before we start literacy and continue sharing the rest of our passion projects.

I'll know you checked the blog if you add to this TodaysMeet link the item you will be bringing with you for our activity!  And, no, of course, I won't tell you what we're doing yet!  Heheeeheee!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wowser of a Week So Far!

5B, this week as been amazing!  We've been "back at it" for 6 days now, and I have to say....

Let's keep this up!  Today I had to slip a few white tickets in our bucket for some silly behaviors, but overall,  you ROCK MY WORLD!  So proud of you!

I'm going to combine 2 topics we've been discussing in class:  ___________ and __________!  Here's a chance to prove what you know.  Read what I wrote below.  See if you can fill in the blanks!  This is be your blog proof!

There once was a word named Herb.
He was known to fall off the curb.
He walked around,
He wasn't a noun.
His actions showed he was a verb!

Here's a heads up for THURSDAY...
We'll have normal Band, normal Cadet time, but at 9:30, you will go to Mrs. Suckow's room for the morning for math and social studies!  We are switching the schedule around so I can do some of those reading tests with you on Thursday afternoon. We'll be having a sub come in for the last part of our afternoon.  We'll be FINALLY sharing our last Passion Projects!  So all of you who need to share..... be ready for Thursday! 

Have a great night!