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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Are You Ready for More?

Hey, my darling 5B Angels (ding.... ahhhhh),
I Hope you had awesome weekends and got some rest!  I was POOPED on Friday night!  I actually fell asleep in Isaiah's bed after I was reading him stories!  I woke up in the middle of the night COMPLETELY confused, and then I realized where I was and crawled into my own bed!  What a great but EXHAUSTING first week of school!

I hope the boys' football teams had a fun first jamboree!  I don't know if girls had any dance or volleyball or if any of you were out biking, playing at parks or anything.  If so, I'm glad you got to get out and do something fun this weekend!

Last week was definitely a SUPER example of showing what Cadet Pride CAN look like and sound like.  We also should a few examples of what it maybe SHOULDN'T look and sound like.  But hey, we are trying, right!?  Mistakes are simply proof they we are trying!  And I can tell by the past 5 days that we have some funny, polite, smart, energetic, caring, helpful, spunky, serious and AWESOME kiddos in our 5B Family!  I'm making it official to the world.....   See below!!!  Yep, I'm publicly sharing my affection towards our family!!  Thanks for making our first week full of laughs!

Now... what's in store for the 2nd week of school, you may ask?  Well... I'll tell you!  We will start our mixed up 5A, 5B and 5C groupings tomorrow for the first time.  Remember, I'll go over all of this with you in the morning and give you your OWN personal schedule to follow so you feel comfortable and know where you're going, ok?  No STRESS!  Don't Worry!  As Timon and Pumba say from The Lion King........

Here are a few reminders for Monday...
1)  You have P.E. - remember the best kind of shoes!
2) You had math homework to find examples of math in your world/life.  Bring that in.
3) Get some rest.... It'll be a busy, busy day of switching with new classmates!

For your blog proof.... Hmmmm... what shall I have you do???  Let's see..  Oh, yes, I know.  I'll know you checked the blog if you have ALL of your subjects out for your morning classes (folders and notebooks for Math, Science AND Writing, including your iPAD and planner) at your homes RIGHT as you come in.  Have a great night!  See you soon!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back At It!

Wow, 5B did a PHENOMENAL job today with respect in the classroom and during some individual work time!  They even earned themselves a....

You Go, 5B!!  Yeehaw!!

It is my privilege to announce the name of our newest member of the class...  
Meet....FIRE FISH!

It was a VERY close vote!  13 for Billlllll...and 15 for Fire Fish!  Maybe his middle name could be Billlllll?  Isaiah will be THRILLED that the name he suggested won the vote!  

I'd say our 5B Family is showing some PERFECTION in areas throughout our first week!  Yeah, baby!!!  We could be models for other classes!  

However..... our line for going from one place to another is.....  um....   well.....  um.... 

Why...?   Why...?   Why...?

We DEFINITELY need to get that one figured out... Let's get our heads together and see how we can figure this out... Maybe I can bring a special treat or we can do something special Friday afternoon if we can show how awesome we are OUT of the classroom, right!?  I know I see it IN the classroom!  

I'll know you checked the blog tonight if you come in the room, "pop" your balloon for attendance and go STRAIGHT to working on your Guess Who page we started today (remember the one I want to see your 100% best effort?)!  You don't need to tell me ANYTHING... just go straight to it and I'll know you checked the blog:)  

Miss you....
From Your 5B Mama :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whoa... Wednesday!

Hey, there my little 5B Angels (ding...ahhhhh)!
Yes, I titled this blog post Whoa Wednesday because, well, you know, it was a bit chattier today and a teeny bit forgetful of our T.H.I.N.K. poster.  Oops...  Here's a small version of what T.H.I.N.K. stands for so you can review and even tell your parents about it:)
The two that seemed to be tough to remember today were the H (helpful) and N (necessary).  Let's see if we can get those figured out again!  Our first 2 days were da BOMB!

Be sure to share with your families the red letter that showed pictures of all of your 5th grade teachers and what their jobs are.  This will help understand our switching a bit.  Also, you had your first day of ART!  Maybe share with your family how that went!

My favorite part of the day today was in reading class!  I LOVED watching so many determined students trying to READ 2 sentences.  I have pictures of some GREAT STRATEGIES you tried, but my phone was acting goofy, and I couldn't get them emailed to get on the post.  Sorry!  They were great though!  And... hmmm.. you know the answer to our Reading Test today, don't you?  Maybe have your parents ask YOU "What is reading?"  Give them the answer that will knock them on their tooshes!

A HUGE compliment I need to give out is to ALL of you blog checkers from last night!  I can't believe how many of you took the effort to check it! Let's see if we have that many tonight! 

Here's your blog proof for tonight.... I'll know you checked the blog IF you come in to tell me that our fish's new name is a TIE between Billlllllll  and Firefish!  Those were the 2 highest votes, actually in a tie! So, Thursday morning we will have to REVOTE to decide his name:)  Remember, keep this blog proof to yourself!  Whisper to me "It's a tie" as you come in just like you did this morning!

I know it's a long week, getting back into routines, so we'll keep reminding each other about Cadet Pride and what it looks like and sounds like!  

Sponge Bob says, "You can do this!"   

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FIRST Blog of the 2015-2016 School Year!

Hey, there, 5B!
It's been a fantastic 2 days with you!  I know by our afternoon today, some of you were getting VERY tired!  It takes a lot of effort and energy to be as PERFECT as I saw today!  Right?!

I want to compliment everyone on excellent examples of Cadet Pride today!  Based on your Kahoot game today, our 5B seems to know how to show Cadet Pride in many different situations.  Let's keep it going!  I'm so proud of our 5B Family!

The last 2 days have been a lot of fun for me, too!  Look at the pictures below and tell your families about the activities we did!
First Day!  We are all a little "puzzled" at times.  We need to
ask others for help!  
Bubbles are important for school!  Why?
They teach us to T.H.I.N.K.  

We released some pent up wiggles by blowing our
bubbles!  We earned the free time with some amazing
self-control while  Mrs. Sorenson blew bubbles at us!

Bring on the Selfie Stick!
First official picture of our 5B Family!

Our afternoon allowed us to play a game using Pic Collage
getting together with the other 2 classes!  VERY interested
There are MANY other memorable moments like...
Learning about the 5B Blog and playing some cool games!
Reading our first book, Swear to Howdy (REALLY FUNNY)!
Getting our planners and schedules!
Meeting Fee-Fee (And 1, And 2, And 1, And 2)

As I told you in class, it helps and is a bonus to check our 5B Blog each night to see if I posted anything new!  I will know if you checked the blog this first time IF you come in the room on Wednesday morning and WHISPER in my ear these silly words:  Pickle Juice  Be sure NOT to tell anyone else.  If you took time to check the blog, then YOU should get the reward, right?!  I've really enjoyed our first 2 days!  Let's make the rest of the week JUST as AWESOME!

Peace out!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Official Post for the 5B Family of 2014-2015...

This is it.  I'm sitting here typing with tears in my eyes as I think how quickly our year has gone.  It seems I can see easily the Back to School Night when I saw so many of you, ready to enter a new world.   Did any of you think it would be as crazy as it was? I'm thinking of all the crazy, funny, silly, special, serious and proud moments we've had together. I know you wrote some sweet and thoughtful comments on the walls today. I'm sorry I stopped people from sharing them... the Mama tears started in too early... Didn't want to start already... Saving them for Thursday...

In all honesty, it has been such an amazing year of learning, laughter, caring, loving and Cadet Pride. Each of you has such a special place in my heart and will always have a "home" with your 5B Family and me.  Once you are a part of this crazy, nutty bunch of people, you're never forgotten!  Take Kyle (our Luther writing partner) a former 5B student...and Amanda (the poet), another former 5B student.  Each year, I learn so much about each one of you, your families, your ins and outs, and then I have to say goodbye... That's probably one of the toughest parts of my job...  Loving each and every one of your like you're my own...  Now, the tears are really filling up my eyes (hold on, I have to go get a tissue, wipe my eyes and blow my nose...)         Ok, I'm back...and can continue.  And yes, I really did get up and go do that!  The BEST part of ending our year, is knowing that you'll continue growing into the person you're supposed to be, one who can change the world.  I so look forward to seeing all of the things you accomplish, hearing your name from the 6th, 7th, 8th, and high school teachers.  Seeing you walk the halls as graduates with all sorts of exciting that is for me.

For our last blog proof... EVER....  I'll know you checked the blog... IF you CRAWL into the classroom through the door, so I can SWAT you with my Flower Fly Swatter one last time.  I don't want to save that for the end... I'd like to START our day with it!  Can you please be sure EVERYONE knows about this. So, please spread the word, pass it along, and tell people in the morning or tonight if they aren't regular blog checkers!  I promise, I won't swat hard!

Now.. for the last time.. I'm signing off from the 2014-2015 5B Blog....
I'll miss you all so much...
Peace Out, Homeys...

Ok, I lied... not signing off exactly yet... Please remember to feed the fish from time to time.  I have few former 5B students that have moved up in grades but still check the blog regularly and send me emails telling me the "proof".  If you are one of those kids in the future, I'll love to hear/see from you!  

Now.. I'm signing off..  I think... Well,  ok, yes, I'm done.  Toodles...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


OK, I'm officially starting to freak out now!!  Time just goes by too quickly and this is one of the times I DON'T want it to fly by!!  Ugh!!!

Tomorrow, will be a goofy schedule because we will do both literacy and STEM classes in the morning.  We do NOT have Tech Class tomorrow, so it will be quite a rearranged day.  We have some MUST Do's for Wednesday...

1) We MUST continue reading Skeleton Man!
2) We MUST play our literacy board games!
3) We MUST pop our Day 2 Balloon!
4) Some of us MUST have a yummy pizza party for the EXTRA reading calendar you chose to participate and read when you weren't asked!  Remember, I'll take care of your lunch!
5) We MUST start doing some cleaning up!  So, please bring any extra plastic bags if you think you have a bunch in your locker or cubby that you need to get home.  So, please bring anything you think will be helpful to carry anything extra home!  
6) Finally, we MUST use up some of our Recess Minutes from IA Assessments.  We will see when is a good time.  We also have Thursday if the weather isn't too great.  

This will be your 2nd to last blog proof forEVER....  I'll know you checked the blog if you write something on the green wall that you'll truly and honestly miss from our 5B Family, classroom, or time as a 5th grader.  This isn't a time to be sarcastic or goofy.  I'm really curious what has been special or fun for you.  You can write more than one, but PLEASE space them out.  I'd like it to be kind of a memory wall for us...  Watch, I'll start reading them and lose all control and start bawling!!!  See you soon... just be prepared... once the water works start in, there's no turning off the faucet of tears!!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Yikes, 5B!  Today was DEFINITELY not our best of best days.  We had a good morning of doughnut snacks, but then our chattiness got the "best" of us.  Both in library, in our own class and then Mrs. Suckow mentioned the clean up in her room was pretty poor at the end of the day.  So, even though OUR room was a disaster after 5D was in there, we left things out in Mrs. Suckow's room.  Remember how you felt having to clean up after other people??  Well, that was what you did to 5D...

So...  let's take a moment to reflect.... and think about what tomorrow could be....
Click Here

That should pump you up to remember that there's always a chance to have a better day tomorrow, right?!

#1:  Board game materials, direction pages, game pieces, boards, etc.

#2:  5B's Own Reading Calendar - MUST be signed by parents that you met the 450 minutes of reading for the past month:)

Finally.... I am thinking we have some TERRIBLE news...  Ok, so we met our goal of 5,000 points AND our Specials Goal of 6:30, right?  Our main reward was supposed to be a water balloon toss... and um.... the weather this week.... NOT looking good for an outside water balloon toss.  This is one of the coldest last weeks of school I can remember.  You know it's cold out when I was wearing my winter hat and mittens today at our extra recess!

So... we need to make a back up/alternate plan for how we want to celebrate our 5,000 point goal.  And we can add in the Specials Goal, too, if you want.

I'll know you checked the blog if you add to this TodaysMeet some HELPFUL, REALISTIC ideas for us to do as a celebration.  For example, is there something we had on a list earlier this year, but it didn't get voted on?  What do you suggest? We need ideas, good ones, ones that the class will LOVE and that we can do either Wednesday or Thursday.  Add more than 1 if you have more!  Keep in mind that we already have extra recess planned, a pizza party for those who earned it with the Reading Calendar and just had a nice, yummy snack on Monday.  What else can we do together to enjoy our LAST celebration?  Something where we ALL get to enjoy?? See the TodaysMeet for some of my brainstorms...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Oh, Dear... I'm Not Sure How to Deal with This...

It's an exciting but VERY emotional time...  because it's the...
This will be a week of "lasts" for our 5B Family.  It will go by quickly, so I want to cherish all of our fun times, make the last days full of memories to keep in our hearts for the rest of your years in school...

We have a pretty "normal"few days this week.  Wednesday will be a bit goofy but Thursday is the only really messed up day.  So, let's try to...
I know everyone will be getting excited and revved up for summer, but let's try to make our last 4 days together, ones that we WANT to remember, not try to forget, ok?  :)  

The only major things I think you'll need to remember for this week are the following..
1)  Band people - Group Band on Monday only, None on Thursday (last day of school)
2)  Bring in anything you need for your board games - pieces, printed items, direction pages, etc.
3)  READ, READ, READ for the April-May 5B Made Up Reading Calendar!  I told you I'd have something special planned!  And, boy, oh, boy, do I!!??  Here's a hint!!!  I would like ALL reading calendars DUE on TUESDAY, May 19!  This way I can plan for WEDNESDAY's LUNCH participants!  Remember, your parents need to have seen you read and sign that calendar for the past month!  
(Catch the hint??)  

Finally....  Your blog proof.. Hmm..  It will be our last Monday together to start off a week as a 5B Family.  Look at the special item on the middle of the coffee table (gift given by Alaina and her family).  Find your name on it.  Then come see me and tell me 2 names that are next to yours.  SEE?  WE REALLY DO MAKE A FAMILY!  Alaina, you and your parents are so SWEET!  I'll cherish this gift forever!  

Oh, and don't forget... we've got another balloon to pop on Monday morning!  Let's see what I have in store for 5B!!?!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Updated Coin WARS!!!

See below what the totals were from the yesterday...  Today's $46.25 from quarters and $20.00 in dimes from ONE of our classmates should help!

But look below for an EVEN COOLER set of numbers....

Can you believe that just by bringing in change, our elementary students have raised over $1000 to help bring in the meal packing organization to Cresco next fall!  And the teachers paid money to wear jeans this week and ended up donating over $1,100!!!!  What an amazing feeling to know how generous and caring of a community we have!

So, no matter WHO ends up with the ice cream party, we have definitely come together for an amazing cause!

So TOMORROW.... let's bring in WHATEVER you have, want, can to make an impact and remember that YOU can be the boy/girl who changed the world:)  (Hmmm... remember that book?)

PreK Buddies!!!  Last visit with them... we have kickball, pictures and Mr. Freezes to celebrate our friendships!

CADET STORE!!  Last chance to spend that cash you've been earning!!!  

Also, for TOMORROW.... Check out the poster below!!!

PLEASE be sure you remind your families about the adjusted time for eating tomorrow.  As you can see, 5th grade eats at 11:48.  We will meet ALL parents in the lunchroom.  Please have your families be ready to sign in as they walk in the building.

Also, if your parents are staying ALL afternoon for the assembly, MAGICIAN and the outside fun, you may leave with them after our ice cream snack.  You MUST sign out with me first though.  I need to be sure I see you leave.

Tomorrow should be one crazy jam-packed day of fun, excitement and celebrations.

Wow, it will be such a great day IF we can show SELF-CONTROL and T.H.I.N.K. before we act, right!  Let's just hope that rain gets out of here!

Ok, so blog proof!!  I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and draw what YOUR favorite part of Friday's plan is on the green wall.  Don't WRITE it with words.  Draw it out.  Don't chat with anyone, just draw...use details so we can tell what it is without you explaining it!  Then write your name beside it and have a seat so we can be COMPLETELY ready for Cameron to take attendance! (Back to old homes on Friday...)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Soooooo Sorry!!!

Hopefully you get a chance to check this!

Here are 3 sets of numbers....




I'll know you checked the blog if match the explanations below with the numbers above.  I'll confirm if you are right or wrong in the morning:)  Write it down and have it ready for when I share it BEFORE kiddos go to band!

the # of quarters I'll be adding to the jar for our class!

the # of canker sores on Isaiah's tongue!

the # of flies I swatted in my house tonight!

Again, sorry it's so LATE!!!

Let's see if we can round up at least 1 QUARTER for everyone!!

Nighty Night!