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Monday, November 23, 2015

Man Oh Man, Monday!

5B, today was another good start to a week!  Last week was the same great beginning.... however, our  Tuesday did not show as full of Cadet Pride! Let's break that habit by showing an AMAZING end to a short week and send off for a wonderful Thanksgiving break!  Yeh!!!!

I was so busy after school chatting with the 5th grade teachers about our big project that we are starting RIGHT after Thanksgiving break that I FORGOT to check our Fun Passes!  Whoopsy!  So, that will be the blog proof for tonight!  Click on this TodaysMeet Link and put in your guess for how many you THINK we got today!  Bree looked in the bucket earlier and thought there were quite a few.  I did not see any, so I have NO IDEA!  Think of the times we had FABULOUS Cadet Pride as a class and when we needed some reminders... and take your best guess!

Reminders for Tuesday!
Can bring snack and drink for reading assessment/activity planned for all students - whether you are in Mrs. Sorenson's or Mrs. Knobloch's class!

Some of you have a book club started... so IF I assigned you homework over the Thanksgiving break, be sure you keep your book with you (at home!)!

For a little reminder entertainment, I don't think I put the Thanksgiving JibJabs on the blog??  If I did, sorry I'm repeating them, but they were pretty fun to watch again and again!

Click Below If You Want to Watch!

Be Thankful JibJab

Thanksgiving History JibJab

Happy Monday evening!  One more day to go!  But be prepared, Vince... I'll be asking for an emotional goodbye hug as you leave on Tuesday afternoon.  After all, I won't see my 5B Babies (mama, mama) for 5 WHOLE DAYS!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy SNOWY Weekend, 5B!

Well, our little "tweak" to the Pledge of Allegiance last Friday seemed to work, alright!  Didn't it?  I'm curious how many of you were excited about the result or disappointed.  I love how it looks outside, but I am NOT ready for the bundling up and constant cold feeling running through my body!
Click Here to see our Pledge on Youtube!

Last week was a fun-filled week for the reading students with me (Mrs. Sorenson) with 2 exciting reading events happening!  Be sure to share with your families about both of them if you haven't yet!  It was great to see that any age of student can converse about a book or what he/she is reading.  Great conversations were had in all groups!  Excellent job!

Then on Friday, we had a little "Coffee Talk" experience where the kids had real, honest and natural discussions about the books they read.  I was truly impressed how the book clubs were reading and BEYOND!  We plan to continue these from Thanksgiving to Christmas!  Yes, yes, yes!

And thanks to the very generous families who donated juice for our first "Coffee Talk."  We LOVED it and wanted more! :)

In writing class we've focused completely on...
Know how writers put together NONFICTION writing will be EXTREMELY helpful in our LONG and HUGE upcoming PROJECT for Writing and Reading classes!  So, keep up the great effort in learning these:  Description, Compare & Contrast, Sequence, Chronological, Problem & Solution and Cause & Effect!  Yep!  That's all of them!

Ok.. some heads up... 
Last week was a pattern of UPS and DOWNS...  I'd like for us to work together and break that pattern by having 2 UPS days in a row!  I know we can do it IF we W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Talking?) and T.H.I.N.K. right?!  

Because it's a goofy 2 days, we need to remember to....

Also, PLEASE-O-PLEASE remember how much your home family and school family cares about you and WEAR the APPROPRIATE WARM, WINTER clothes for recess!  Those students without hats, warm coats, gloves, and boots (and I'd say snow pants, too) will need to do some chatting with the teachers and principal about making mature and healthy choices.  If your family does NOT have any warm winter clothes, PLEASE see me about it, and we'll try to help you out in some way!  Ok?  I care about my 5B Babies (mama, mama!)

Finally...  when you come in on Monday morning, I'd LOVE for you to share with the class (and me!) what your weekend was spent doing, so get right onto KidBlog (use the 5B Blog link) and write a post about it.  I'll have the password out as a reminder. Do this after you get your attendance turkey in place and materials out for switching!  I'll see you getting on KidBlog and know you checked the blog instantly!  Enjoy the rest of your COLD Sunday evening!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Make An Inference about Today....

Your blog proof is to copy down the last photo in this list.  Write it on something that you can keep with you at your spot ALL day long.  Today...  was better than Tuesday with....
With 3 Fun Passes....
But I did notice at one point there were 9 in there.  We CAN when we TRY...  That's the bottom line.  See you tomorrow for a new, fresh start.

Coffee cups
Test for F5 in Social Studies
Band Tomorrow

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We're BACK! Yep! I Knew 5B Would Do It!

Well, well, well!  We are definitely reflecting on our "off days" and learning from them!  That's all I ask of you, 5B.  When we KNOW something is expected, we DO IT:)  So very proud of you!

This is how I feel for all of us when we have these kinds of days where we have fun AND are still in control!

Click Here to Find Out!  (be prepared to groove a bit...)

Thanks for cleaning up the room today!  I know some of your cubbies needed a serious visit from the "maid service" because WOO-WEE!  Scary, scary!  I know I feel better when I do a little "clean up" session!  Some of you did not check your OWN cubbies though, so this is an area that needs to be worked on tomorrow quickly at recess.  If you have a cubby that looks like a small explosion took place.... that would be you:)

Social Studies
ALL groups should be studying for Social Studies.  DT and WW classes have their tests on Thursday. F5 has their test on Friday!  It NEVER hurts to study several days BEFORE!  (just a little heads up)

Coffee Cups for Mrs. Sorenson's Reading Class for Friday
Juice if your family wants to donate (before Friday is fine!)
Finish reading your picture book and answering questions

DT - I think you're the only group that had homework, right?

T-shirt orders due this Friday, Nov. 20
No School NEXT Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Turkey Day Break!

Okey Dokey, Artichokies...  Here's your blog proof tonight!  How many Fun Passes did we earn TODAY?  No matter the number, I think Vince's comment was very true..."That's worth a celebration!" as we all clapped!  So great to work with such an amazing 5B Family (we are family!)  I so mean that...

Now, to find out how many Fun Passes, go back through the post and count all of the RED letters/numbers I snuck into the post.  That is your Fun Pass number for Hump Day!  Whisper in my ear as you come in and get onto any of these apps after your materials are ready...
Inventions (either one)
Grading Game
Grammar Wonderland
You can do MadLibs from your Showbie link (not with a partner though please:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spoke Too Soon...Bubbles are BACK!

Wowzer, 5B.....
Um... It was a rough one today.  I think Daelyn said it best when she chose Work on Writing during our reading class this afternoon.  I asked her if I could share her KidBlog post with the class.  It's not just your teacher that is feeling frustrated....  Read below...

She did EXACTLY what good writers do.... She took what was on the inside (frustration and disappointment) and then she pulled it out (put feelings into words), she shared out with others (on her blog) to show what writing is all about.  

I would agree completely with Daelyn's opinion about the day.  We DEFINITELY had "ants in our pants" and "hit rock-bottom" today with behaviors.  This is how many Fun Passes we had left at the end of our day... (since we didn't get a chance to count)...
Hmmm...  Not too impressive today, huh?

Blog Proof.. Be sure to do ALL...
1)  Click on the red links to the idioms and write down their meanings.  Have that ready by your spot. 
2)  Come right in, have your materials ready for switching.
3)  Begin ST Math and prove withOUT a DOUBT you are focused on your OWN learning.  This will be a second chance to show what 5B is truly made of...  I'll stop you for attendance and pledge when it's time.  You just keep proving yourselves as students with Cadet Pride. 

Let's fix this... I know we can (just like Daelyn wrote in her post)!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Magnificent Mood Monday!

I am thinking that Mondays (although we are sometimes tired from the weekend) prove to be great days for 5B!  Everyone is ready to get back into routines, ready to learn, etc.!  That is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  We have to really remember to focus on these positive things with all of the sad events happening in our world.  Today's conversation about what happened in France showed that many of you have deep, caring hearts.

Here's the link that I started to share with you this morning from CNN Student News.  It's best to watch it and talk with your parents about it.  Facts are important for us to understand and feel safe, knowing we are going to be ok!  Click Link Here  Remember, how caring France was to us when September 11th hit us so hard.

To remind you that life goes on as normal here in the US, you still have HOMEWORK to complete:)  Right?  Some of you have Winter Counts due on Tuesday.  Some have tests to study for on Thursday.  Many of you have a "Coffee Talk" note to share with parents and a mug to bring to school on Friday!  Keep up the responsibility, 5B, I'm Lovin' It!  (you know what to say!)

Blog proof tonight will be to simply come in Tuesday morning and do 5 jumping jacks, 5 sit-ups and 5 butt rolls.  I'll see you and know that you checked the blog!  Just a little exercise to get your day going!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Last Week was Busy and Exciting!

Over the weekend I got a cool song from Incredibox from Elyse R!  Watch and listen!  Notice who she dedicated it to!  Thanks for sharing your creativity and passion for music and fun!

Awesome, wasn't it?!

Last week was SO FILLED with EXCITEMENT and special events!  Browse through the different pictures from last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!  What a WEEK of FUN?!  

Homework Reminders...
For Social Studies, I believe many of Dream Team and Wonderful Wackos have your FINAL COPY of your Winter Counts DUE ON MONDAY!  This should not be a surprise to anyone, right?   Then, the Fantastic 5 crew has the DRAFT due on Monday.  So, be sure to start off the week with Cadet Pride showing responsible homework choices, right-o?!

I don't believe there was much other homework for any other classes.

Hopefully, you'll get outside and enjoy the amazing NOVEMBER weather we are having.  It's not very often we days like these in the middle of November!  Enjoy!  However...  Bring those coats, hats and gloves for the days that the temperature dips down or the wind picks up! Some of you were not ready for the ups and downs of temperature last week!

Oh, and get your brain a-thinking on what we will do to celebrate the NEXT time we meet our Fun Pass Goal!  This last one was excellent.  It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon - relaxing, hanging with our 5B Family (we are family) and snacking!  What a great choice for our celebration!

Ok.. Blog Proof!  Let's see..  As you come in on Monday morning, please get our your materials for switching classes and put up your "turkey" for attendance.  Then, come grab a post-it note from ME.  Write down 3 things you did this weekend.  Number them and list what happened simply like mine below.  
1. Isaiah got sick Friday night and threw up!
2.  I watched Chicken Little.
3.  I saw Sean from 5A in church with his grandma.

Hand it back to me please, and we'll do a little activity with it before we switch classes! 

Oh, and look to see if YOU have a new classroom job this week! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So Sorry It's Late... but It'll be Short! meeting our 5B Fun Pass Goal of 50 Tickets!  Yoo-hoo!

Go to this TodaysMeet to choose which ONE celebration you'd like!  I will see which one has the most votes, and that's what we'll do on FRIDAY!  What a great way to end the week, 5B!

Option #1:  Watch short episodes of Jessie, Liv and Maddie or Dog with a Blog with SNACKS
Option #2:  Class Game of Pictionary - drawing game on walls!
Options #3:  Nap and App Time!

I'll post a bunch of photos from the Veteran's Day assembly, lunches and today's visit with Astronaut Clay Anderson over the weekend!  We are lucky to have had Kelly, Brian, Kody and Britain get to meet him up close.  We are lucky that we sat up so close, aren't we?!!  Cool beans!!

Nighty Night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tough Tuesday...

Hey, 5B,
Today was a bit rougher and tougher than yesterday.  With only 1 Fun Pass today, I'd say that kind of shows that the T.H.I.N.K. strategy wasn't quite at the tops of our list.  So... let's get that FOCUS button back on FULL POWER like it was for Monday, ok?!  I know how great 5B can be... I've seen it MANY TIMES!  Let's bring it back together for HUMP DAY and more importantly... Veterans Day!

The blog will be short tonight.  I just want you to see the video that is finished today from your creative choices of nouns, verbs and adjectives AND the excellent photos with flags.  I think our visitors are going to enjoy it a lot.  Check out this LINK HERE of our video.  Your blog proof will be to share your favorite word, photo or part from it!  Also, help me out and see if there are any MISTAKES in it!  It's always good to have extra eyes looking for any possible "oops" that I missed!

When you come in, simply tell me that part, word or photo you liked best!  We'll watch it again as a class in the morning before switching!

Have great nights... and remember 2 things...

1)  Wear RED, WHITE or BLUE tomorrow...
2)  T-shirt Orders due by November 20

Nighty Night, Darlings!

Monday, November 9, 2015

MAN, it was a Good MONDAY!

5B had a smooth transition back into school after the 3 day weekend! That is AWESOME!  Whether you were tired from your weekend or you just put your FOCUS on FULL POWER like Sunday night's blog stated.... I'll take it!

We had some great discussion and reflections today in writing class.  The video we watched "I Fought for You" to honor veterans and the book, The Wall by Eve Bunting reminded us that authors write from what is on the inside, what they feel connected to or are inspired from.  If you enjoyed the video we watched first, it is on the right side of the blog at the top.

Tomorrow we plan to use parts of speech to make a Veterans Day tribute video for our special guests on Wednesday, November 11th.

It appears there is VERY little homework tonight, so please remember these simple tasks for this week...
1)  Bring back your report card envelope!
2)  Bring back your Tylenol paper!
3)  Wear Red, White or Blue (or a combination of them) on Wednesday!
4)  Explore Kidblog if you get a chance!
5)  Be sure to tell your families about....

I see some parents already have "Liked" us!  That's great!  And to be absolutely clear, our 5B Facebook page is for PARENTS to "Like" if they wish.  I will still use the 5B Blog as usual to connect with my 5B Babies (mama, mama!)

I feel bad that some of you didn't get a chance to share today in class... So... would those of you who did NOT get called on, share on the TodaysMeet Link HERE, and I'll start Tuesday morning off by sharing this?  I'm pretty sure some of you were Spencer, Kelsey, Brian, Ashton...and I know there were others, so please let us know how YOU spent the 3 day weekend, OKEY DOKEY?!

Blog Proof...  Come prepared to Writing class tomorrow by coming up with...
1) Noun (a person, place or object or idea)
2) Verb (an action that can be done"
3) Adjective (a word describing a noun or pronoun)
They all have to have SOME kind of connection to Veterans Day or veterans. Write them down. This will help you out quite a bit when we start the activity in class!