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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Missed You and Lt. Governor Reynolds!

So, how did the day go?  I wish I was there for more than the testing part of the day!  Did you like the STEM activities in Mrs. Suckow's and Mrs. Wilson's rooms?  I'm SOOO PUMPED to see/hear about your plans for the egg drop experiment!  Be sure you are looking for materials your group discussed and be responsible to get them back to school!  This will be SO much fun and a LOT of problem solving and deep thinking!

Also, how was the visit from Lt. Governor Reynolds?  How did it go?  Did she stay long?  What did she do?  What did you guys show her or talk about?  I'm bummed I missed it! If any of you had cards for her, I hope you were able to give them to her!  

Tomorrow will be almost as crazy of a day as today!  We'll start the day discussing more about Chris Norton, and I'll read a section from his book.  We need to be over at the high school for his presentation before 9:00 a.m.!  After his presentation, we get to have him join our 5th grade wing for a short face to face visit.  Be thinking about questions, comments or anything else you may want to  bring up to him while he's here!  

1)  Chris Norton tomorrow!  (Cards/poems/etc. to bring)
2)  Field Trip Thursday - Science Museum and The Works in Minneapolis area - leaving 6:30 a.m.!  Yikes!
3)  Tell parents about D.A.R.E. Graduation on Thursday,  May 12 (next Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. in the elementary gym.
**Remind me to ask you about another parent volunteer opportunity coming up next week!

OH!  And you know that list of events for MAY I sent home with you...? Remember how Monday, May 9 was the ONLY day that didn't have something planned?  Well, that's no longer the CASE!  With the amazing growth with all of the testing for MAPs, FAST and Iowa Assessments (we just got those back yesterday), the teachers and principal have decided to take all 3rd - 6th graders to the Cresco Movie Theater to watch a movie on Monday!  Talk about LUCKY DUCKS!  

 Blog Proof will be to add to the TodaysMeet Link (Click Here) about the favorite part of the day!  I'm curious what each of you will say!

Rest up for another day of excitement, connecting with the outside world and learning! Missed you guys today!  Hope you showed Mrs. Walter and Mrs. Fravel the side of 5B that I'm so sad to say goodbye to...  :(

Monday, May 2, 2016

Poetry Slam = SUCCESS!

I'm so proud of ALL of you!  Your poems were fantastic, and your courage and bravery were top-notch!  Such a great job, and I'm so glad so many families were able to be a part of it!  My phone is having some issues, so I'll be getting the pictures and videos shared, but right now, they are in the process of uploading..... I've been trying this weekend.  However, I will put them on our 5B at Crestwood Elementary Facebook Page, so be sure to have your families look there!

Last Friday started the CRAZY SCHEDULE for the next 2 weeks (or more!)... So, we'll just go day by day this week!

FAST Testing right away in the morning - This is the one you take on a laptop with headphones.  This is something we all need to take seriously and do our best on.  This helps us know how to finish this year and what your NEXT year's teachers should know about you as a reader!  So, this is saying a lot about you as a thinker and reader!

We will start RIGHT away... like ATTENDANCE, PLEDGE and TEST!  The sooner we test, the better the testing system works!  Also, we have a fun-filled STEM Day planned for all of 5th grade, so we want to get the testing done with, so we can focus on STEM activities!
If you want to bring yourself a little dry snack for the morning, you are welcome to.  It will be a completely OFF SCHEDULE day, so we will go through that in the morning!
Also... there's a possibility I will be gone Tuesday (tomorrow).  Isaiah has been sick, and I may need to be home with him :(  I'm not sure yet, so if I'm gone, there may be even MORE changes in schedules! Please be helpful, respectful and patient if this is the case!

Box Tops and Milk Moola caps are still be collected until May 13!  Apparently, 5B has let the rest of the school get ahead!  Check out how many 5B has compared to almost EVERYONE else!  Yikes! We were in the top 3 lead last time around!  I think we've forgotten about this!  SO, if you have ANY of these hanging around your house, GET THEM IN HERE!  I'll go through our pail, too!  Let's see if we can AT LEAST get 100! 
Lt. Governor Reynolds will be joining us tomorrow!  She is very interested in ST Math because it is a STEM.  She'll be stopping by to learn about your progress, interest, challenges, etc.  Here is a link to learn more about her and what she supports in Iowa.  Click Here!

Field Trip on THURSDAY... LONG DAY! 
Be ready at 6:30 a.m. with lunch, drinks, backpack, etc.  
Leave at 6:45 a.m.
Busy day of learning, fun and travel to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN!
Return to Cresco approximately 6:15-6:30 p.m.

Blog Proof.... Get EVERYONE you can to come in and show they are 100% ready for a QUICK start to the day!  Talk to them out at recess.  We will keep the same jobs for Tuesday, so we can get the day started.  I'll know you've been talked to or helped others get ready by EVERYONE at their homes, with angel halos (ding) above their heads!  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Missed You Guys Today!

Thanks for all of the blog checkers on Thursday!  I got all the emails and was impressed on how many of you made the effort!  So lucky to have such responsible students who put in that extra "umph"!  I hope all of the goals you had for yourself were able to stay strong and make a great day!

I had a good day of learning, but it makes me realize that this is my last time being with a 5B class.... and I'm feeling VERY emotional about that!  I'm starting to feel like our days together are winding down.  It's a bit crazy to think how few days we have left together....

So... be prepared for Mama Sorenson to start bringing some waterworks! Be nice and understanding that you're my "babies" who are all growing up, and I won't have any new ones coming in:(

Ok, I'll move onto another topic... TOMORROW!

Only blog proof is...
Be ready for DARE - your last day!  SHIRTS!  MATERIALS!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

UPS and Downs...

Hey, 5B!
Today had its ups and downs again.  The chattiness and self-control was tough again for a lot of 5B (and other 5th graders, too).  That would be the down...  Mrs. McCabe's guidance lesson was a good reminder of how other people feel when self-control isn't used.

The UPs were the HUGE number of 5B students who checked the blog last night!  Thanks for meeting me in our secret spot with yummy treats!

Another UP was all of the Thank Yous I got for the doughnuts and later on for some gum that was handed out.  I think I even heard a few for the juice boxes at ST Math time!  I'm glad to hear more of these kind words.  For a while, I hadn't heard anything like that.  Great caring hearts!

ANOTHER UP was all of the work that has been accomplished in both writing and reading classes!  Keep it up!

Heads Up for TOMORROW!
1)  Mrs. Lensing will be there!

2)  NO SMARTBOARD again!  Joey, Camden and Aidan L. can lead all of the Attendance and Planner stuff on the green wall again.

3)  Is someone feeding Firefish?  Just checking!

4)  Luther Meeting! in reading class - will be sharing your POETRY SLAM poem!  Be ready!

5)  100% 5B Perfection (muuuaah!)

6)  Field Trip Permission Slips... if you really want to go on the trip....

Blog Proof!  I'd like you to come in and email me RIGHT away as you start your day!  Let me know 3 things you'll do to show Mrs. Lensing Cadet Pride.  Number them for me in your email.  Don't tell others what the blog proof is...  I want to be sure to award those who are putting in the extra effort!  (Like our doughnuts today!)

Poetry Slam!  Friday!  2:15 - 3:15 p.m.!  Library!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Talkative Tuesday...

Hmmm... So Monday's mellow behavior definitely moved over for Talkative Tuesday today!  Did you notice the alliteration I used in my sentences?  Monday, mellow, moved.... and Talkative, Tuesday, today?

A poet who didn't know it!  (snap, snap!)

Ok... short blog... but fun proof!

Keep this a secret!

We're going to be sneaky!  For blog proof, we are going to meet in the Discovery Center right away.  I won't be in the classroom.  You come STRAIGHT to the Discovery Center to read from Skeleton Man!  I'll REALLY know who is checking the blog by who shows up!  The rest of your class will be a wee bit confused!  Heeheeehee!  Keep the blog proof to yourself.  When you come to school in the morning, just walk to the Discovery Center like it's time to go to our classroom:)  See you there for some fun reading together!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mostly Mellow Monday...

It was a productive day in the world of 5B (and 5th grade)! I saw a LOT of Fun Passes go in that bucket!  Mmmmm... I can smell that cheesy topping on the pizza now even as I think about it!  Let's continue keeping a focused attitude and thinking caps on!  We have many busy days ahead of us, so we can't let some goofy schedules take away from our ability to show respect for ourselves and classmates as we continue to learn!  Plant the "seed" to "succeed" so we can "feed"on yummy pizza!  Hey, a poet who didn't even know it!  (snap, snap)

Blog Proof... There have been 2 blog proofs we haven't ever talked about....
1)  Was what the number 70 was the answer to....

2) Finishing Kairi's poem...

Can you do me a favor and go back on those blog posts (if you need to remember what they were) and write your answers in this TodaysMeet Link? (Click Here)  I'll be sure to answer/look through these as a class tomorrow!

Tomorrow is PUBERTY TEST!  Your time is almost over!  So mature!  Glad to see everyone realize it is something you DID SURVIVE!

Don't forget that your D.A.R.E. essays are due on Tuesday.  I have about 8-10 of them printed from those of you who shared them to me again.   Also, the Poetry Slam poem and poems for writing class are due for Friday!  Busy week of learning!

Nighty Night!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Missed You Friday... Heard It Was a Good Day...

Hey, 5B,
I know Thursday afternoon was a tough one AGAIN for us.  I didn't get a chance to put the pictures from our busy and emotional day of fun and sadness.  Here are some Pic Collages of Thursday's UPS (fun and cool stuff) and downs (sad part).

Deep thinking by both 5th graders in reading with me and Luther College partners while you discussed "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost!  I just LOVED the discussions and can't believe you are ONLY IN 5th GRADE!  

Then, we were able to move onto a SUPER CELEBRATION of MAPs testing and scores of improvement!  Ice Cream filled the table, room and tummies!  Thanks for the great pictures, Kalob!

Then, another emotional break up to our 5B Family...  We thought losing ONE of our family members was tough!  Then we had to do it all over again!  Not fair!

All I ask you 5B, for this week, is that WE ALL STICK TOGETHER!  No MORE MOVING AWAY!

Got it?!

Enjoy the nice weekend weather!  Be sure you get any work done for homework.  We have the D.A.R.E. essay due on Tuesday and your poetry pieces as well!  Your Puberty Test is on Tuesday, so be sure to review your study guide!

Blog Proof is simply coming in on Monday morning and giving your 5B Mama a morning hug!  Nothing too crazy, just a simple "hey, there, kind of hug!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Even shorter tonight...

Finish this poem.... as your blog proof!

Ode to Kairi

The family we all know,
Seems to get up and go.

Another friend of ours is moving along.
It seems so sad and wrong.

We hope for Kairi the very best.....
Now you finish this line - notice it needs to follow the pattern by rhyming with "best". 

We will share them tomorrow with Kairi!
Kairi, if you check the blog, you can just simply tell me you saw the first part of the poem!

Tomorrow will be another rough day for th 5B Family!  (We are family...)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Short One Tonight...

iPads - bring them back with signed papers!
Testing - Awesome effort and progress!

Ok, here's blog proof... 70 is the answer....
No matter what your guess is, it's kind of fun to think that is the answer to one of these topics...

The number of Fun Passes in our bucket!


The number of scoops of ice cream we've earned!


The number of kids that have their D.A.R.E. essays done already!

One of these is TRUE!  What's your guess?  Tell me as you come in on Wednesday!  Also, if you took your iPad home, have our your homework and signed parent note out at your spot.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kind of a Rollercoaster Day....

Today had its ups and downs.  This morning was filled with "ups" with listening, discussion, focus, attention and respect! Bravo and woo-hoo to 5B and all of the 5th grade!

The afternoon showed the "downs" side of our day.   Between blurting, goofiness and a struggle with staying on task, it was not 5B's best work of showing what 5th grade expectations are.

I know the weather is nicer, and it's tough to be inside, but your reputation is so strong and positive.  We don't want too many more "oops" to start taking over what 5B has built up all year long!  We've made a super-fun and tasty goal for our Fun Pass Celebration = Pizza Party!  We need to get the details figured out, but it's a TEAM goals we're working towards.  Remember, that it DOES take EFFORT to show Cadet Pride.  If it was easy, then there wouldn't be much pride in it, ya know?!

Speaking of Cadet Pride, there's a big event (first time EVER) coming up that has to do with your Cadet Dollars!  This will be the blog proof tonight.  As you come in on Tuesday morning, whisper to me, "What big event is happening with Cadet Dollars?"  I'll let you in a little secret!

1)  iPAD homework - DARE Essay - introduction should be done (more if you want) and the GREEN PARENT NOTE should be returned and SIGNED!  This is a 2nd chance to prove responsibility!  In baseball, a 3rd chance/strike can turn into an OUT!  So, THINK...

2)  PUBERTY Class!  A huge compliment goes out to ALL sections for showing amazing maturity and growth in the seriousness and respect you're showing about the topic.  VERY, VERY impressed to see students be able to handle the topics so well now!  Keep it up!

3)  MAPs TESTING - Math Test!  I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!  We are coming to the end of our MAPs testing!  The more we get going on these tests, the more comfortable 5B becomes!  Just looking for YOUR best!  Don't worry about anyone else's scores!  This is about you, showing what YOU can do!  Let's make our last one, our best one!  (Except Ben... he's got a couple to go!)  Maybe we could enjoy an ice cream party before the end of the week!

Enjoy some outside time again!  Get rested up so we can back on track tomorrow!