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Wordle: Norman Borlaug

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yeah! Lots of School Spirit Today!

I think almost EVERYONE showed that they were trying to cheer for TEAM USA!  I'm so impressed with everyone!  However, I did see a some kiddos stand out and earn the 5B Spirit Award for America/Camouflage Day.  The 5B students who went all out are....

America's Colors and Camo

Camo from head to toes

Camo from head to toes

Camo from head to toes

Camo from head to toes!

Great job to everyone in 5B!  Now, let's see who can bring on even MORE spirit by supporting your favorite team TOMORROW (whoever, whatever that may be)!

Today proved to be another fantastic day of trustworthy behaviors!  Everyday, I say a little "thank you" to the world for such a super-fine class!  Maybe 5B could even wheedle me into an extra game of blob tag tomorrow! 

I'll know you checked the blog if you tell an adult from home (or if you're at school, tell Mrs. Vandervort) what the sayings are for the 2 new terms we learned about writing simple sentences today:  subject   and  predicate!  Have them write down a quick note proving you told them.  They should sign it, too!!

Oh, and here's a message from Isaiah below!  (If you know what it is, I'm impressed because I don't have a clue!)

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Marvelous Monday! (with Great School Spirit!)

I'm really impressed with how many of you put extra effort into becoming some kind of character today!  The students I felt that went ALL OUT and earned the 5B Spirit Award are....

Bravo TMNT with all the details!

Bravo to Bozo the Clown!  Nose and all!

Bravo to Maddie!  So realistic (minus the brown hair:)

I can't wait to see who brings out the challenge to these first Spirit Winners!  Come on!  For the fun and excitement of our school, bring on the friendly competition of SCHOOL SPIRIT with your 5B Family Members:)

In Literacy Today...
I was so overly impressed with how 5B did with our first chances at Read with Someone!  This is the list 5D came up with when brainstorming what to expect for Read with Someone.  Looks familiar, doesn't it?!
(Awww...Aren't they so sweet?!)  

Tomorrow's School Spirit Challenge!  Go America or Go Camouflage!  Do your best to support our school during homecoming (and of course, our nation!)  Let's see if you can get in the top 3 for tomorrow!  I'll put the 5B Spirit Awards on tomorrow night's blog!

It was a BUMMER about no band today, and you guys dealt with it very maturely!  I'm sure you were excited to start!  Just remember if you have an individual band lesson on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, this is your job to remember.  If you have one Thursday, it will be a normal group band day anyway:)

I also hope to get time tomorrow to continue and finish our class read aloud, Swear to Howdy.  I know the majority of the class was shocked by the events of what happened to Joey's sister.  It was a serious turn to a pretty hilarious story.  I'd like to see how the author chooses to end it.  Will he bring humor back into the story, or will it end in this sad and somber tone?  Ah!  Authors have a way with their words, don't they?!

Ok, so, I'll know you checked the blog if... you come in Tuesday morning, put your name in the right spot, and begin doing silent "USA cheers".  Be sure to show the excitement, enthusiasm and movements that a real cheer squad member does when CHEERING on the TEAM they LOVE!  BUT you should NOT make any sounds!  I'll be able to tell how "into it" you are by your actions!  And yes, there are such people as male cheer members!  


Nighty night.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs BITE!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Out of Town...So Making This Short:)

Hey, 5B,
I'm out of town at the moment and only have a short amount time with WiFi connection (fist bump x2), so I'm going to start off this week with a short post!


Band Members....
Don't forget you have your first whole group band meeting on Monday at 8:20.  You need to hustle quickly to school, check in with attendance and pledge and be on your way.  Band goes until 9:00. Then you come back quickly to work on passion projects during Cadet Time!

Then Band meets again on Thursday at the same time.  Your individual lessons will begin this week.

Yeh!  Fun for everyone!

Homecoming Dress UP MONDAY:  Character Day!!
Have fun and show school spirit by choosing a character you are proud of!  Here are a few ideas for you if you can't think of anything.  I'm still not sure what I'm doing!  I guess it'll be a surprise for all!

The only other mention I want to make was that we REALLY turned it around by the end of the week, 5B! I was glad to see you guys back in action!  Awesome way to end the week!  Let's continue that behavior, have fun with homecoming activities and challenge our brains!!!  

I'll know you checked the blog if you tell me the secret colored message you decoded by putting all of the colored letters together to make a phrase. They are in the correct order, but you'll have to decide where to separate the words!  

Peace Out!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Reflection to End Our Day!

Hey, there Chicky-Babies!

After a kind of "off" week, I feel like our discussion at the end of the day helped us regroup a bit and remember how FABULOUS 5B really, truly is.  I'm thinking back to what made this week different.... Guess what I'm figuring out?  On Monday... I gave out a snack in the morning that we wouldn't normally eat at breakfast time.  Then on Wednesday, Carter handed out a birthday treat that was quite scrumptious but loaded with sugar.  Hmmm... Any thoughts about this?  Is it that 5B only functions well on healthy snack foods?!!  That must be it!  :)

I also need us to remember that...
and we need to help each other out.  "Mama" is not always going to be watching, so
we need to depend on each other to make helpful, smart and trustworthy choices that
keep EVERYONE in mind! Right?

For our Mystery Skype tomorrow, we need 1 last group to help us finish our list of clues.  Let's give them some time to do so right after we do the Attendance and Pledge, ok?  That's how I'll know you checked the blog.  When we finish the Pledge, Ethan, Tyler, Josh and Tim will meet me at the circus tent.  Everyone else should find a comfy spot and Read to Self.  I'd love to see us take back over our (True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind behaviors are our expectations!)

Tomorrow is....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hola, 5B,
Today just flew by way too quickly.  I only see you guys for an itty bit of time on these early out days!

I was really impressed with today's lesson in guidance class with Mrs. McCabe about Brave Talk.  I know you've probably heard it before.  Here are the steps from the board:

I think the REAL challenge is to be able to use this with our classmates when they are maybe not being the best role models with iPad usage, group work and chatting when supposed to be working.  I believe EACH one of you has it in you to get your serious face on (not mean face) when you notice others bothering you or making poor choices.  Remember...

Click Here to prove you checked the blog.  Watch the video, and be ready to tell me your favorite part of it, and then we'll connect (fist bump x2) to Mrs. McCabe's lesson on Brave Talk:)

We ALSO have to say
to Noah and his family for allowing 5B to try out the Cyco Cycle!  So much fun!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Gift For You...

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in, sit in your home spot, don't chat with anyone and strike a pose that is not quite a "normal" one.  It will be like you were doing something, and I called "Freeze."  Remember, no chatting or moving!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mediocre Monday...

This is kind of our day...

I know this isn't true for all day long.  Our work time was focused, participation and effort were great, and our end of the day planner time was probably better than it has been most days!  So, yippee for those behaviors!!!

However... you guys know that lunch room behavior is a serious concern, and some of our line/transition behaviors are starting to become more chatty and less respectful.  Reminders only help when a person is willing to listen, T.H.I.N.K. and change their behaviors, right?

But as we saw from library today, after Mrs. Shekleton reminded students to get back on track, she said 5B was WONDERFUL!!  So, as I've asked before (and our dear friend, Bob the Builder),

I know that every 5B student knows the answer to this question, but being sophisticated (huu, wipe, wipe) and mature students will show the answer!  I'm excited for Tuesday to be a Turn-Around Tuesday with lunchroom behaviors that you are proud of, line and transitions that rock this world and laugher (as always!!)

I'll know you checked the blog if you scroll down to the VERY, VERY bottom of this post to see if YOUR answer to the question is correct.... "Can we fix it?"  Then whisper the answer in my ear as you come in Tuesday morning:)

Keep scrolling...

Yep, keep going...

You're getting closer...

You may think this is the correct answer...but no...keep scrolling.....

So close... Don't give up...


Book orders due Tuesday (tomorrow!)
Early-out on Wednesday!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fabulous Friday for a Field Trip!

5B (and some of the 5D students),
Friday proved to be one of THE best years of listening and respect for presenters than I've ever seen.  Remind me (if I don't give them to you right away) that you ALL earned a Cadet Dollar for the respect and seriousness you gave Jack Thompson in Norman's house.  I was going to post a bunch of pictures to the blog, but I have over 100 of them!  Too many to choose from so I'll share them all with you on Monday morning, ok?!

And I saw quite a few people at the Harvest Fest activities! Here are Josh (5B) and Abby (5D) participating in the Minute-to-Win-It Cooke game!  Isaiah tried it, too!

This week has some exciting events coming up as well!  No field trips going OUT of our classroom, but I think we'll be meeting with a class from Minnesota through Skype, finding out about a buddy class that we will help with projects throughout the year, an early -out, a birthday celebration, and a challenging game of Kahoot right away on Monday!  I invited Mrs. J and Mr. Carver to join in on the competition to see if they are SMARTER than a 5th grader when it comes to the INSPIRE Day!  We'll see if they are available to join in:) (Or maybe they are just a little too nervous they may lose!)

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend in the warm weather Friday night and Saturday!  Now, today is a wee bit chillier!  So, that means this week will be a bit different for recess time.  PLEASE think about wearing clothes that are warm for outdoor recess before school and for after lunch/recess.  A lot of kiddos get sick this time of year from not dressing correctly for the changing weather.  So, continue to be role models about smart, healthy choices!

Well, I'm going to sign off now.  I think my family is either going to Pinters for an afternoon or to the movie, Dolphin Tale 2.  I guess you'll have to wait to know until tomorrow since I'm not sure!  How about that is how I'll know you checked the blog!  You ask me what I ended up doing, AND you tell me ONE activity from YOUR weekend!

Can't wait for another fabulous week with my 5B Rockstars, (neener, neener), 5B Angels (ding..ahhhh), and 5B Babies (mama, mama)!  Keep it up!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Compliments to 5B....AGAIN!!!

You'd think I'd get tired of bragging about everyone and complimenting 5B's behaviors...but... Nope, not so much!  I get a kick out of it!   It seems our only major times we struggle are planner times and recently... (as of today) lunch???

I am a bit worried about comments I heard Becky and the other lunch duty aides talking about that were happening today at lunch. It sounds like there were students getting up and moving to several different tables, hands all over each other, volume of talking was way above necessary and, in general, extremely unnecessary behaviors.  I'm thinking that if any 5B students are guilty (or the culprits...word of the day meaning accused of a crime), you should be feeling like this puppy.  I know how truly respectful, caring and helpful 5B can be.  This shows that some of us were not too well, huh?  Let's make a change, ok?  It sounds like you'll be moving to an assigned seating chart with boy/girl/boy/girl arrangements if it doesn't get solved.  At least that's what a few of you mentioned today at planner time.  So... be role models for the other 5th grade classmates, ok?

You know you are favorited by many teachers and adults, so let's just be the best we can be:)

I'll keep it short tonight.  Remember to think about appropriate, layered clothes and old shoes for tomorrow.  Water bottles with names labeled are important, also.  School is providing EVERYONE's lunch!  I'm SOOOO excited to share this experience with you guys.  It such a special and sacred place in our community!  Oh, play some Free Rice tonight to get yourself pumped up!

Other Reminders:
Book Orders - Due Tuesday of Next Week (Sept. 23) or online by then
CHANGE:  You can STILL bring in Homecoming T-shirt Orders!!  Even until Monday...but Friday is PREFERRED.  
Next Week:  Wednesday is a 3-hour early out

I'll know you checked the blog IF...  you listen to that Norman Borlaug Rap again...over and over until you REALLY know the main chorus verse.  I'll be asking you to do some singing for me!

Here are the lyrics:
Norman Borlaug, you may be
the greatest man in history.
Using science and your brain
to stamp out hunger, woe and pain.

Creating new varieties
of plants with new technologies.
You're the man we look up to.
That is why we're thanking you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday = No WiFi :(

Good evening, 5B!
I'm sorry it's so late tonight.  I understand if some of you don't get a chance to check it.  The WiFi went down at school after you guys left, and I'm just getting a minute to post now.

I was going to keep it short anyway, but I NEEDED to let you know that you ALL should receive the

With today's new test, you guys had MUCH more maturity and focus than just about any other class I've known!  WOW!!  I bragged like crazy to you to Mrs. Grimm, and she agreed you were so amazing!  Also, I was chatting with Mrs. Vandervort later in the day, and she says that 5B is her FAVORITE class to work with!!  AHHHHHHH!  Doesn't that make you feel proud?  I believe we've heard that from Mrs. Branum AND Mrs. Skekleton, haven't we?! 

That is QUITE the reputation!  Now, we need to keep it up!  Tomorrow, just a few of you will need to take that test, and we'll all be through it.  Thanks for being such ready learners!  

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and give me a proud, confident look with your chest out, your arms at your hips and a smile on your face!  Stand there until I say, "You da' bomb!"