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Monday, November 24, 2014

Most A-MAZING Monday EVER!

It was SUCH a productive day, 5B!  Wowser!  Everyone was SO on task, SO focused, and SO responsible for their time in literacy with the reading activity and working on their published piece! Let's have another one like that, ok!?!

Remember, Tuesday will be a goofy day with a mixed up schedule.  We will share our writing pieces (at least what we chose to publish for now) and also as many of the Passion Projects that we can.  Landen did a super job keeping us informed about mirrors, his home-made periscope and his extra facts.  Great job making it so interactive!

With Tuesday being TOTAL UP TUESDAY, we will get RIGHT to our attendance and pledge and split into our TEAMS for this week's CHAMPIONS! Will the Pride Knights take on another win or will they get booted off of the throne!  Oh, and Magic Pencil Holders.... I've decided to let you keep your pencils and use them for real now.  No need to return them to me:)

Some Reminders for Tuesday:
Published piece -done and ready to share
Art homework
PENCIL (sharpened) for math and social studies
Soc. St. test shared with families AND returned (for those who need to)
Drink (optional) - no caffeine or energy drinks
My 5B Angels (ding...Ahhh!) again!

Here is a sneak peek for being a good audience member when someone is sharing his/her writing with you tomorrow in class.  Visit this link to listen and see a published piece written by an author like you!  As an active listener, you should be able to point out something positive that you enjoyed to the author when they are done.  There are several pages, so be sure to listen to the whole thing.  Share with me your compliment or positive comment that you would have given the author if you could.  Whisper it to me in the morning as you come in!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 Day Week? Yikes!

Where did the cold and snow go?  Weird, huh?  I'm ok with it though.  Although Isaiah was SO excited to make a snowman Saturday morning with the wet and sticky snow!  He was talking a mile-a-minute about his plan for the first snowman of the season and here's what he ended up with...

Then, we headed to Decorah to do some errands and get some lunch.  When we came back, Isaiah was a sad little guy...  This is what it basically looked like:(

I told him that we would have A LOT more snow coming in the next months!  He accepted it better than I expected!

Ok, so, this week is going to be a "blink"!

For Monday, we have some extra activities and a few reminders...
1) Group Band
2) Skype with Pre-K Buddies - I sent over your "Thankful Pages"
3) Bringing in any items (with green permission slip) for upcoming project
4) Finishing up published piece - remember if you have stuff at home to bring it with you Monday!
5) Last day to earn points for your TEAM before Tuesday's Totaling Up for Champions of Week 2!

We have some special activities planned for Tuesday...  
1) One requires (if you choose) to bring in a drink for you.  It should be a single serving container that does not include pop or energy drinks.  Acceptable choices include:  water, flavored water, juice box, Gatorade, etc.  No, I'm not telling you what it is for yet:)  Heeheheee!
2) Mixed up schedule
3) Bringing in any items (with green permission slip) for upcoming project
4)  Sharing published pieces with others
6) Pie, Oh, My (Which adult gets a pie in the face - and WHICH STUDENTS get to HELP?)

Ok, enjoy the rest of your day!  Stay dry! Remember that it will be wet and slushy tomorrow on the playground, so still where boots.  We don't want a room full of mud and wet spots all over:)

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in the room, and (WHISPER) ask me for one of our classmate's names.  I'll whisper the name of one to you.  Your job is to take one of our "Character Counts" compliments and think of something about that person you can compliment them about.  Be sure to put HIS or HER name on it, but NOT your own.  Be specific and thoughtful.  I'm thankful for all of you and your caring ways.  Show each other that, too.  Put it in the green bag and we'll share them Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving break!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great to Get OUTSIDE!

I think most 5B students would agree that it was a relief to be able to be outside today....BUT it was DEFINITELY cold enough out that snow pants, warm coats, gloves/mittens, boots and HATS were necessary!  Too many of you were headed out today with shoes and regular pants/jeans.  As your 5B Mama... I'm worried about you.  If you do NOT have these things, PLEASE come tell me quietly on your own.  I can help you find some.  OK?  Remind your parents that 5B Mama is concerned for your health and well-being.  No need to freeze our toes and nose if we can control it, right?!

Hopefully your math and social studies tests went well yesterday and today.  I know it was a lot of testing back to back, but it sounds like you guys handled it pretty well!  Homework this week should be for those people who are discussing 'Blackfish" and the article for the mini Socratic Seminar.  Be sure you have read the entire article either on paper or online.  If you have Net Flix (I'm jealous if you do...), check with your family to watch the whole documentary, instead of just the trailer I sent you in a link.  Also, art homework is a fun one to brainstorm this week!  Check out these optical illusions to inspire your drawing for art.  Click Here!

Otherwise, I'll know you checked the blog if you come in,  put your turkey on the Smartboard for attendance, go STRAIGHT to your home without CHATTING or LOOKING at ANYONE AT ALL (even if they talk to you, don't give in).  Have a seat and stare at your feet until I come around and I say the magic words, "Tickle Me Elmo."  Then you can look up at the Smartboard.

Oh!  And here's a BONUS way I'll know you checked the blog!  Go to this TodaysMeet link to see what it is!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pride Knights - First Week's Champions

Congratulations to the Pride Knights!  Hopefully your Magic Pencils have not run out of magic yet!

Over 1,000 points!  Way to go!

I'm so impressed with ALL teams the lowest scores were in the 800's!?!!!  That's some amazing Cadet Pride that you can't hide!  I loved seeing your excitement as you totaled up the points!

It was a great way to start the day!  Then, don't forget to tell you families about our Skype with Mr. Carver from Washington, D.C.!  How lucky are we?!

Be sure to study for your social studies test tonight.  This will be a big part of your social studies grade so far.  Show all of your knowledge about the Native American's history and homes.  

Tomorrow should be a pretty "normal" day.  So get your team "game faces on" to see who NEXT week's champions will be!  Let's celebrate the Pride Knights, but show them that they've got some friendly competition to worry about:)

With the weather being so stinkin' cold lately, I was excited to see everyone at recess time socializing, smiling, hanging out with each other and guess what?  No one was using electronic devices!  Wow!  Board games, Jenga, Apples to Apples, Styrofoam cups, etc. all made from an enjoyable recess time. So...  If you have a fun game at home that your family doesn't mind lending for a day or two while we are stuck indoors (not sure what it's supposed to be like), bring them in and we'll have some extra options for socializing at recess (IF we are indoors).  Thanks (but be sure to ask first).

Here's blog proof tonight...  To show what respectful and mature students we have in our 5B Family (We are family), I'd like you to give an original compliment to the Pride Knights Team on their win on this TodaysMeet Link.  Click Here:)  Your compliment can NOT be the same as someone else's above yours, so be sure you are thinking of special just for them.  IF you are ON the Pride Knights Team, then your job is to add a compliment or a positive comment to the other 3 teams, wishing them well for this week's competition!  This is truly a test of Cadet Pride - finding the good in others!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Future Mamma Monday

Blog by: Carter and Emily

Reminders: Conferences tonight and Thursday (1 hour early out),
art homework,
math test tomorrow,
social studies test Wednesday,
tomorrow cash in day.

Little heads up on the cash in day, DO NOT be a poor loser.


Keep going way down...

Keep going...

I'm not done...

Ok we'll be done. Blog proof is to come in, get with your group while Mrs. Sorenson will be with the "tickets" and will judge you of how good you are together as a team. You will get in a circle with your group and do the wierdest dance you can come up with! Good luck! :)

5- good
20- great
50- I'm speech less
-15- not trying :(

Have a good rest of your night! (from Emily and Carter who wrote this blog!)

Now from Mrs. Sorenson:
Math tests skills you can review tonight for Mrs. Suckow's math test on Tuesday:  place value, adding and subtraction larger numbers and decimals, open sentences, multiplying different methods

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Busy Week Ahead!

Well, 5B, I surely hope you are staying warm and hunting down mittens, hats, gloves, snow pants, scarves and boots for this week's windy, wintery weather! Boy, oh, boy, I'm NOT ready for this yet!  Please be sure you chat with your parents about warm clothes.  You're my little 5B Babies (mama, mama) at school, and I worry about your noses, fingers and everything else!

Remind your families that we have a 1-HOUR EARLY OUT on both Monday and Thursday of this week due to conferences.  Also, remember how important it is for YOU to be at your conference, right?  These even a chance to make some Cadet Cash from it!  Woo-hoo, Baby!

I was getting your Photo Booth pictures set up for conferences this weekend, and Isaiah saw some of the goofy pictures you took.  We decided to have a little fun with it.  Your blog proof is to look through the MANY pictures that Isaiah wanted to take and pick YOUR favorite one.  They are all pretty scary if you ask me!  Whisper me the # of the picture you liked best as you come in Monday morning.  Also, remember, it's a BAND day, so we need to hustle right away.  Lyli can get us started immediately without me saying so, ok, Lyli?!  I'm counting on YOU to take charge:)

Have a great night!  I'll see you all tomorrow day but some of you are LUCKY enough to see me AGAIN at your conference!  Such lucky little ladies and gents!







Thursday, November 13, 2014


Woo-Hoo! The Internet is back!

This is how some kids felt today when the announcement was made that the Internet was down...

I'm guessing many of you are feeling relieved and excited about life being back to normal:)  
Yes, I agree!  But we did make it through quite smoothly!

1.  Social Studies Homework:  Vocabulary Review Sheet!  Let's see responsibility!  

2.  FAMILY TURKEY PROJECT DUE FRIDAY! The ones that have come in are SO GREAT!  You are all so creative!  Thanks to family members who have helped out!

I'll know you checked the blog if you check out that Make-a-Flake website that I mentioned at the end of the day Thursday.  It's at the bottom of the blog, on the righthand side under Christmas activities.  But here's a quick link to it:  Click Here

Here's the one I made in like 5 little snips of my virtual scissors!  See how pretty and easy it is!  Ah, I love this website! 

So, the REAL proof is to email the flake you make!  Click on Save My Flake.  It will have you put in your FIRST NAME ONLY.  Then below that will give you the option to Email the Flake.  My email, as you most likely know is:

I'll check them out as they come in!  Have a great night!  I think we are BACK on TRACK with Cadet Pride! The points are RACKING UP!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5B TEAMS Taking OFF!

Hats off to the Pride Knights, Mr. Pinky Fluffy Pants, the Pink Polk-a-Dotted Underwear and the Cadet Wolves!  I see team members showing pride and doing activities together quite a bit this week.  I've seen many positive behaviors, which means POINTS, Baby!  And yes, there have been some white (-15 points) tickets handed out, but hey, not a problem.  Just be sure you help each other out, encourage each other, be positive with each other, and show your Cadet Pride.  All team members will need to work together to make your team a SUCCESS!  

In general, I've seen an improvement in more self-control.  Hey, that Pep Talk you give the class worked!  Those are my 5B Rock Stars (neneneneneneneeeer)!

Since I missed the blog last night, I wanted to be sure to share out the Veteran's Day Tribute video that 5B and 5D created.  The images chosen, flag poses and the videos were so amazing that I wanted you to see it and share it with this your family.  Visit the link below to see it and show it off!

I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and grab a piece of white paper.  Do your best to make a paper snowflake by folding your paper and cutting it.  KEEP working on it as we do attendance so that the band kids won't be late!  

Monday, November 10, 2014


Either a snowstorm is coming, a full moon or something is in the air lately.  Many 5th graders of 5B and 5D are struggling with 5th grade expected behaviors.  As I said today at the end of the day, I am concerned if we are using the T.H.I.N.K. strategy.  The 2 major concerns I'm focusing on is:  H - helpful and N - necessary.

This is what I'm seeing from many 5B students lately....

However, very LITTLE time is put into listening to the "angel" side that T.H.I.N.K.s through decisions like this....
Stopping him/herself from blurting?
Asking the questions whether or not running down the sidewalk to recess will get him/her caught?
Being on an app or website that you aren't assigned to?
Showing a speaker/reader your respect by sitting up, listening and blurting?
Yelling out in class a response that others are just answering?
Bringing homework home, completing it and then returning in?
Talking about weekends or movies when he/she is supposed to working alone?

We're in a bit of a rut, 5B.  We need to do something that will really help us remember how amazing, respectful, helpful, caring, responsible, inspiring, and trustworthy we all are!  Tomorrow, I'll share a plan with you to get us back on track!

We have some amazing role models in class, and each and EVERY one of you has a fantastic piece to add to our 5B Family. We wouldn't be the same without you, but we need the BEST part of you to make it happen!

I'll know you checked the blog if you can write an inspiring and positive pep talk to our 5B Family.  Click on this TodaysMeet link to share your pep talk. You know our 5B Family as well as I do. Help inspire each other to make a change!

Art Homework
Social Studies Homework
NaNoWriMo - keep up the word counting!!

Parents still need to sign up for conferences - online:)
(Note went home today)

FAMILY TURKEY PROJECT!  I can NOT wait to see what you do!  This is due BY this Friday for our door decorating contest!  If you get it done early, PLEASE bring it in.  I know how creative each of you are!  I picture people who love Legos, TMNT, Maze Runner, drawing, gymnastics, music, video games, hunting/camo, animals, sports, etc.  Use what you LOVE to disguise this turkey and save his/her life:)  Just be thankful that YOU'RE NOT a turkey!! Heheeee!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ok.. Here's the REAL Blog Post...

If you are checking BACK because I told you to check in the morning, BRAVO!  Thanks for being so responsible.  If you're checking for the FIRST time and this is the only post you've seen this weekend, then just ignore the first part I wrote:)

Ok.. The Maze Runner.... There are A LOT of differences!  Ugh!  I'll need to draw a venn diagram to see what is similar and different.  I'm trying decide how I feel at this point about how the book and movie differ....Hmm... I'll get back to you.



Ok!  On Monday, we have a special reading event to celebrate

To KICK-OFF National Young Readers Week, these 4 administrators will take on a challenge....
Mr. Carver
Mrs. Jurgensen                            Mrs. Grimm
Mr. Felderman
to show their love of reading and inspire 5th Graders!  

5B will have 2 of these 4 visitors!  We don't know which ones will be coming to our room Monday.  That will be your blog proof.  When you come in on Monday morning, put a star by the 2 administrators YOU predict we will have visit our room Monday!  It will be up on the Smartboard!  If we had more time, we'd have all 4, but unfortunately their schedules do not allow that.

So..  who do you think it will be?  

Thanks of checking back! See you soon!