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Thursday, April 16, 2015

5B.... We are on a ROLL...

Please be sure to model for Mrs. O. on Friday how amazing 5B can be at ANY TIME, ANY DAY, ANY WEEK!  I know she'll have so much fun with you when you show this side!!  
Get it?  HAA HAA HAAA!!!
You'll have a normal schedule tomorrow except the only ones going to Cadet Time rooms will be Mr. Knobloch's group and Mrs. Walter's group.  The rest will have an activity in our room with Mrs. O.  
Be sure your writing prompt is ready to show right away in the morning!  Mrs. O. did this with 5D for 3 mornings when she was here for Mrs. Suckow back in March, so she knows to check for a certain amount.  Mrs. Powers can check as well:)

Ok, here's your only blog proof... Watch Isaiah's video and write down what Isaiah says.  Show it to Mrs. O.  


Have great weekends!  Check back on Sunday (like usual for reminders!) for the weekend.  

Oh, a MAJOR reminder is to return those field trip notes... I saw at least ONE person's just laying on the floor today.  I put it at his/her spot as a reminder.  I sure would miss one of our 5B family if they don't get to go along on the trip:(  
Don't let this be you...
"Hey, guys!  Wait up!  I got my slip in finally..."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


REALLY busy night for my family tonight...

Just be sure that you talk to your family's about the field trip, go over the times and what you need.  We'll chat more tomorrow though for specific questions.

Great job on getting writing pieces done for your Writing Journal.  Very impressed with the daily writing you've been doing for over 3 weeks!  I bet you thought you couldn't do it, huh?!

Ok, blog proof...
Simply whisper to me as you come in... "You didn't have any blog proof for us Wednesday night."

Nighty Night... Sorry so short!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Dream Class is IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT... Everybody's gonna have a good time...

What a fantastic, amazing day back on track for 5B!  We are just kickin' butt, aren't we?!  Ok, I won't get too confident because there's always room to improve, but WOWZA, keep it UP!!

I'll keep it WAY short!  Be sure your giving 15 minutes to your "friend" after your "speed dating" experience today.  You chose them to spend time with, so don't be rude and ignore them after you just met!   Then be sure to get your Writing Prompt done as well!  We'll check those right away as we start our day, ok?

Be sure to bring anything you want for our Chillax time tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks for the extra ideas/songs you've put on the TodaysMeet.  Add more if you want anything else.  

The time has been moved a teeny bit, but we'll still have it in the afternoon like I said today.  Remember these things might be fun to have...
Costumes/Parts of Costumes
Own Devices
Pillow for "nap time"! 

I'll know you checked the blog if you have out 3 things for writing right away... 
1)  Your Writing Prompt response (like always)
2)  Your Biography of a Classmate Question Page and notebook!  
(We are going to work on that RIGHT AWAY before we have Cadet Time since we won't have any time during literacy due to our REWARD!!)  So the more prepared we are, the more we can get done!  
3) MOST IMPORTANT... A HUGE, MONSTER SMILE (but no chatting along with it)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mellow Monday... That's for Sure!

Well, we started off pretty slow this morning, but obviously cranked it up with our quick and refreshing game of blob tag! I'd love to do some more of that!  But the BIGGEST excitement SHOULD have come when we realized we MET OUR CLASS GOAL ALREADY!!!
I was thinking about when this would/could happen this week, and I'm thinking that Wednesday afternoon might be a PERFECT time since we already have a goofy schedule with Music Practice!  
How does that sound to ya'll?  A-Okay??

That means we need some song ideas for a Lip Sync Battle!!  
 to give suggestions whether you are going to actually perform or just watch!  Be sure they are songs that most of us would know so we can actually lip sync!

Be sure to get your homework done tonight.  It looked like a long list for some of you.  I'm hopeful to see all work done AND refreshed faces because you enjoyed some outside time, too!

I'll know you checked the blog because there was one Animoto video that we did NOT see fully today.  Click the link to watch it.  See me in the morning and tell me ONE thing you learned about this person by watching the video!

One more blog proof will be a bit silly.... When you walk in the room (before telling me about the video you watched) walk through the door as if you are a baby bird taking its first flight out of the nest... "you're scared, excited and full of little flapping wing effort" so you don't plummet to the ground!  No sound effects though!  

See you Tuesday morning!  Remember, the "Early bird gets the worm!"

Sunday, April 12, 2015


If you didn't get outside at some point this weekend.....


Ok... I guess I'll forgive you if not, but boy, oh, boy, we need to enjoy these sunny days when we get them!  I went for a quick run this morning (and saw both Josh with his family in a car and Hunter from 5D) and I was actually sweating!!!  Yippee for spring weather!!

So, I hope you enjoyed your weekend no matter how you spent it.  I was looking back over my pictures today from our visit with Maribeth Boelts, and I STILL can't believe how lucky we were to have her in our school for 2 full days talking to us about being a writer!!  Here are just a few pictures from our visit with her....

This week should be pretty normal except for the extra music practice on Wednesday and something on Friday...but I'm not telling you what that is yet!!  Heheheee!  

Something NEW for us this week is our Special Tickets set up ONLY for our special classes from now on:  Library, Art, Tech, P.E. and Music (and Guidance when we have it)
Remember we have set expectations, positive and negative points and a goal to work on especially in those classes to show that 5B puts in that extra effort when we see we need it, right?!  

We will start these on Monday with Library.  Our biggest area to work on in Library is staying on task when Mrs. Shekleton is not leading you.... staying on the assigned app, site or job, working independently, having self-control with side talking, and using your time wisely.  

Ok, for blog proof... It's a bit silly... but Isaiah saw that I had my toenails painted and wanted his painted, too.  Here are his finished toes. You can't see it, but each toe has a different color - ranging from purple, pink, silver, lavender, and lighter pink.  I told him that "Usually" girls have their toes painted to look pretty, and boys like to be handsome but don't care about toenails.'  
Which one of these statements below do you think Isaiah said as a response to my statement?
A.  "Then wash it off 'cause I don't care about toenails." (in a serious tone)
B.  "I want to be beautiful." (in a sweet tone)
C.  "Boys can be pretty too." (in a bossy/snooty tone)
D.  "Daddy's gonna be pretty mad." (in a scared tone)

On the white wall, I'll  have A, B, C, D in columns.  Write your name in the column you think is the correct response as your blog proof.  I'll reveal the answer before people head off to band!  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fun and Fabulous Friday!!!

I am SOOO excited for tomorrow!  I can't wait to see all of the Animoto videos you created about the biographies you read!  From the few I saw when previewing them and conferencing with some of you, I believe the class will learn SO much in just ONE CLASS PERIOD!!

#1  Wear Cadet Nation Shirt or SOMETHING CADET OR BLUE!

#2  Finish P.S. Brothers!
Will Russell and Shawn get the puppy?  What's going on in that garage?  Will there be scary parts? Will we finish before meeting the author?!!

#3  Large Group Author Visit.....Maribeth Boelts!  Yeehaw!  I talked to the other teachers about their visit with her and they are SOOOOO jealous that 5th grade gets extra time.  They said she was SO AMAZING!!  We are so so so so so so so....and one more so...LUCKY!!


#5:  Small Group Workshop with Maribeth Boelts!!  Can I hear a, "Yeehaw, Baby!"?  This will be such an experience!!

Ok!  So as you can see, Friday is FILLED with FUN-TASTIC EVENTS!  Let's be sure our work is done tonight so that we can enjoy all of the excitement tomorrow!  I see that many of our Animoto projects have been produced (I get emails for everyone:).  Be sure you think about what your Luther partner wanted you to work on when writing.  I may even ask a few of you to SHARE some samples tomorrow IN FRONT OF THIS GUEST AUTHOR!!!  So be ready!!!

I'll know you checked the blog if you go to Maribeth Boelts website again (Click Here) and learn something NEW about her! Maybe even scroll down and check out stuff towards the bottom or other books or ANYTHING!  Be sure it comes from this site though;)

Add it to this TodaysMeet Link!  BUT... be sure it's NOT something that someone else has already shared!  Your blog proof WON'T count if you repeat something!  Got it?  Good!  Peace Out, Homeys!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Short Day of School.... Long List of Work for Home

I like our 1/2 days because it is so busy with extra specials and the time flies by, but I do NOT like that we get very little time as a class together:(  I have to start savoring every moment we have together because our time is dwindling down...and will run out very soon...  My 5B Babies (mama, mama) are growing up and another 5B Family (We are family...) will be moving on away from me...  Sniffle, sniffle...  I'm going to try and slow down time. We will see if that is something I can accomplishment once and awhile over the weeks and month or so!

Well, I guess you don't have too long of a list for work...but it definitely is more than normal.  Be sure your Writing Journal Prompt is done.  We will be sharing some from the past week tomorrow in class.  Also, think about what your Luther partner and you discussed to work on as you write, ok?  Also, feel free to work on Animoto.  I'll share a few with you tomorrow to give suggestions to, and then you'll have work time.

Social Studies
Also, there was a pretty hefty social studies assignment from Mrs. Suckow over Lessons 3 and 4 in your social studies books.  If you forgot your social studies book..... then you made a pretty big boo-boo.  We are here all afternoon.  Come back and grab it if you don't have it with you.  Be sure to know those listed battles well with dates, places, leaders, who had the victory and what made it such a unique battle.

Remember, band is tomorrow, so we'll need to get attendance and pledge done right away.  I'll know you checked the blog if you come in and ERASE ONE drawing off of the green or white wall.  Come tell me WHOSE it was that you erased (be sure you look at the name of the 5D person before erasing it!).  You may just get a little something special as your "thank you" for checking the blog!

Oh, and thanks for the yummy treat today to celebrate Kyleigh's birthday! Mmmm... It hit the spot, baby!

Enjoy your free afternoon:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Amazing Way to End Your Day!!!

I can NOT compliment you ENOUGH for those of you who were in the room finishing planners while I was in the hallway chatting with a few students.  Mrs. Walter said you were wonderful when she walked in!   I feel bad not getting to say goodbye or making you do something goofy as you left! So, I'll get you back in the MORNING:)  Actually, I'll get you back by REWARDING you for such Cadet Pride!
Do these blog proof items in this order as you come in....

1)  If you were IN the room (not in the hallway with me), please grab yourself a GREEN ticket.
2)  Bring me the GREEN ticket and whisper in my ear "Yep, can't hide my Cadet Pride."
3)  Go stand somewhere in the room and "freeze" in a dance move until I start a game of Freeze Dance to start our day!! Stay frozen in some random dance move until I start the music!

Don't forget to do your Writing Journal Prompt!  We had a few that forgot over the long weekend. Let's not let that become a habit, ok?  Also, if you were wanting to work on your Animoto projects, you are welcomed to!  You worked SO SERIOUSLY in class today!  Great progress!

Reminder that Wednesday is an EARLY OUT!
Friday is also our special visit from Maribeth Boelts!  How lucky are we?????

Monday, April 6, 2015

Missed EVERYONE! Can't wait to see you!!

Hey, 5B!
I hope you all had fun and relaxing weekends! The weather was super for being outside.  I'm sure we all will have stories to share about our weekends!  I'll give you the blog proof FIRST tonight! As soon as you come in, go to an open spot on the green or white wall and draw out your FAVORITE part of your 4 day weekend.  You can erase anything that's on the wall now.  Label your drawing with your name so we can discuss it later!

The SECOND blog proof will be for you to help me out!  We will be switching spots....FINALLY!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Well, please go to this TodaysMeet Link to list EVERY place you have NOT sat in yet.  I'm guessing your dear 5B Family (We are family...) will remember if you choose a spot you've already been at.

Ok.. Now just to quickly recap
5B gets to chat face to face with Luther partners!
We will work on our writing goals

5D got to meet, too!
I also hear that many of our 5th graders had a special evening on Thursday with their church!  A little "helper" got me this picture of a few of our 5B Babies (mama, mama) and some other lucky 5th graders!  Congrats to these kiddos! A special thanks goes out to my "helper!"
Do you see Cameron, Annabelle and Emily from 5B?
Now..  what's coming up this week?

Tuesday - Friday...  NEED TO FINISH P.S. Brothers!  
Tuesday - Friday.... Working on Animoto Biography Projects
Tuesday - Friday... Writing Biography of a Classmate
Tuesday - Friday... Writing Journals - Be sure these are done for Tuesday! 2 of the 3 prompts:)

Wednesday.... 3 Hour Early Out - ALREADY?!  1 day of school, then a 1/2 day??  Lucky ducks!

Friday.. Special Visit from Author, Maribeth Boelts! Remember, we get our very own writing workshop with her, too!  

Here's a website about her life! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Get your work done for...
Social Studies - Book Creator App
Writing Journal - Docs/Paper Copy
Biography Planning Sheet - Animoto App (optional)


I'll know you checked the blog by doing a "happy dance" for a 4 day weekend for Easter!  This needs to be done in the presence of some adult that can witness and sign a note backing you up!  Have him/her (mom, dad, g-ma, g-pa, Mrs. Vandervort, someone else's mom/dad, etc.) write a quick note saying that saw your happy dance! Have them sign the note!  Show it to me when you come in Thursday morning!

We have band and Cadet Time...then our BIG Peeps are coming from Luther to visit!  Yeh!!  The afternoon will be fun-filled with STEM!

Now GET OUTSIDE, will ya?  Get off your device and ENJOY!!!