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Monday, October 12, 2015

Everything is Awesome...

Check out this link and sing along to celebrate!!  CLICK HERE!

Yeh, Baby!  Transitions were DEFINITELY better today!  Let's see if we can be EVEN MORE AMAZING at them on Tuesday!  Let's call tomorrow... "Transitions Tuesday" to keep our mind set on the goal!

I'll keep it short tonight....

1)  Make up Science Homework  (if it wasn't done over the weekend)
2)  Reading Homework for Mrs. Sorenson (Socratic Seminar packet) - only some of you had this!
3)  Chip Shoppe Selling!  (due Wed/Thurs.)

Blog Proof...
Look back at the blog to put together the 3 word phrase that I have hidden.  Can you find them? Write it down on a piece of paper, and show it to me in the morning as you come in. (Hint... each word will be a different color to help separate the words).

It may help to remember the new word I used today when we were forgetting transitions.

Have a good night...and STAY WARM!!  Woo-eee.... Here comes fall!  I'm thinking these birdies will start flying south soon!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What a GREAT Homecoming Week!

5B showed so much school spirit last week!  It was so tough deciding on those Spirit Awards!  Thanks for all of our 5B Family (we are family...) for making an effort and showing you know how to have a good time working as a TEAM!

Friday's pep rally was a BLAST!  Here are a few pics!

Great job to Kelly for representing our 5th grade in the pom-pom challenge!!  You go, girl!

This week will be pretty normal for us.  And as we left on Friday, we had a serious family discussion about....
It's fantastic that we have fun in school!  That's definitely the way I like to approach almost EVERYTHING... but if our "fun" and excitement takes over our Cadet Pride and self-control, then it's not working.  We discussed this and most everyone agreed that we NEED to work on our transitions (talking, off-task, taking too long, not getting right to it, etc.).  We are coming to the end of our 1st quarter as 5th graders.  It is definitely time that we see a difference from the beginning of the year to now.  Let's see the change...

Our Cadets Academy help many of you with your self-control, but we still need to remember to...

Let's DO THIS!! 

Ok...Reminders for the Week...
#1:  Keep selling for our Chip Shoppe fundraiser!  It's due on Wednesday of this week!  

#2:  P.E. on Monday!  

#3:  Picture Retakes.... NOT this week...but just giving you a heads-up that they are scheduled for Tuesday, October 27! Elyse and Kaydence need these for sure since you guys were gone.  Anyone else wanting to get them redone, be sure you have your packets and pictures to return that day!

#4:  IF you have a blue Action Card from Cadets Academy on Friday, be sure it is signed and returned for Monday!

#5:  IF you volunteered to bring in a part of our scarecrow for Mrs. Sorenson's READING CLASS, please bring in those:  flannel shirt, work gloves, work boots, pumpkin head:)  Thanks!

FINALLY... Blog proof!  It seems you poor, poor children NEVER get a break from me!  Somehow I see at least ONE or more of you over the weekend!  For example... many 5th grade boys PELTED me with candy at the parade on Friday!  I saw several of you at the homecoming game (sad loss). Then  also saw people on Saturday at Pinters!  Your blog proof will be to look at the photo below and answer the question below it.  Please put your 2 answers to the question on a post-it note or paper.  Hand it to me with YOUR NAME on it please on Monday morning!

Have a great rest of your Sunday (or Monday morning if you are checking this then!!  Let's come in on Monday with the "I GOT THIS" kind of attitude to make TRANSITIONS a SUCCESS!

Be sure to get out ALL of your materials for switching right away:)

Thursday, October 8, 2015


5B, I thought yesterday's hat and sock day was the best show of spirit  this week, but WOW, I was wrong after today!  I think  ALL 29 of you had SOME kind of neon to wear today!  That is probably a FIRST in 5B's Homecoming History!!  Sooooo proud!  It REALLY means A LOT to know that you can think as a TEAM!  

It was EXTREMELY tough again today to decide who earned a Spirit Award...but after careful inspection of our class photo,  a big 
CONGRATS goes to...

Aidan L. for the double-hatted!
Chase for covered from head to toe!
Spencer for pulling off those socks, baby!

Come claim your awards as you come in Friday morning!

In reading class, the new website we are trying (for 10 days for free) seemed to go over VERY well for many of you!  Here are 2 videos of our 5B classmates reading, singing and trying out the new reading fluency and comprehension program I hope to have the school purchase!  

Obviously Sawyer enjoyed it!

Landen was also rockin' out!

Tomorrow will be an EXTRA crazy day, so I need 5B to truly use the T.H.I.N.K. strategy!  Our transitions and chatting were at their HIGHEST today.  We want to prove that we are class that can handle excitement with learning.  Or... the excitement part needs to go away :(  

Friday's Schedule Looks Like This...
8:30 - 8:55  Cadets Academy Activity/Reteaching
9:00 - 9:30  Group Band
9:35 - 10:15  5B Time
10:30 - 11:05  Homecoming Pep Rally at the high school
11:10- 11:40  Music
11:40 - 12:00 Lunch
Planners, Share, Buh-Bye!!

Ok.. BLOG PROOF...  Tomorrow will be a TRUE test of SELF-CONTROL!  With so many events and activities, we need to move quickly.  The ONLY way I'll know you checked the blog is if you can come in Friday morning...
You shouldn't talk to me, classmates, yourself....anyone.  

This takes TOTAL control.  

As you come in, just do your attendance pumpkin, have a seat, and
Read to Self.  

Don't forget to show MAJOR Cadet SPIRIT tomorrow by wearing Cadet colors or Cadet clothing!  I'd love to see another day of all 29 of you working as a TEAM!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crazy Hats & Socks, Oh, My!

Check out our fantastic SPIRIT in 5B!!!!
I need to apologize to KAYDENCE!  I said I'd get a picture of her
sock and put it in the middle.... OOPS!  I didn't want her to have to
mess with her poor leg by getting on the ground!  Now, I just
 plain FORGOT her!  Will you forgive me, Kaydence?

With SO MANY of you putting forth the effort today with the HATS AND SOCKS, it is a VERY TOUGH decision for today's SPIRIT AWARD!  Why do you do this to me????  Why?????

But if I HAVE to choose.... uh... the stress... help me... uh....  Ok.. I'll do the MOST MEMORABLE... that will help me decide!

Congrats to....
Vince!  (Tiniest Hat EVER!)
Joey!  (Most Wild, Colorful!)
Ashton!  (Craziest Hair!)

For all of you who had on crazy socks... that was WAY too difficult to decide, so I have a little award just for sock wearers:)  So, if you are a SPIRIT WINNER, please come see me AFTER our Attendance and Pledge! If you are a SOCK wearer from today, I'll get you your little reward after the Spirit Awards are given out, ok?  So... NO ONE ASK ME anything until AFTER the Pledge:)

Some Reminders...
1)  Book Orders (Chase and Daelyn - you told me to wait until Thursday, right?)  Anyone else can bring them in if you want to order or just have your families go online!

2)  NEON DAY for Thursday!

3)  Library Day for Thursday! If you have books to check in, please bring them in:)

BLOG PROOF!!  Ok.. here's a BIG challenge for you! Tomorrow morning the teachers ALL have a staff meeting with Mrs. Grimm.  The last time we had this, our class did NOT show their Cadet Pride behaviors.  I'm thinking POSITIVELY about my SOPHISTICATED (Huhhh...rub rub on shoulder - that's a new one from writing class today!) 5B Babies (mama, mama - still creepy!) this time!

IF I'm NOT there, PLEASE come straight in, pick your pumpkin for attendance, and have out your materials out for switching.  THEN, choose one of these activities
ST Math (from Tech Class)
Finish ART drawing
Luther Partner (my reading kids only) Google Docs with Strategy Boxes

IF I AM there, please do the same thing, but be sure to SMILE at me as you come in:)

Let's see WHO is UP to the CHALLENGE!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5B Career Choices!!

Wow!!  I feel like out of ALL of the 5th grades, 5B had the MOST people dressing up to help support and celebrate our SCHOOL SPIRIT!!  So PROUD of my 5B Family (we are family...).

Here's to 5B and what the future may hold with their choices for careers...
The 2nd picture didn't SAVE on my camera!  I'm not sure what happened?! I wanted to put the "goofy" on their but....nope!  Not happening, I guess!  Now, I know Daelyn was gone today (at least...later ON I realized that!), but another 5B student is MISSING in this photo.  Hmmm...I wonder who DUCKED as I took the picture?!

It was REALLY TOUGH to decide who gets a spirit award with all of the extra effort and props that people went to getting their costumes ready!  The ones that TOTALLY stuck out to me were those who were dressed HEAD to TOE and really put forth the extra effort...

Congrats to...

Chef Quinzey!
Ms. Burke!
Dr. Ferrie!
Technician Elyse!
Racer Elice!
MLB Player Sawyer!
NFL Cornerback Ayden!
Therapist Bree!
Dirt Biker Landen!

Please come claim your Cadet Spirit Awards first thing Wednesday morning!  Great job to everyone who dressed up today....even that Famous Monster Truck Driver who was on his "day off".  (Funny Alex!)

Let's see what CRAZY HAT and SOCKS will bring for 5B on WEDNESDAY!

Reminders for Tomorrow: 
BOOK ORDERS DUE!  Either online or in an envelope with a check to Scholastic!
BAND - Remember this is on Wednesdays and Fridays (and yes, you will have it this Friday!)
CADET PRIDE!  I feel like today was an "ok" day for Cadet Pride....Not our best...and not our worst.  Likes may Wednesday....WOW Wednesday or Wonderful Wednesday or Wondrous Wednesday or... You get the idea, right?
*Keep selling for Chip Shoppe!  See what you can do to help the school raise funds for fields trips and extra special events!

Finally.... I'll know you checked the blog if you come in right away on Wednesday morning... and...
1) Drag your pumpkin to it's spot
2) Get out morning materials
3) Check your emails for a message from me!  Wait patiently for Landen and Kaydence to get Attendance going.  

OH...and Tara and owe a big THANK YOU to Bree and Elyse for doing your iPad jobs after school today!  Be sure to thank them, ok?!

Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Days Off... 3 1/2 Days On... Not too rough, eh?

Hey, there my little munchkins!  It's been 3 whole days!  It definitely is WEIRD here at school without you!  I enjoyed my inservice today about reading skills and how to work with all you deep thinkers...but I would've rather been with my 5B Family:)  (We are family...)

I hope your 3 day weekend was fun and relaxing!  It seems like FOREVER ago that your parents came in to help us kick off Book-It!  I got some super photos of you with your families!  Look at the Pic Collages below.  I hope I didn't MISS anyone!  If I did, I'm SOOOOO SORRY!!!!

Oh, NO!  I DID miss someone!  I know Spencer was gone, but I miss ONE other 5B student!  Oh, man!  That will be your blog proof!  Look through the pictures to see WHO did I miss taking a picture of!  Grr!!!  (Other than Spencer!)

Naughty Mrs. Sorenson :(

Ok.. Moving ON...  Don't forget that this week is....

Here are the dress up days that help show SCHOOL SPIRIT!
Tuesday - Career Day!  What would be a fun job as you get older!  Wear the uniform or attire that would be clear that you are that person/doing that job!  I'm REALLY excited to see what you'll be choosing for these... I'm picturing sports related jobs, veterinarians, occupational therapists, fashion designers, farmers, racers, and more!    
Wednesday - Hat and Crazy Sock Day!
Thursday - Neon Day!  (or some bright color!)
Friday -   Cadet Day - Blue/White/Cadet-wear!

Just remember, these days are to help us celebrate and feel like we are part of a team!  We don't want the extra fun to get in the way of our learning.  Any objects or outfits that distract you or others will be needed to be put away or removed.  Having Cadet Pride is knowing HOW to have FUN WHILE WE LEARN!

I'll be giving SPIRIT awards to those students who REALLY put forth effort to show they think of the Cadets as a TEAM!  Participate in our Homecoming to show your Cadet Pride!  I believe our Cadets Academy Activity this week will be related to fun homecoming activities!  

Ok.. Go enjoy the rest of your day!  Remember what the blog proof was?  If not, go back up and reread!  Just whisper it to me as you come in on TUESDAY morning:)  No P.E.... it's Tech Class for Tuesday!

OH, and you'll have NEW class jobs this week!  So be sure to see if you have a NEW one as you walk in!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thrilling Thursday! was!

Just a REALLY quick blog tonight for you.....

Major Reminder #1

Be sure to tell your parents that they will be greeted at the cafeteria by a one of the associates from 5th grade (Mrs. Sobolik or Mrs. Kavelage).  They'll need to sign in on a piece of paper that they are visiting their "little pumpkin" and get a Visitor Sticker to wear. Then, your parent/grandparent/aunt/etc. can come down and wait outside our classroom door until I open it with a WELCOMING SMILE!

Major Reminder #2

Our school's fundraiser kick-off starts TODAY and goes for 2 weeks until October 15:)  Remember, even if you sell ONE item, you are helping us go on field trips, take a special chartered bus, bring in plays, buy recess equipment, etc!  So, work together as a team!

Major Reminder #3

Many of you will be having a little celebration and free activity time tomorrow for an excellent week of Cadet Pride!  If you had some reminders/minors this week, you'll need to work on those behaviors and get some reteaching in that area.  You'll be right on track to celebrate for next week.  The Action Cards will go home with you on Friday to be signed and returned by your parent(s).  They will need to be returned by Tuesday of next week since we have Monday off for teacher inservice.

Blog Proof...
When you come in on Friday morning, please ask me for a stack of BOOK ORDERS!  I'll happily give one to you.  Take out a pen, pencil, marker, etc. and begin circling book titles that you think would be fun, interesting, and would make good Read to Self books or ones you think I (Mrs. Sorenson) should get for our room!  Go off by yourself to do this.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another Amazing Day!!

Yes, yes, yes... What a super day AGAIN!!

This will be a short post tonight because your brains need a BREAK from me:)  You worked hard enough for one day!

I have your blog proof on the link below.  I read the ending of the chapter, "Tank Goes to School" to let you know what happens to Tank! We know how life turned out for Smokey the Cat, right?  AHH!!

Ok.. I have tried for almost an hour to get the recording on the blog of me reading the rest of the chapter!!  Grrrr!!!  Technology is SOOOO AWESOME when it WORKS, right?!

So, for blog proof..  Tell me WHICH of these 3 options YOU THINK happens to Tank....
(ONE of them IS TRUE!)

1)  Tank goes to Froggy Heaven :( after getting hit by the pickup truck going by
2)  Tank hitches a ride with the pickup truck going by
3)  Amanda Jane sees Joey and Rusty with Tank and chases after Tank so Joey loses him

???  Which will you choose???  We'll read RIGHT AFTER the Pledge:)

Nighty Night!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Totally Tubular Tuesday!!!!!

What a wonderful day 5B (and the other 5th grades) had today!  I don't know if it was just a super day for us or the Cadets Academy program has helped some of us keep some self-control!  But I have to say, I was one proud 5B Mama!  Keep up the amazing behaviors!!

Dream Team - You had math homework - some of you?
Wonderful Wackos - Possibly had some science homework?

Many of you said a family member would be joining us on Friday, October 2nd from 2:45 - 3:20 for the Book-It Kick Off!  YEH!!!  If you haven't chatted with your families yet, PLEASE do so.  They need time to see if they can schedule it in.

Cool Happenings!

In reading class, we showed AMAZING patience with technology issues!  Meeting with our Luther partners will be great when we get all of the kinks worked out.  I'm glad most of you got to meet/chat with them today.  For those who didn't, don't worry.  You will later this week!

Ok.. here's a really silly blog proof tonight.  With all of the focus you showed today in school, I think your brain needs a little break!  Well, the game below (click on the link after reading this) just might suck any knowledge or intelligence you have in your brain!!  It's truly a dumb game, with very little point or purpose, but it is extremely addicting and makes you feel SO happy when it pass the goal!

How to Play:  Drag the large hand across the screen to the left to knock down the inflatable monkey/gorilla!  (I don't think it will work on iPads... sorry).  If you knock down the monkey/gorilla at 200 miles per hour or faster, an awesome song comes on as  response!  I get so addicted!  Your proof will be to play the game, and tell me your highest score!  Play as many times or as long as your family lets you:)  Again... it's the dumbest game ever....but I LOVE IT!!

Click Here for the Game

Monday, September 28, 2015

It was a....

What a GREAT way to start the week, 5B!  Wowser!  I saw SO MANY of you really T.H.I.N.K. before you spoke or acted today!  It was our "trial day" of recording "minors" to do some re-teaching during Cadets Academy.  A few of you needed some reminders, so tomorrow you'll hopefully work a eensy weensy bit harder at those behaviors!  If you haven't returned your blue Cadets Academy note yet, please have it signed and return BY WEDNESDAY to prove you have Cadet Pride:)

Other Reminders..
School Snacks:)  Yep!   A few students said they needed "proof" that it was ok to bring in a small snack to munch on during ST Math time.  This is true!  I noticed our little tummies are grumbling and growling by that time of day.  It should be small and HEALTHY and NOT going to fill you up before lunch!  Okey Dokey, Artichokies?!

Let's see!  That's about it!  Tomorrow is another "normal" day for everyone!  I'd LOVE to see the video that a few students were talking about from Mrs. Knobloch's reading class. So if we can get ourselves ready quickly in the morning, let's check that out!

Blog Proof!  As you come in on Tuesday morning, please WHISPER into my ear these goofy words.. "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Boogies in my nose will bloom!" Yep... I'm weird!  You know it!

Oh, and today, 5B... I was definitely Lovin' It, 5B!
(click here :)